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How Mugabe’s Wife Caused His Downfall


Abia Politicians Have No Regard For Media Practitioners – Analyst

The Recent Political Hulabaloo in Abia State has clearly shown that the Media especially the Online Media will play a major role in the Political History of Abia State between 2018 and 2019 General Elections in the State.

Unfortunately most Politicians we have in Abia today are Analogue Politicians, just few belongs to the Digital age.

Man Claiming To Be From 2048 Has Scary Warning For Next Year

A man who claimed to travel to the year 2048 , says he ’s come back with a terrifying warning for what’ s in store for humanity . Sadly , he hasn ’t returned with stories of Los Angeles looking like the beautiful , rain- drenched vista we see in Blade Runner 2049 , but his prophecies are much , much darker . Bryant Johnson issued the dire warning to Casper Police on Monday night when officers received a call about him and his message .

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“How My Facebook Account of 8 Years Was Hacked & Hijacked, A Cautionary Tale”

This is a cautionary tale of how my Facebook account of 8 years was hacked and hijacked.
So many things goes on in the spiritual realm that we as mortals may not know, at least that’s what ‘spiritual people’ say and we can only imagine until we are opportune to catch a glimpse of what it feels like.

10 Things You May Not Know About President Muhammadu Buhari

Here are few things you didn’t know about Buhari:
1. He is a gallant soldier. Yes, Buhari is a retired Major General in the Nigerian army. As a civilian, he was sworn into Nigeria as president in the 29th of May, 2015.
2. Buhari was raised in polygamy. He was born into the home Mallam Adamu and his mother, Zulaihat. His father died when he was four, he, then, was raised by his mother. Indeed, he was the twenty-third child of his father.

JUST IN! Prof. Wole Soyinka Makes Shocking Revelations About Himself

The 83-year-old professor of literature and political activist was responding question on how long he intends to live.

Rochas Okorocha: The One Chance Bus Imo Entered(Must Read)

SEE What This Igbo Woman Posted After She Converted from Xtian to Islam (Photos)

An Igbo woman identified as Aishat Obi, has revealed her love for Islam religion after converting from Christianity. According to her, she is proud to be an Igbo Muslim despite heavy backlash which might be associated with that. Read what she shared on Facebook.

Yoruba University Don Ridicules Nnamdi Kanu, Ojukwu Over Biafra Agitation

By Bisi Olawunmi

The secessionist insurrection of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) took a dramatic turn in the week ended Saturday, September 23, 2017, during which the secessionist group was proscribed and its erstwhile boastful leader, Nnamdi Kanu, took to his heels when confronted with fired up soldiers. Reminds you of another boastful secessionist in Biafra 1 – Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu – who also went on the lam when federal troops closed in on him back in January 1970?

Statues Of Corruption: ‘Phone Conversation’ Between Rochas Okorocha & Jacob Zuma

A Nigerian columnist has written an explosive and thought provoking piece on the controversies and mixed reactions trailing Governor Rochas Okorocha for erecting a statue of South African President, Jacob Zuma.

Read below:

The Transformation of PMB (Photos)

By a concerned Nigerian

“These were the guys drinking satchet milk and milo during the campign 2015 presidential campaign. They posed with rosted Bole and corn by the road side as their lunch. 

The Role of Social Media in Resolving The Present National Malaise – Mascot Uzor Kalu

The use of social media channels in dispersing information, addressing national issues and promoting the cause of various interest groups is not new in our clime. We have seen it influence the public opinion in many developed nations but we must be wary about how this medium is engaged. This becomes more imperative as the nation pushes for solutions to the hydra-headed challenges we face. It is true that the conventional media might have a role to play but social media channels are able to sway people’s perception based on its design and framework.

This fundamental re-alignment of the way we use the social media channels to disperse information comes in the light of the security situation in the South East. People must understand that there should be a degree of discretion and wisdom in the way we communicate.

