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Rats blamed for eating N17m banknotes inside ATM

Technicians who arrived to fix a malfunctioning cash machine in the Indian state of Assam got a shock when they opened it up, BBC reports.

Notes worth more than 1.2m rupees (about N17m) had been shredded – and the suspected culprits are rats. Police said the rodents probably entered the machine through a hole for wiring, the Hindustan Times reported.

Pictures of the chewed cash at the State Bank of India branch in Tinsukia district were widely shared on Twitter. One shows a dead rodent lying in the debris.


Police official Prakash Sonowal said that the machine had been out of action for about 12 days. Technicians who took the unit apart, managed to salvage another 1.7m rupees.

Woman Spotted Shaving Her Legs Openly In Front Of Shocked Passengers. Photos

This is quite shocking. A woman has been filmed brazenly shaving her legs on the platform of a busy New York City subway station.

Video of the sight at a station in Times Square, Manhattan, has drawn shocked comments on social media.

In the footage, the woman is shown initially looking her legs up and down and preparing her razor

A clip shows her leg now covered in shaving cream as she begins working on her leg hairs.

At least 10 people are in her nearby vicinity, sitting next to her on the seating or standing on the platform waiting for the next train.

The footage was captured last Monday on the 42st Street station platform in Manhattan.

Gary Frost tweeted: “That women shaving her legs at the subway station has got me rolling

Man Dies After Drinking Concoction Expected to Make him Quit Alcohol


A 30-year-old man, Misheck Kasoka, has died after he reportedly drank a local concoction meant to help him quit his addiction to alcohol.
Kabompo Central Ward Councillor, Victor Muhanga, bemoaned the death, saying that Kasoka was given the herbs by his relatives, reported Lusaka Times.

The Zambian councillor in an interview on Wednesday said people should stop administering herbs to others because it is dangerous due to the unknown contents and dosage.
He said it is sad to lose such a young energetic young man in such a manner, noting that such deaths are avoidable.
Mr. Muhanga advised families to learn to utilize counselling services available in hospitals to help people addicted to any drug or alcohol abuse as herbal medicines have never been a good choice for solutions.

Police in Kabompo confirmed having arrested and detained one suspect, a relative to the deceased, who was brought in with the herbs, suspected to have killed the deceased. The incident happened on Wednesday, 6th June, 2018 at M8 compound.

The deceased resided in Katupisha village in Zambia and his relative has been identified as Charles Kapusu.

Shock As Girl Who Was “Buried” 2 Years Ago Walks Back To Her Parents’ House. Photos

Drama ensued after a girl who was believed to have died 2 years ago walked back to her parents home yesterday. It was gathered that the girl identified as Winnie died after an illness and the body was taken to the mortuary and later to the church before she was reportedly buried.

The shocking incident of the girl’s “resurrection” happened yesterday in the quiet Masala town in Ndola, Zambia.

The girl was said to have been buried at Mitingo cemetery only for her to walk back to home to the shock of her parents and neighbours.

The girl revealed that it was not her they buried but a banana tree as hundreds of residents gathered at the Central Police where the parents and the girl were kept awaiting for a DNA test to be authorized and conducted on the girl.

The death certificate and birth certificate were also tendered to the police to help find the truth .

Woman Born Without V*gina Undergoes Surgery And This Happen

A woman who was born without a v*gina has become the first in the world to undergo pioneering surgery that constructed a new v*ginal canal out of fish skin. According to reports, the operation took place at the Federal University of Ceara (UFC), Brazil, in April last year but has only just been revealed after it was confirmed as a success.

Patient Jucilene Marinho, 23, has now spoken for the first time and talked about how the revolutionary operation using skin of the tilapia fish has changed her life and allowed her to have sex for the first time.

The unorthodox treatment, which was led by gynaecologist, Dr Leonardo Bezerra, is faster, cheaper and less aggressive than the conventional method used for sufferers of Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH).

The rare congenital disorder affects approximately one in 5,000 newborn girls and results in the absence of some or all of the female reproductive organs.

Before being used, the fish skin undergoes a special cleaning and sterilisation process in the lab followed by irradiation to kill viruses.

An ecstatic Ms Marinho spoke for the first time to FocusOn News about how the ground-breaking surgery has changed her life and made her feel like ‘a proper woman’ who now enjoys a healthy sex life.

My HIV Positive Househelp Breastfed My Son Says Popular Actress

Kenyan actress, Jacqueline Nyamide, popularly known as Wilbroda, has been left in shock after discovering that her househelp breastfed her son when he was eight months-old.

Speaking to a Kenyan Parent Magazine, Wibroda said that the incident became known after she got an anonymous tip while on a trip to Mombasa.

