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“Sen. Abaribe Shouldn’t Deny Me My Igbo Heritage” -ex Gov. Amaechi (Min Of Transport) DOWNLOAD VIDEO

Minister of Transport, ex Gov.  Amaechi: Sen. Abaribe Shouldn’t Deny Me My Igbo Heritage

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The Real Conspiracy Against The Eastern Seaports And Riverports

Culled from a comment on social media

Read below:


Pls read this post below and take note of the fact that Eastern seaports are not listed on international destinations of other countries.

This is a deliberate policy started during Obasanjo’s military time and repeated when he became a civilian President

Amberon11 : 3:06am

“……Your dad was very correct.

My sister has worked with two shipping companies.

One in PH and she is currently working with a very big shipping company in Lagos.

It is rather absurd that Blue3k who seems to be very bereft of any knowledge concerning matters relating to freight forwarding is the one going about calling people daft.

The fact of the matter is that the seaports in most countries DO NOT even have the Onne and Rivers Ports as destinations on their list.

Meaning they do not recognize them and do not ship to those destinations.

That is clearly why they are mostly used for onward crude oil related shipments.

From what she said , they sometimes had no problems shipping from PH but receiving was a huge problem as they would have to come in through Lagos ports.

Its the same way we have several so called “international airports” in Nigeria but Turkish or Qatar airways will never land in Port Harcourt.

They will only bring you in through Lagos and transit you to PH using other airlines.

Also, the Onne and Rivers Ports are shallow and won’t allow for very large vessels.

Only Lagos ports can accommodate such huge vessels.

Do not listen to Blue3k ask anyone into freight forwarding to know more……”

How many of you know that Tincan and Ibaka seaports were proposed during Obasanjo’s time but he intentionally abandoned Ibaka seaport

See the story below for better understanding

The problem with you, is that you keep blaming PDP while forgetting that Obasanjo a Yoruba man ruled for 8years out of the 16years without doing anything to implement the original idea of constructing Ibaka seaport.

So if we end up saying that Obasanjo who was a military president in the 70s and in the 2000s deliberately failed to implement the original idea of constructing ibaka seaport as part of Yoruba deliberate policy to keep the Eastern seaports moribund in importation, Don’t You Think We Are Right.?

Read this post below posted by joeyfire slowly this time around

Blue3k Ask Sarumi and Bamanga Tukur for a start

“In the twilight of General Yakubu Gowon’s administration in the mid-1970s, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) was battling with the problems of ports congestion as a result of massive cement importation.

The government decided to build two new ports to ease the transaction costs associated with shipping and to ensure adequate facilities for Nigeria’s import and export needs.

A feasibility study was carried out and the experts recommended the creation of two new ports; one in Lagos and another in Ibaka, in present day Akwa Ibom State.

These projects were contained in the 3rd National Development Plan.

The one in Lagos is the Tin-Can Island Port commissioned by the then Chief of Staff, Supreme Headquarters, and deputy to then military Head of State, Genera Olusegun Obasanjo, now late Major-General Shehu Yar’Adua on 14th October, 1977.

Ibaka Port was never constructed, purportedly on the advice of the then Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and current Chairman of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) – Alhaji Bamanga Tukur.

I heard Tukur’s argument was that instead of starting a new port from scratch, the same resources could be used to revive existing and nearby Calabar Port.

Government bought his argument and a huge amount I’m still trying to find out was used to revive the port. The new Calabar Port Complex was commissioned on 9th June, 1979.

I heard Alhaji Tukur has a wife from Calabar. Now I’m not sure if his wife influenced his decision or if his support for Calabar port made the community bless him with their daughter. But anyhow, it is clear that the decision is a wrong one because Calabar Port is still moribund.
Fast forward to 2006 when Alhaji Bamanga Tukur’sson, the iconic Chief Adebayo Babatunde Sarumi, was in charge of the Nigerian Ports Authority.

A princely sum of 56 million dollars (about N9 billion) was spent on dredging the Calabar Port channel.

The dredging contract was awarded to two dredging firms: Messrs Jan de Nul and Van Oord. The federal government divided the entire length of the channel in Calabar Port between the two firms.

While Van Oord was paid $26 million to dredge kilometre 0 to 46, Jan de Nul got $30 million to dredge kilometre 46 to 84. According to the scope of the contract, the two firms were to scoop out 25 million cubic metres of sand to achieve an overall draft of 8 metres to allow big vessels call at the port.

Not one big ship has called at the port ever since because while the companies collected their monies and walked away, the channel remains as shallow as ever.

Of course the appreciative Calabar community honoured Chief Sarumi with a chieftaincy title.”

Take note that Obasanjo was the head of state during that time Tincan and Ibaka seaports were proposed

The same Obasanjo never built an international airport in the SE until the coming of Jonathan.?

Why did Obasanjo act the way he did.?

Ask yourself why Obasanjo said Nnamdi Kanu must be stopped by all means.?

Ask yourself why late Yar Adua struggled to dredge River Niger.?

See Private Jet That Looks Like A Hotel That Costs N27 Million From Lagos To Abuja

According to Hotelsng This Lagos to Abuja private jet flight costs $74,000 Worth 27million naira.

Igbo Leads In Technological Innovations…. (See Photos)

This is not about fastfood, banks,semovita or sweets….this is high technological innovations….
The Igbo’s are the future of Africa…..

Let’s roll down…


The Igbo’s are just a superior being….
Still on Igbo made cars…


it is not about sweet and chewing gum…it is about highly technological innovations….