Interestingly, the Federal Government has moved to clampdown on hate speeches and any comment that can infuriate the sensibilities of the average Nigerian.

The Former Chief of Staff to the Abia State Governor and prominent Investment Banker, Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu has spoke on the role of the social media in the light of the security situation in Abia State. He noted that some of the blood-letting and civil unrest could be quelled if people understand the power of information and the social media. He asked every indigene of Abia State and Nigerians to know that everyone plays a critical role in finding a lasting solution to this fiasco.

His statement reads – ‘’In times past, we know that public opinion is influenced by the conventional media. However, times have changed and a single post from someone who is not in the know about the current situation in Abia State could go viral. This may heat up the polity and further weaken the efforts being made to ensue lasting peace. It is important for people to share verified information and ultimately look for ways to use the social media to work with other well-meaning individuals to achieve peace.’’

He decried the way people were pushing ill-founded propaganda that was painting the actions of the Federal Government in a negative light. He said that the channels of communication are open and everyone has the right to proffer solutions about the way to deal with the challenge at hand. He emphasised that as stakeholders in the issues surrounding our nation, everyone’s voice can be heard but people must apply wisdom in the way they put forward their ideologies.

Furthermore, he believes that the current unrest as regards to the IPOB will soon be resolved. He stated that Nigeria has gone through the throes of war and that the current Federal Government leadership will do everything in its power to ensure that the issue does not degenerate. He commended the Elder Statesmen and various International interest groups that have called for calm in the South East. He believes that Nigeria has a lot to gain when we are one than when we pursue an agenda that will lead to division in the land.

He further said – “One of the things that makes me resolute that we will find a way out of this melee is that the Nigerian spirit rises when challenges seem to be insurmountable. For the sake of our children and for posterity, we must work at achieving lasting peace in Nigeria.’’

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“Our Dear Army, Please Cool Temper” By Dele Momodu

Fellow Nigerians, let me confess my admiration for security forces generally. It is not just because of the cleanliness and crispiness of their

Biafra : How Buhari Can Kill Nnamdi Kanu’s Agitation For Igbo Nation- Reno Omokri Reveals

Former Special Adviser on New Media to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has advised the President Muhammadu

The Unconstitutional Military Incursion in a Supposedly Constitutional Nigeria (MUST READ!)

By: Chibike Nkemeakolam

It saddened my mind on hearing the Nigerian military siege on Nnamdi Kanu’s house at his country home, Afara Ibeku, Umuahia, Abia state, Nigeria.
Nnamdi Kanu is one of the most popular and the most discussed persons in Nigeria today; more popular than our so-called politicians that have none of our interests in mind. Thanks to the present government that gave him much more attention than he would not have asked for or desired to get.
His crusade for Biafran secession from Nigeria brought fame to him; while his unlawful incarceration gave him a much wider popularity within and outside the country.
Prior to his detention, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was only heard on a radio station that its frequency could hardly be ascertained. His advocacy on Biafran secession was borne out of the practical reality that, Nigeria as an entity is hijacked, controlled, dominated and influenced by a regional/tribal and religious group, thus living other groups, regions, tribes, religious groups that form the country called Nigeria in marginalised and subservient paradigm.

When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu set his foot in Nigeria from his base in London, United Kingdom, where he remains a citizen of the Kingdom till date, he was arrested and detained forthwith. Though he knew about that before arriving at the Nigerian airport, hence he chose to be on the ground for his dream fight of liberation.
Mazi Kanu’s arrest caused uproar within and outside Nigeria. People that openly threw their weights on him were either maimed, abused, humiliated, unlawfully detained, tortured or killed.