Wibroda disclosed that she received a call that the househelp was breastfeeding the child to make him stop crying.
When my son, Xolani, was around 8 months old, I had to travel to Mombasa on a work assignment and so I left him under the care of a nanny whom I had trusted so much. While in Mombasa, I received an anonymous call from a person who informed me that my househelp breast fed my son whenever he cried,”

Worse still she found out the maid was HIV positive.

“I took the first flight back to Nairobi. I had to verify the information from my neighbours and in the process, I was informed that my nanny not only breastfeeds my son but was also living with HIV.”
“I didn’t sleep that night and had to rush to the hospital around midnight to have my son tested.
“Fortunately, he was fine. To cut the long story short I fired the nanny the following day. It took immense self-control to restrain myself from harming her,” she said

Husband Caught His Pregnant Wife With A Man In Hotel Having Hot S@x And This Unimaginable Happens Next (Photos)

A man was arrested and taken into custody after has was caught red handed having sex with the pregnant wife of another man in a hotel.  According to reports, the two were found red-handed by the husband of the woman who was assisted by the security guard personnel at the hotel.

After finding them having sex – with his pregnant wife on top due to her pregnancy, the husband ordered the promiscuous duo to continue what they were doing as he recorded them.

The man was eventually arrested and placed in handcuffs. The incident occurred yesterday in Lusaka, Zambia capital city.


STRANGE!!! Man Orders All His Properties To Be Buried With Him (SEE What Happened at the Burial) Photos + Video

Man Orders All His Properties To Be Buried With Him Leaving His Wife With Nothing. In His Will He Ordered That Every Single Property That He Owned Should Be Buried With Him Including His Television, Bed, Bowl, Plates, Stove, Gas Cooker etc.

SHOCKER!!! Man Having $3x With a Snake (Disturbing Photos)

A video surfaced online after watching it truely shows that he was having $3x with a real live snake.

Shocking!! Dead Woman Made To ‘Pound Yam’ During Her Lying-In-State (Warning: Scary Photo)

“I Killed This Lizard In Midnight & My Brother Died Instantly” Man Narrates in Obosi (Pics)

Nigerian pastor Rabbai Ephraim Ononye took to Facebook to share the story of how man’s brother died after he killed a lizard in the midnight.According to him,the man has suffered witchcraft attack for long before attending his church.Below is what he wrote…

Shocking!! How Cheating Wife ”Led Husband To His Death In Delta State” (Photos)

UNBELIEVABLE! Lady Dreamt Someone Attacked Her Eyes With Needle, Then This Happened (Photos Included)

A woman is reported to have come under a ‘spiritual attack’ after she was hit by an unfortunate incident. According to a Facebook user Alex who shared the news, his sister dreamt when someone used needle on her eyes – only for her to wake up from sleep with a swollen eye.

Woman ‘Chops Off Her Boyfriend’s Manh00d Over Sex Tape Leak’. Photos

A woman accused of hacking her boyfriend’s p3nis and testicles off with scissors has revealed that she attacked him after he shared their sex tape with his friends. Brenda Barattini, 26, an architect, was arrested for allegedly cutting off the genitals of rock musician Sergio Fernandez, 40, in an upmarket area of the Argentinian city of Cordoba in November 2017.

The victim claimed that his brutal injuries – in which 90% if his p3nis was allegedly sliced off – were the result of a ‘sex game gone wrong’.

But Barattini, speaking from her jail cell where she is being held before her trial, has now reportedly claimed she attacked Fernandez’s genitals because he shared an intimate video of the pair with his friends.

She told local media that she “wanted to hurt him there” but insisted that she did not amputate his testicles or his entire p3nis.

She told La Voz newspaper: “I cut his p3nis but not completely: I injured him. “I left to ask for help. I did not want anything to happen to him, besides, I was afraid of the blood.”

Barattini stated that she never denied the attack but was adamant that it was provoked from self-defence. She said that he had hurt her and damaged her psychologically and that he had treated her inhumanely.

Barattini said that although her response may not have been perfect, it was a response to what she perceived to be a major violation and attack.

One of the lawyers of the mutilated man, Felipe Trucco, said that his client is depressed after the ‘very dangerous and violent incident’ and he is still waiting for surgery.

Barattini is in prison without bail until her trial and reportedly said she regrets her decision.

If found guilty, she could face 15 years in prison.


Nigerians React As Young Girl Gives Birth To ”Strange” Baby. Graphic Photos

Pictures of a young girl and her malformed baby have been trending online due to obvious reason. According to a Facebook user who shared the photos and didn’t disclose where it happened, the girl gave birth to a ”monster” as a question was asked what could have caused such deformity.