Igbo’s are just too much


Peace car manufacturing industry, Enugu….
Igbo’s are just supreme beings….
God really bless them.



BREAKING!! Spanish Government Deports 23 Nigerians (Photo)

The Spanish Government today, Tuesday deported 23 Nigerians for committing various offences in the country, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

Innosson has put Nigeria on the global map of vehicle manufacturing – Lai Mohammed

Nnewi – The Federal government has extolled the doggedness of Innosson Motos in vehicle manufacturing and promotion of made in

Amaechi Names FG Dredging Ship After His Home Town In R/s (Photos)

Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi names the FG dredging ship after his home town Ubima in Rivers State.


Biafran Graduate, Okeke Invents Drone With ‘Vertical Take-Off’ That Fly At A Distance of 300M (Pics, Video)


The ingenuity in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria has no extinction as years goes by, more and more inventions are being showcased in the region, but the problem is sponsorship.

A graduate of Mechanical Engineer at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Mr. Okeke Bernard has invented a drone that fly at a distance of 300 meters high in the sky – With a vertical take off and landing action, also, at a 2.4GHz frequency remote control.

The inventor, Mr Bernard, a BSc holder at Unizik, told AbaCityBlog that the component of the Drone was locally sourced, adding that it gave him a lot of time to assemble the drone and get it to fly.

According to him; It’s a drone, I locally sourced the component and it gives me time to assemble it, but I came out successfully, as the drone can fly at a distance of 300m, with a vertical take off and landing action, also, at a 2.4GHz frequency remote control.

Mr Okeke, a native of Anambra State, further stated that despite the hard times it gave him, he is grateful that he came out successfully on the project, while thanking his parents and his supervisors who made the invention a successful one.

Below is the video where he test the newly invented drone.

Note: Mr Okeke Bernard can be reached via phone contact or email address, if anyone interested to explore his invention.

Video can be found here:

New Abuja Airport Run-Way Overtaking By Flood (Photos, Video)

The much publicized Abuja runway is been overtaken by rain flood.

So much to be desired.

change indeed

Breaking!! 258 Nigerians Return From Libya (Photo,Video)

Over 258 Nigerian returnees from Libya have arrived the country yesterday night aboard a chartered Airbus A330-200, with registration mark 5A-LAT operated by Libya Airlines.

Ahmed Indimi & Zahra Buhari Seen Using One Of The Presidential Jets; Is This Right? (Pics)


Ahmed Indimi the son of one of the Nigeia’s billionaire busines mogul , and husband of Zahra Buhari, daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari seen using one of the presidential plane! Is this right??


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Shock as Man mistakenly hangs self, dies while playing Judas on Easter eve

Tragedy occurred in the district of Barranquillas in Tancítaro, Mexico where the final hours of Christ were being recreated in the play known as the ‘Viacrucis de Jesús,’ as part of the Easter celebration.




A young man, identified as Miguel Ángel, had put a rope around his neck and then around a tree to re-enact being hung just as Judas did, but he slipped off his support and was left dangling in the air.




According to Dailymail, before the crowd could realize what was happening and rushed to his aide, h stopped breathing. He died of asphyxiation.

The victim was taken to a nearby clinic in a van which drove past a Civil Protection ambulance on the journey.


The crew was flagged down and tried to revive him but without success.


A full investigation is now underway. Police believe it was simply an unfortunate accident and have discarded foul play or suicide.

See What Happened in Abuja Airport Now as 1st Plane Lands After 6 Weeks Closure (Photos)


There was excitement in Abuja Airport as an Ethiopian airlines Airbus A350 landed at the rehabilitated Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport after 6 weeks of closure.

The airport was closed on March 8 to enable the federal government carry out repairs on the runway.

Photos below;


Abuja Airport Runway Will Be Ready Today (Photos of Old VS New Runway)


Saleh Dunoma, managing director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), says the runway of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, would be ready by April 17, two days ahead of the deadline.

He gave the assurance in a statement signed by Ariyo Akinfenwa, media consultant to the minister of state for aviation.

“We will be ready April 17 but we are leaving the remaining two days for Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA),” the statement read.

“We have written to them and they will come by today (Sunday) to do the preliminary inspection.

“They have to certify the airport that what we have done is in accordance with their standards.

“If there is any observation as a result of the inspection, we will now make sure we carry out corrections.”

Dunoma maintained that with the work done, the April 19 deadline for the reopening of the airport is no longer in doubt.

“All the critical items of work are 100 percent except may be two items; which of course are the markings and the cleaning,” he said.

“Asphalt work is 100 per cent, markings have reached almost 70 percent and the airfield lighting system has reached 80 percent.”

According to him, the authority also used the opportunity provided by the closure of the airport to address other Airport Excellence in Safety (APEX) related items.

“We are now levelling all the airfield lightings’ locations, all the installations and flash with the ground surface,” he said.

“In case of any skidding, there will not be concrete projection above the ground surface.”

Dunoma explained that the newly constructed runway does not need calibration because the previous navigational aids were not tampered with.

“The runway does not need calibration. All we need to check is to make sure there is 100 per cent illumination,” he said.

“Calibration is done periodically. When the time come for calibration, the appropriate authority will calibrate the Instrument Landing System (ILS).”

Dunoma also noted that the terminal building was also ready for flight operations.

The Abuja airport was shut on March 8 for six weeks to enable Julius Berger rebuild the 3.6 kilometre runway.

The runway, which was constructed in 1982, was meant to last for 20 years, but had been in use for 35 years without major repairs and maintenance.