His unlawful detention with other co-defendants of Biafran agitation led to the clamours and incessant appeals for their release. The outcry for his illegal confinement compelled the judicial arm of the Nigeria government to grant Mazi Kanu strict conditional bail that violates certain rights of his.
As a man that knows his rights and a course he is fighting for, he boldly and unashamedly failed some of his bail conditions that some legal luminaries, human rights activists, and his loyalists criticised to be utterly inhumane and slave-like.
When Kanu resorted on going for rallies in some cities and states in the South-East and South-South zones of the country, it became aberrations to his plaintiffs. His followers grew day by day, his loyalists never hidden their supports for him. He becomes more famous than the Nigerian authorities never wished he could be. To me, his popularity was based on his eloquent and truthful speeches on what transpires in Nigeria as a country. His steadfastness for his freedom fighting; fearlessness and outspokenness; unequivocal love for his people; incorruptibility; his influence on people; command of respect made him a role model.

The aforementioned attributes of Mazi Kanu become worrisome to the government. To some people, it was hateful, incitable, unpatriotic, insubordinate for Mazi Kanu to have failed certain conditions of his bail; whereas many are the opposite.
Yesterday, precisely on the 12/09/2017, Nigeria army under the command of the President was ordered to besiege Kanu’s house. The video clips of their incursion conspicuously went viral. They stationed their armoured tank around the house of Mazi Kanu. The office of the Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ) in Umuahia was invaded at the process of the siege. People were reported to have been killed, injured or tortured in the process of confronting the Nigerian Army for their unlawful attempt in arresting Mazi Kanu.

Constitutionally, the military is charged for external and internal aggression within the country. Unleashing the military on Mazi Kanu, who neither has a weapon nor resisted an arrest warrant from a court or a constitutional authority is an imbroglio tantamount to despotic leadership in what suppose to be a democratic nation.
Yes, Kanu failed his bail conditions, but have you asked:
1. Has Kanu been summoned to appear in any court since his release?
2. Has he resisted an arrest warrant issued on him by the court or attempted to jump bail?
3. Has he gotten a forewarning from a constitutional authority that has a court order?
The answers to the questions remain ‘NO’.

Furtherance to the questions above are: why would Mazi Kanu, a harmless and armless civilian be targeted more than a terrorist organization in the Northern part of the country called Boko Haram? Why would Arewa youths and their sponsors be allowed to walk free in the bold of a quit notice given to all Igbo people living in the Northern Nigeria? Why can’t they channel all the strengths and resources marshal out against Mazi Kanu to the fight against terrorism or even on the fight against Nigerian corrupt office holder/politicians (both past and present)? It is too absurd for the Nigeria army to be ordered for such incursion in a house occupied by a man without a lethargic weapon.

It is a real pity for my country, Nigeria.
A country that has no direction.
A country that has the high rate of human right abuses.
A country that is immeasurably corrupt.
A country that glorifies corruptions to their own detriments
A country that is ethnically and religiously divided
A supposedly rich country, but impoverished by her leaders.
Truly! Truly! There was a country Nigeria!

Proposed Construction of 4 Additional Schools: Can Ikpeazu Pause & Put on His Thinking Cap?

By Uche Aguoru

Abia State Universal Basic Education Board, (ASUBEB) recently received the sum of 6 billion naira from Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), these funding was meant to facilitate successful implementation of UNIVERSAL BASIC EDUCATION (UBE) projects, with the primary aim of ensuring that all Abia children receive basic education in a conducive and comfortable educational environment that will enhance learning as designed by UBEC and implemented across the federation.

It therefore becomes nonsensical, ill-advised and a poorly thought-out policy for a government that inherited in approximation of 573 primary schools, across the 17 LGA,s with 85% percent of the schools in a ramshackle condition that can easily pass for a pigsty than an educational environment,  with leaking roofs, caved in and torn ceilings, no seats and no learning materials, with 92% of the schools not having decent toilets, urinary and potable water, exposing the teachers and their pupils into the dangerous and unhealthy habit of having to turn the nearest bush into their place of convenience, in some of the schools, some  classes does not have black boards, while 98% of the schools does not have perimeter fences exposing the students and their teachers to unimaginable insecurity in todays Abia where kidnapping, herdsmen incursion and other forms of criminality have become a part of our everyday existence that it no longer make headline news, it is a goof that a government with good knowledge of its educational environment will embark on the construction of only 4 new school facilities with 65% of the 6 billion naira and reconstruction of 132 class room blocks only as against over 573 primary schools scattered across Abia state with the money accrued to the statethrough ASUBEB by UBEC neglecting the larger component of educational facility across the state unattended to.