While some think the birth has to do with something spiritual, others have argued online that this is a medical condition.

A Facebook user, Smart Believe wrote; The baby is not a monster… it’s a hereditary deficiency passed down by generational parents who both have the blood cell to trigger this birth…its an over growth of skin,like excess skin growth where a new skin generates always. It’s difficult to handle such children cuz they are prone to infection if not properly taken care of…

Nigerian internet users have shared their opinion concerning the unusual birth and also the new mother who looks so young.

Dead Fish Causes A Huge Scene After Being Found In Abuja. See Why. Photos

There was confusion after a fish was spotted along a major road in Mpape area of Abuja last week. The fish which was found dead – caused a huge scene and heavy traffic gridlock in the area as residents and passersby gathered in their numbers to see the aquatic animal.

According to Rina Onwujairiri who shared the pictures, the shocking thing about the incident is how the fish got there considering there is no river around the vicinity where it was found.

Maggots Comes Out From Houseboy’s Private Parts After Sleeping With Master’s Wife. Photos

This is really shocking. A houseboy/farmhand was left pleading for his life after maggots came from his private parts after allegedly sleeping with his master’s wife. According to trending media reports, his employer sought services from a witch doctor to help him deal with the houseboy for his ‘action’.

The shocking incident reportedly happened in Busia County, Kenya….

It was reported that the houseboy had been warned by the estranged husband, Pascal Ouma after allegedly bragging about his sexual prowess in the bedroom severally.

According to K24, Mr. Ouma, who had earlier sacked the farmhand, sought services from a witch doctor to help him deal with the menace.

From a video, the houseboy is seen down on his knees in agony begging for his life and praying while surrounded shocked onlookers.

2nd Year Student Kills Himself By Hanging Over A Lady, Shares Suicide Note. Photos

A young man’s death have left many in shock considering how he shamefully died. According to trending reports, the second year Computer Science student of Chuka University in the Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya allegedly killed himself by hanging and shared his suicide note online before his death.

He was said to have killed himself after issues with his girlfriend which he allegedly revealed in his suicide note before hanging himself.

His death has been heavily criticized by those who feel he died shamelessly because of a lady.

Former Imo Lawmaker Found Dead In His Abuja Residence. Graphic Photos

According to reports, former House of Representatives member, Hon Independence Ogunewe from Imo state is dead…He reportedly died mysteriously yesterday in his home in Abuja.. His corpse has already been deposited at the National Hospital, Abuja as the cause of death is yet to be ascertained.

Honourable Ogunewe was a 2-time member of the 6th Assembly on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, representing Ahiazu Ezinhitte Federal constituency, Imo state.

Anambra community dissolves siblings’ marriage, cleanses land of abomination

The Agba community in Ekwulobia, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State has severed the purported marriage between two siblings in the area, Chiadiakobi Ezeibekwe and 17-year old Chibuzor Ezeibekwe.

The family, led by their father, Mr Lewis Ezeibekwe were on Saturday cleansed spiritually from the act which was deemed abominable by the community

The parish priest of St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekwulobia, Rev Fr. Ignatius Onwuatuegwu of St. Joseph Catholic who officiated the cleansing mass prayed for forgiveness upon the family.

The children, Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe, a 25 years old Maths teacher and her 17 years old sister and student, Chibuzor Ezeibekwe, were cleansed and their marriage dissolved.

In his sermon at the mass which was held in front of Ezeibekwe’s house, Rev Fr. Onwuatuegwu said the gathering was an opportunity to emphasize on the social and spiritual consequence of incest.

He said, “This issue does not concern only the family of Lewis, it concerns the entire Ekwulobia

We are in a world that has disintegrated. This cleansing is important for all us and the entire country.”

Taking his sermon from 1st Peter 24:2 of the bible, the priest called on people to repent, saying that the sin of incest had become a frequent occurrence in many communities.

He said, “We are here to do reparation of the sin that is already rampant in our society. It is also an opportunity for us to do reparation for Ekwulobia.

“I am particularly touched by this boy, Chiadi. When I came to Ekwulobia, I met him as a boy yearning for the things of God. He was the leader of the block rosary group but here we are today. When I heard the story, I was taken aback. Only God knows what happened

Before the church service commenced, the eight members of the Ezeibekwe family knelt down before the traditional ruler, traditional prime minister and elders of the community and apologized to the entire Agba Ekwulobia community.

Chiadikaobi said he had accepted his wrong and asked for forgiveness from the community.

He said, “What we did was wrong and an abomination in our community. I feel pained in my heart. I did not do it because I was hungry for a woman or attracted to my sister, far from it.

