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I Am Not A Drug Baron, Don’t Involve Me In Ozubulu Massacre-- Alloysius (a.k.a Bishop) Finally Speaks Out

Abuja – Alleged target of the massacre at St Philips Catholic Church, Alloysius Nnamdi Ikegwuonwu (a.k.a Bishop) has distanced himself from the events surrounding the killings, referring it to as “unprecedented evil”.
Ikegwuonwu also clarified that he is not a drug baron as widely reported in the media insisting that his businesses are legitimate.

In the reaction widely circulated in the social media and internet based webpages, Ikegwuonwu said he knew nothing about the church killings and had never been involved in drugs. Bishop who has been linked to gang wars arising from drug related deals stated that he has never been arrested nor convicted of crime anywhere in the world and attributed the mischief to those he claims are jealous of his success.

The text reads:

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“My attention has been drawn to a social media campaign where it is alleged that I am connected to the Ozubulu church killing over a drug problem.
“For the avoidance of any doubt I wish to inform the general public that I know nothing about the church killings and I have never been involved in drugs.

“I have never been arrested or convicted anywhere in the world. My businesses are legitimate buinesses, duly registered. Apart from warehousing and wholesale of goods I am also a contractor involved in the construction of roads and infrastructure in Nigeria.

“It’s shameful that Nigerians and the media don’t verify any story before running withthem.
“The handwork of those who are jealous of my success and who are determined to tarnish my image is  evident.
“The Church killings is an unprecedented evil that deserves full investigation to unmask the perpetrators.
“We await investigations and full police report of the church attack.
“In the meantime I request all social media and media houses to retract my name from the defamatory stories linking me with the church killing.

“Failure to do so and any further linking of my name with the church killings will force me to take legal action against the purveyors of the defamatory false story”
Earlier Wednesday, a council chairman from the Ozubulu had stoutly defended the 36-year-old , saying he was not a target of the mayhem and called for thorough investigation.

Gregory University Uturu, Abia State
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Onele is an activist, also one of the Biafra media warriors. A disciple of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB and director of Radio Biafra. #FreeBiafra #BiafraReferendum

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