For governor Okezie Ikpeazu PhD, a supposed scholar and one who had dwelled and earned a living through the educational sector to have neglected the state of degenerate infrastructure across the existing educational facilities as we have it in Abia today, only to embark on the proposed construction of additional 4 schools, using his exact language (quote) Model Schools, calls for questioning as to the real intentions of the governor bearing in mind that statistics has proved that Abia currently housing over 573 primary schools  is not experiencing shortfalls in number of schools.

A prudent, responsible and transparent administration would have made sure that the funds so secured are utilized properly by ensuring that the funds are fully injected into reconstruction, re-equipping and repairing of the existing school facilities with the knowledge that 98 percent of our primary and secondary schools are in dire need of repairs across the state unless the government wants to prove  right the assertion that most of the companies that got the ASUBEB 6 billion naira contract are inexistent and was hurriedly setup by high profile government officials for the primary purpose of securing this contract with no intention of executing it.

In as much as I am not against the construction of new schools be it MODEL or REGULAR but I am of the opinion that given the dilapidated state of schools in Abia, it will be a great disservice and not a well-meaning policy to embark on the construction of new schools when the already existing schools are begging for repairs unless the government wants to use the construction of the new schools as a straw designed to drain the funds into private accounts as usual.

These types of phantom projects that hardly gets completed has become common knowledge since the coming of Ikpeazu administration, and has created an air of suspicion that such unrealistic projects are being created for ease of plundering funds meant for the development of critical areas of the states infrastructure and economy, a thinking governor would have known that it will benefit the state and the  educational sector more, if all the schools across Abia are renovated and equipped it will advance education more, than to embark on the construction of new schools that Abians are even 75% sure that it won’t be completed

Writes from Umuahia

Doctors/ASUU Strike: Best Solution to Recurring National Malaise – Mascot Uzor Kalu

Doctors/ASSU Strike: Best Solution to Recurring National Malaise – Mascot Uzor Kalu


A prominent Investment Banker and Former Chief of Staff to the Abia State Governor, Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu has spoken about the ongoing strike by Resident Doctors in Nigeria. He tasked all parties to think about the best interests of the citizens of Nigeria inspite of the teething challenges they face. He commended the convening of a conciliatory meeting to resolve the imbroglio. The Negotiation team from the Federal Government and the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) are trying to work out a solution to the current faceoff. Chief Mascot noted that a lot needs to be done to upgrade the medical system but he said it is never too late to take a step in the right direction.


On the other hand, he stated that he is aware of the sacrifice that the Resident Doctors make in order to answer the call of duty. However, his belief that the common man needs not to bear the brunt of the impasse remains sacrosanct. Chief Mascot said that the machinery of the government must swing into action to ensure that this crisis is not prolonged.


In the light of this development, he said that – ‘’It is possible to bring back the pride that we once enjoyed as a nation. The mid-sixties and early seventies were replete with highly functional medical facilities. It is possible to reenact the good times with concerted effort’’.


In a similar vein, he touched on the Academic Staff Union of Universities strike. He tasked all the stakeholders to work out lasting solutions to address this perennial challenge in the education sector. Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu said that all these issues point to the need to begin to work out holistic solutions. He called on every leader to map out concrete systems and a framework that enables the core sectors of our society not to suffer any breakdown. He commended the resilience of Nigerians who have continued to thrive and weather the storm. The Nigerian spirit is something he believes can take us to a place of relevance once all the right structures are put in place.


He charged the youths not to give in to various vices despite the current lull in academic activities. He encouraged them to look for ways to improve their value and work to be part of those that will contribute to the growth of our dear nation.