“I apologize to everyone. I am very sorry for bringing all of you out here under the sun. Please forgive us. We have gone through the process of annulment and the marriage has been annulled.

His sister, Chibuzo said, “I ask for forgiveness.”

After the cleansing rituals, seven girls said to be virgins, adorning white dresses, used seven palm frond branches to sweep the Ezeibekwe compound.

Over 18 Cows Dead As ”Witch” Lightening Strikes On A Farmland. Photo

According to reports, over 18 cows have been left dead after lightening struck a farmland in Itezhi-tezhi district of Southern Province of Zambia.  Sources in the area told Zambian Watch that this is believed to have been an act of juju, arising from jealousy among neighbors after the affected farmer was noticed grooming a healthy herd.

The animals were all in the paddock when the calamity struck and the owner of the animals watched in disbelief as most of his investment went to waste.

People around the area are reportedly improving their witchcraft skills and the lightening is suspected to be part of a trial by an armature wizard.

Man Accidentally Broadcasts Himself Having Sex With Colleague In A Boardroom. Photo

A businessman mistakenly broadcasted himself having sex on boardroom table unaware video conference call was still rolling. The manager of China’s Southern Power Grid filmed himself having sex with his colleague in a conference room minutes after a call earlier that morning which was attended by employees from five different provinces.

According to MirrorOnline, after the meeting was adjourned for a break, the manager allegedly decided to make use of the now empty conference room at the company’s Guangzhou headquarters.

The footage first leaked on Saturday but it has now been scrubbed from social media by Chinese censors.

The phrases “Southern Power Grid” and “Use Love to Make Power” have become two of the most blocked terms on social media site Weibo, according to Free Weibo.

The phrases have even overtaken “constitutional change” and “Xi Jinping”.

The manager has been identified on some social media channels but claims he is being deliberately framed and vowed to file libel lawsuits.

Shocking And Disturbing Report Coming From Ogun State, Two Student Brutally Killed By Man( GRAPHICS+VIEWERS DISCRETION))

A man said to be demented went on rampage earlier today as he attacked and killed two students during break in Ogun State. According to reports, the two students of the St John primary school, Agodo, Ogun State, were allegedly butchered by the mentally unstable fellow, who reportedly fled the scene after the incident before the arrival of the police.

The suspected killer identified as Lekan Olori Ilu, stormed the school during lunch break and hacked Obituyi Alabi and Kalesanwo Ibrahim to death..

May their souls rest in peace.

Residents Drop Fetish Items Along “Abandoned” Highway In Akwa Ibom. (Photos)

There was confusion earlier today (MONDAY) in Akwa Ibom state after residents dropped charms and other fetish items along Ikot Ekpene – Uyo road .

IgbereTv learnt that the residence drops the fetish materials because of some neglects of basics projects  abandoned by Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration.

The commissioner for Works, Mr. Ephraim Inyang who arrived the area – has ordered that the fetish materials be burnt after prayers.

Former Governor Godswill Akpabio (now Senate Minority Leader), had accused the governor of abandoning the Ikot-Ekpene Road project which he started and threatened to withdraw his support for Governor Emmanuel’s second term bid.

But the state Commissioner for Works, Mr. Ephraim Inyang-Eyen, said the state government had not abandoned the road.

He said that the contracting firm handling the project, Julius Berger, has been paid as the project advances, adding: “The snag is that the money allocated for payment of compensation to property owners on that road has long been exhausted and many buildings are still standing on the way awaiting compensation. The money was exhausted before the coming of this administration.

After paying hundreds of millions in compensation and restarting work on the project, some people have blocked the road with fetish objects demanding the project be stopped.

A Mysterious Tree In Ikorodu Area Of Lagos With Arabic Inscription Is Trending Online. (Photos)

Hundreds of shocked residents have besieged lucky fibre area in Ikorodu area of Lagos state following a mysterious tree. According to reports, tree was spotted with the inscription of an Arabic word (Allahu Akbar) meaning ‘God is great’…Many visitors from far and wide are said to have stormed the area to see the wonders for themselves.

Facebook user Ibrahim Oloruntoy Hameed who shared the photos wrote;

This appeared on a tree this morning at lucky fibre ikorodu Lagos state. God will always prove himself…

CCTV Captures Dead Pastor Come Back To Life At Mortuary in Umuahia – Facebook Users [WATCH] Viral

A Nigerian Pastor, Anderson Chinenye‬ has been reported to have come back to life at the mortuary after his supposed death in Abia state. According to online reports, the pastor underwent an operation at the Federal Medical Center (FMC) in Umuahia, Abia state capital following heart issues and was said to have given up the ghost.