He reiterated the fact that – ‘’One of the things that make us what we are is our ability to tap into the huge resources that abound in Nigeria. With a population that stands above 180 million, the refined manpower can help us compete with other leading economies in the world’’.


He continued by saying – ‘’Among the many challenges that we face as a nation, we must never give up on our dear country. It is possible to work assiduously to birth the nation of our dreams’’. He spoke about countries that have been able to achieve this such as Singapore, China, etc. Chief Mascot stated that he is a possibility thinker and knows that the future holds very bright prospects.


In his final remarks, he said education, issues surrounding health, security and other key components of what make up our society must be well funded. Also, he urged every stakeholder to stay committed to playing their role in order to equitably build the Nigeria of our dreams.

Yorubas Will Loose If Nigeria is Restructured

By Joseph Smith

Since other regions are not benefiting anytin from this current Nigeria…. they will stand to benefit in a restructured Nigeria….

Yoruba and Hausa’s are the greatest beneficiaries of one Nigeria…

But when restructured, the SW will be negatively affected….

Take a look at these views

SE/SS should stop been fooled by these Yoruba’s….
Yoruba’s can never support restructuring actively because it will end up affecting them…

When other regions have put their seaport in order……who will still go back to Lagos to import goods…

When other region have mandated all international air travel should go from their regions, who will go back to Lagos

when all oil companies operating in nigerdelta, relocates to their region of operation…what business do one have to do with Lagos

when other region will be promoting goods produced in their regions and make it mandatory for purchase by residence in order to grow their economy……..who will buy the goods produced in SW Nigeria….

Yoruba nation will loose seriously if restructuring comes

Smith writes from Port Harcourt

Kanu: SE Governors Are Treacherous, Criminally Insensitive and Slaves

By: Charles Ogbu

Greetings, your Excellencies -the governors of the land of the Rising Sun.
It is with a heart burdened with sorrow that I write you today to register my grave displeasure over your criminal complicity in the woes of the people you purport to preside over.

With your permissions, your Excellencies, I will like to start this piece with questions which have dug a very deep hole in my heart for a very long time and the questions are:
Whose interests are you representing as governors?

Where does your loyalty lie?

Why does it seem like your dominant default instinct is to please the Caliphate even if it means displeasing your people?

Dear governors, those are questions on the lips of almost every Igbo youth and those questions must not just be asked, they must be answered.

Your Excellencies, do you ever sit back and wonder why millions of Ndigbo have chosen to willingly follow Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his quest to restore Biafra?

I will tell you:

As a people, Ndigbo have been oppressed, suppressed, dejected, isolated, marginalized, ridiculed, humiliated, haunted and murdered by the moral criminals and executive terrorists running the affairs of the Nigerian state since after the Biafran war. When Mr Hate-Made-Flesh, President Buhari, came on board, he elevated Igbo marginalization and dehumanization as an official govt policy. Two days ago, the Buhari-led govt brought in tanks and sophisticated military hardware into Ala-Igbo. It doesn’t take a ‘Dibia’ to know that those weapon will be used on the same people whose lives you are being paid to protect.

In all these,

You, the people who presume to be our governors didn’t just maintain criminal silence, you connived with our oppressors to ride roughshod over our wounds. Just for the pittance known as monthly allocation, you had no qualms turning a blind eye and living in denial of our pains and miseries and wars and woes.

This year alone, you, the southeast governors, have visited Asorock more times than I can remember, to pledge your commitment to # OneNigeria which begs the questions:

How many times have you visited Asorock to ask why Onitsha Seaport has remained comatose for years or to protest the non-inclusion of southeast in the rail project?
How many times have you visited Asorock to ask why the entire production processes in Ala-Igbo have been emasculated to keep your people in state of perpetual penury?
Despite being the most peaceful region in the entire country, the southeast has thrice the number of police and militarymen deployed to the Boko-haram ravaged Northeast. Even violence prone Gaza Strip and terrorist-infested Mount Sinai in MiddleEast do not boast of such high level of militarization. And these uniformed thugs brazenly extort monies from motorists and okada riders and humiliate those who try to resist their savagery.

How many times have you gone to Asorock to protest this?? But how can you, when those uniformed extortionists and invaders are in Ala-Igbo with your full permissions??
What kind of #OneNigeria do you really want? A Nigeria where mediocrity and injustice walk on all four as obtains now or a Nigeria characterized by merit, justice and fairness??

Dear governors, we have lied to ourselves for far too long. Permit me to honour you with the courtesy of being blunt:

We, Ndigbo, ARE NOT in the mess we are in today because we have a president whose access to oxygen seems to depend solely on how much hatred he can dish to us. Not at all. We are where we are today because we have the singular misfortune of being cursed with one of the most criminally insensitive set of governors in our history.

A set of governors whose sense of governance is simply atrocious. A set of governors whose ‘Onye Ayana Nwanne Ya’ spirit is simply non-existent. A set of governors who are indeed Pharaohs robed in the garbs of Moses.

Your Excellencies, you are the biggest singular tragedy of Ndigbo. It grieves me beyond word to publicly admit this but it grieves me even more that it is true.
Those millions of people you see following Nnamdi Kanu are indicative of the fact that the people you pretend to lead have lost faith in you.

You have failed your people. You have failed Ala-Igbo and if you have any shread of honor, you will not disagree that you have failed even yourselves.

You act and speak like psychological slaves and you waste no time in proving your loyalty to your fulani masters even if it means sacrificing your people. Your default inclination is to the Caliphate.

Recently, one of you, governor Rochas Okorocha, bested Uncle Lucifer when he used soldiers to carry out a festival of blood reportedly killing not less than 4 persons including an 11 year old Somtochukwu Igboanusi, all in a bid to demolish the ancient Eke-ukwu market in Owerri. And I’m wondering, how does Okorocha sleep at night knowing he’s responsible for the death of the only male child of his parents??

The “No More Elections In Biafraland” currently being championed by IPOB is receiving wide acceptance NOT NECESSARILY because of Nnamdi Kanu but because when an average Igbo man looks around, he finds it extremely difficult to point to any time any of you Igbo governors have defended his interests.

When fulani terrorists visit us with death, rather than act like governor Fayose, you act like Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. When our dues are denied us in Nigeria, you play deaf, dumb and blind. When fulani soldiers kill and

2019: Nzechi the Best Candidate for Ikwuano/Umuahia Fed. Constituency – Hon Echeowodo

A former chairmanship candidate on the platform of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in the 2016 local government poll in Abia state, Honourable Ikenna Echeowodo has described Chief Charles Nzechi as the best material to represent the people of Ikwuano/Umuahia constituency in the National Assembly come 2019.

This is even as he wooed the businessman to join APGA, which he described as the only political party in the state that has interest of the masses at heart.

Echewodo who stated this in an interview with journalists while reacting on the conferment chieftaincy title on Mr. Charles Nzechi by Ohuhu Traditional rulers Council held on Wednesday at Nkwoachara Isingwu in Umuahia north local government of the state.

He said he has confidence that if the renowned philanthropist avail himself for the seat, he(Nzechi) would ameliorate the sufferings of Ikwuano/Umuahia and bring succour to the masses.

Echewodo who described the honour bestowed on Mr. Charles Nzechi as well deserved, advised the politician to continue with his humanintrains services which is aimed at bringing succor to the poor.

According to him;”To be sincere, am appealing to Chief Charles Nzechi to make himself available for the seat of Ikwuano/Umuahia federal constituency. He has shown examples through his humanitarian services. He has empowered many youths in Abia state. I will advise him to join APGA, if he decides to heed to his appeal”.

“Let me also congratulate him on the chieftaincy title(Aha Eji Aga Mba na ala Ohuhu) conferred on him by his own people. With this honour, I believe it will encourage him(Nzechi) to do more for humanity.