Man bites off snake’s head in revenge

A farmer in northern India reportedly chewed off a snake’s head in revenge after the reptile bit him, with his attending doctors saying they had never come across such a bizarre case, a local media reported on Wednesday.

The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh state’s Hardoi district at the weekend, when the man identified only by his first name, Sonelal – was rushed to a government health centre after locals found him unconscious.

The man told villagers that he was grazing his cattle in the fields when the snake bit him, which however made him so angry he chewed off its hood before spitting it out.

“The snake bit me, so I held its head and chewed it off, it died, then I brought it back to the village. I tore off its head again,’’ Sonelal told the ANI news agency.

Sanjay Kumar, a doctor who treated him said he was amazed that the man survived after biting the hood, which could have contained venom, assuming it was a poisonous snake.

However, the local media said that the doctors failed to find any marks of snakebite on his body.

I’ve never seen such a case in my life. The man was all right even after biting a snake,’’ Kumar said.

Witnesses who claimed they saw him ingest part of the snake said they suspected the man was addicted to drugs.

Medical officials believe that the man’s abnormal reaction could only be explained if he was under the influence of drugs

Months After Ozubulu Attack, SEE What Villagers Did at Ozubulu Police Station (Disturbing Photos)

Barely some months after the invasion and killing of 18 worshippers at St. Philip Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Anambra State, panic has been created in the small and quiet community yet again. According to reports, yesterday, officers at the Divisional Police Post at Ozubulu woke up to see charms and fetish items dropped in the front of their premises.

The charms were allegedly dropped there by villagers as the reason for that is yet to be ascertained as at the time of filing this report.

Unknown gun men had on Sunday, August 6th invaded the church, killing scores and injuring many in the course of the attack..

14-Year-Old Boy Reportedly Laid 20 Eggs. (Photos)

This is new. A teenage boy has claimed to have laid 20 eggs in the past two years, completely baffling doctors. Akmal, 14, from Gowa in Indonesia says he has been regularly laying eggs since 2016.

When cracked open Akmal’s father claims the eggs laid by his son appear to be either all yolk or all white.

The 14-year-old has been repeatedly hospitalised for his condition, and recently laid two eggs in front of doctors.

His father Rusli said: ‘In two years he laid 18 eggs and two today, so in total there have been 20. I cracked the first egg and its content was all yellow, no white.’

But doctors are baffled by his condition, saying its ‘impossible’ for eggs to form inside the human body, the Daily Star reported.

A spokesperson from the hospital said: ‘Our suspicion is that the eggs were deliberately shoved into Akmal’s rectum. But we did not see it directly.’

Akmal’s father denied this.

He told local media: ‘He never swallowed eggs whole, why would he do that?’

Doctors have quarantined the teenager to study his condition at Syekh Yusuf Hospital in Gowa.


Lady Mistakenly Buried Alive ‘Spent 11 Days’ Trying To Come Out Of The Coffin. (Photos)

A woman is believed to have been buried alive by mistake and lay conscious inside her coffin for eleven days while trying to fight her way out. Screams were heard from the grave of Rosangela Almeida dos Santos, 37, and when her body was exhumed they found blood inside the coffin and injuries to her wrists consistent with a desperate struggle to break out.

The wooden casket had been nailed shut and buried inside a stone tomb but when her family smashed it open last Friday they found her warm, injured body was already lifeless.

A video has emerged showing the commotion in the Senhora Santana cemetery in Riachao das Neves, northeast Brazil, as local men took out the heavy coffin and removed the lid.

Some people ask to call an ambulance as others touch the woman’s feet and comment on how warm she feels.

The woman was declared dead by a hospital on January 28 and was buried the next day.

People living near to the cemetery alerted her family on February 9 – 11 days after she had been laid to rest – after hearing screams and bangs coming from inside the tomb.

Her body was still warm and it was turned in a different position to that in which it had been placed in the coffin. The nails around the sides of the coffin lid had also been pushed upwards, and there were scratches and blood on the inside, they claim.

Cotton wool which had been in the woman’s ears and nostrils had come out and she had injuries on her hands and forehead where it appeared she had tried to fight her way out.

Ms Santos had been at the Hospital do Oeste in Barreiras, in Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia, for a week after being rushed there by her family with severe fatigue. She suffered two cardiac arrests before dying from “septic shock”, according to her death certificate.

The family believe that Ms Santos was declared dead in error and have reported the incident to police.

Police chief Arnaldo Monte, who is leading the investigation, said: “We have today started to take statements from family members and other people. “If need be we will exhume Ms Santos’ body again so we can get to the bottom of what really happened.”