” We are wooing and calling on him to join politics and represent us. He is a man with large heart, who always listen to the cries of his people”.

“Am assuring that Ikwuano which is the stronghold of APGA, will support him if he decides to toe the path of the progressives”.

Benue Flood: The Hypocritical Nature Of Nigerian Celebrities By Intriguing Lone (Must Read)

It’s really beautiful when we get to see how the outside world rally around and offer support to each other in times of need and what irks

A Colony Of Monkeys And A Congress Of Baboons – By Femi Fani-Kayode (Must Read)


On August 3rd 1857, in what can only be described as one of the most profound, moving, passionate and inspiring speeches in human

Demolition Of Market : Okorocha Is A Disgrace To Imo State (Must Read)

Written by Wisdom Nwedene

I wept bitterly when I saw how a 10 years old boy was murdered just because Okorocha, sorry Okoroawusa wants to destroy a market in


By Charles Otu


Again, Gov. UMAHI wants to further plunge our dear Ebonyi State that

Empowering Abians Through Industrial Revolution, the Uche Ogah Template


By Uche Aguoru

The present day Abia state, under the then Imo state had the enviable reputation of being the industrial and manufacturing base of the geographical location known today as south east and South South, and only in competition with states like Lagos in the west and Kano in the North, there was a huge presence of industrial clusters both in the medium and large scale categories in the town then referred to as the japan of Africa because of the ingenuity of those living and doing business in Aba.

In the early seventies and late eighties aba was the home of every Igbo millionaire and it is arguable if there is any successful Igbo businessman both in commerce and industry that his business does not have its roots in aba, Aba played host to multinationals such as international equitable industries ltd, PZ industries ltd, Nigerian breweries ltd, Niger garments ltd, Onwuka Interbiz ltd, Bata Nigeria ltd etc., while industries like modern ceramics ltd, Golden Guinea breweries ltd, and the leading transport companies as at that time Chidiebere transport ltd and Ekene dilichukwu Nigeria ltd had their headquarters domiciled in Umuahia.

Early research shows that Aba also known as the Enyimba city houses the largest number of cottage industries and local manufacturing firms across the west coast of Africa, it is also the commercial destination of all west African and central African states of Cameroun, Niger, Chad, Benin republic etc. while traders across the federation visit aba on daily basis for different types of business transactions making Abia a destination of choice in commerce and industry.

But due to neglect, lack of foresight and purposeful leadership, laziness and deficiency in creative and visionary thinking and leadership, aba has become the direct opposite of what it was ,exposing the lack of intelligence and vision of present day leaders to sustain the foundation of wealth and development that our fathers laid for us and making it a matter of debate if actually our forefathers are not more intelligent and smarter than our generation of leaders who are all reliant on handouts from our crude oil dependent economy.

The drop in the price of crude oil has thrown the entire country into unmitigated confusion, that it takes only states with smart and creative governors to meet up with salaries and at the same time developing infrastructure,  our businessmen no longer invest in the manufacturing sector preferring to trade with their money for quicker gains and turn over while overlooking the long term benefits of manufacturing both to the investor and the society, it takes one with genuine appetency for the development of his society like Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah to take up the challenge of domiciling a multi-billion naira investment in a state like Abia where all the catalysts necessary for an industry to grow is absent.

Dr. Ogah has the option of citing the master energy industrial complex in some other cities that their government created the enabling environment capable of growing such an investment to make good and quick profit but he chose Abia as a destination so as to alleviate the sufferings of Abians through job creation.

As at today the first phase of master energy industries at Onuaku Uturu in Isuikwuato LGA has in his employ a direct engagement of 6000 employees with an indirect engagement of almost same number thereby making him the leading industrial giant and the biggest employer of labour in Abia state and beyond.

The first phase of the facility at the moment is housing a Noodles plant, which has been rated the best in Africa because of its Vegetable and African spices and it’s in high demand abroad, the Plastic Company produces Jherry Cans, cloth Hangers, bowls, plastic plates and Cups, plastic seats and tables with high quality masters Overhead tanks, the facility also houses a Lubricant manufacturing plant, a Vegetable oil plant, Transformer oil plant, and Gear oil plant, masters Industries is also into the production of high quality PVC pipes, plumbing  accessories, and tricycle assembly plant.

There is also an Organic fertilizer plant where waste is being turned into wealth, a toothpick manufacturing industry and a table water factory all domiciled within the masters energy industrial complex.

Going round the facility took about three hours and left almost every one of us tired, exhausted and panting we gulped down some refreshing master energy table water, after which Dr. Ogah informed the team that we just witnessed the first phase of the industrial complex and showed us where caterpillars, steel fitters and brick layers are already working on the second phase of the project with most of the materials needed for takeoff already on ground.

On inquiry from Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah on why he had to locate such a gigantic factory in his home town rather than take it to Lagos or Abuja where there is an already made enabling ground and huge market for ease of business and bigger profit, he told me that his decision was based on his belief and love for Abia and his efforts at ensuring the industrialization and development of Abia state in all facets, he said that you do not need to be a governor or be in government to add value to the lives of your people.

For him it’s about creating jobs and getting Abians gainfully employed while adding to the overall development of Abia state.


Writes from Umuahia

How Buhari Goofed Again After Meeting With Service Chiefs(Must Read)

Written by Wisdom Nwedene

Since Buhari stormed back from London where he spent 103 days treating himself of an undisclosed ailment and disgraced himself on

At His Age, When Would Buhari Stop Lying?



By: Amaechi K. U.

Am just wondering why should Ojukwu belittle himself to visit Buhari in a little known town of Duara to discuss Nigerian unity. Buhari lied against Ojukwu, the truth has been vindicated, Ojukwu and Buhari are not on the same academic pedestal.

Ojukwu was an Oxford trained graduate, Buhari is not. Ojukwu was a graduate soldier, Buhari was not. Ojukwu like Azikiwe, Nelson Mandela, mahatma Ghandi etc was a charismatic leader, Buhari is not. Ojukwu growing up enjoyed life as a silver spoon kid, Buhari did not. During the war, while Ojukwu was a general, Buhari was a lieutenant. If Buhari claimed that he had an agreement with Ojukwu that Nigeria will one, why was there no press release after the so called meeting?

Did Ojukwu secretly travel to Duara without informing members of his family? How can the two of them discuss issues bothering on Nigeria’s unity without involving other ethnic groups that made up Nigeria?

At the time he (Buhari) claimed to have had the meeting with Ojukwu both of them were not leaders of any of the two ethnic groups of igbo and hausa. Simply put,Ojukwu was one of the opinion leaders of the East and Buhari represents same in the North. Non of them can take decision for their regions without involvement or support of other leaders or the masses.

So Buhari goofed to have claimed that he had agreement with Ojukwu that Nigeria will remain one, with obvious reference to the fact that Igbos will remain part of Nigeria. This is a clear case of me an igbo man inviting Alhaji Umaru my hausa friend or leader as the case may be to my home town and after a lengthy discussion on Nigeria’s way forward, we agreed that federalism is the best system for Nigeria.

Some years later i became the president of Nigeria, as a result of my bad policies that put the north in a disadvantaged position they started to protest against it and calling for division of the country and i quickly reminded them of the private meeting i had with the late umaru,one of their own, which they are not aware of, that they must remain part of Nigeria.

Amaechi writes from Lagos

How Buhari Disgraced Himself & Insulted Ojukwu (Must Read)

Written by Wisdom Nwedene

Buhari in his speech today disgraced himself and insulted Ojukwu

Charles Ogbu Writes President Buhari An Open Letter Over His Speech This Morning

So President Buhari’s early morning broadcast didn’t go down well with some people, and one of those is Charles Ogbu, a Nigerian man