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What Is This Again? Man Opens Male Brothel To Satisfy Older Women In Port Harcourt

As seen on Facebook, Obi Nna made a post about a male brothel being opened in Port Harcourt. According to the post, the brothel has been opened for business a week ago, it reasons for opening is to satisfy many lonely women and curb out sexual frustration.

Full post:

A male brothel has opened for business in the GRA area of Port Harcourt. The brothel which opened for business a week ago, runs a 24-hour service, including in-house services and ‘take away’ home services, the manager said.
Located at a serene part of GRA, the one-storey brothel boasts of over 25 male sex workers, mostly in their late twenties and early thirties with clients of different age ranges, especially older women who are forty and above visiting constantly.
According to the manager, the male brothel came on board as a result of the quest for sexual satisfaction by several lonely women, adding that Port Harcourt has become ripe for such business as the town play host to several multi-ethnic residents.
She equally said that it will curb many vices arising from sexual frustration amongst the women population.
She stated that the number of sex workers in the brothel is expected to rise in few months time as their customer base expands, adding that they have over 30 applications waiting for approval.
She added that they have so far enjoyed a reasonable level of patronage from the public with most of the rich customers preferring ‘take away’ instead of in-house services.
On customer satisfaction, she noted that there have been no complaints so far as their workers were screened and made to pass through rigorous training processes to ensure best customer satisfaction.
The manager, simply identified as V, added that the charges for in-house sex differ from individuals, saying that N5000 is the least one can get.
V maintained that their male prostitutes are attractive and well built and will undergo monthly tests for infections to curb any form of STIs.
She also emphasized that the prostitutes are constantly reminded and taught about safety so that they can maintain healthy lifestyles and last long in the business

Dangote’s Deep-Sea Pipeline Project Exposes the ‘Lagos Crude Oil Fraud’

By: Tyler Durden O.

Dangote is building the world’s largest refinery in Lagos. Lagos was chosen by Dangote after it was revealed that crude oil deposits had been discovered in Lagos. Why then is Dangote constructing a deep-sea pipeline that will link crude and LNG from the ND to his refinery in Lagos?

World Cup : 5 Strong Reasons Why Nigeria Will Not Qualify From The Group Stage By Wisdom Nwedene

Hot Slap: Juliet Ibrahim And Upcoming Actress, Nkechi, Continue To Drag Each Other

The drama continues between Juliet Ibrahim & Nkechi Blessing Sunday on social media.

It all started when Nkechi Blessing called Juliet Ibrahim an idiot for commenting on her post.

Juliet Ibrahim reacted to this by admonishing her that she should have continued with the scene as a professional this apparently struck a nerve as Blessing replied Juliet and called her an idiot in the process.

Juliet Ibrahim then replied to the insult.

Their ‘cat fight’ has now continued on social media:

Man Reveals What A Retired Major Did to his Daughter For Getting Pregnant at Year 1


Popular twitter user Kelvin Odanz has shared the emotional thing his neighbor and retired major did after his daughter got pregnant, at her first year in School, Kelvin who said his very close to the family revealed that the man never chased her like other dad’s may likely do, But took care of the child, and sent her back to school,  This kind of Fathers are rare, read his post below! very rare.

Lady Declares Her 11yr old Sister Missing, But See What’s Catching People’s Attention (Photos)

An 11yr old Girl has gone missing, And her sister shared the news on her twitter page, raising awareness for anyone with useful info, But Thats not what is catching the attention of Internet users, She shared the news alongside the girl’s photos, and all people are seen his how over grown the girl looks, They just forgot about the ‘missing’, Can’t someone be over grown in peace again? see below!


SARS Ordered Me To Pay N10,500 For Having ‘Strange’ App On My Phone” – Man

A Twitter user Olamide who just had his own SARS brutality, has revealed how he was forced to pay N10k after they saw a Strange App on His phone, According to him, the app is even an Inbuilt one, But when they saw it they ordered him to pay N100k, when he refused they took him to police station, But he finally paid N10k as Last price.. read below!

#EndSARS I was arrested in Ibadan yesterday on my way to work coz police officers found an in built app(Hangout) on my phone, I refused to pay until your officers threatened to Lock me up.. I eventually paid N10,500! @YomiShogunle @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_PCRRU

Ezekwesili reacts

I Am Not An Ashawo’; Lady Who Has Been Dating 3 Guys For Over Two Years. Photo

A 28-year-old relationship expert has taken to social media to reveal her dilemma. The young lady identified as Oby Omalicha Chuka revealed that she has been dating three guys for over 2 years now but sleeps with only one of them. According to her, the two other guys who “she does not have sex with” – are now separately asking her questions about marriage which has led to her confusion over who to choose.

She posted her story in a Facebook group as she urged online users not to judge her for action and give her reasonable advice on what to do.

Below is what she wrote;

I have never been this confused in my entire life, kindly read to the end and advice me sincerely. Please don’t tell me to pray or go for deliverance, I know that already, I just need practical advice. I am 28 years old, I have been dating these 3 guys for 2 years plus, I am not an ashawo cos I don’t even sleep with 2, I only sleep with one. I just don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket cos you never know who would turn out to be an asshole.

So everything has been OK until recently, as if they planned it, the 2 guys that I do not sleep with started asking questions about my people, how they do marriage rites, if I would like to marry them and so many questions suggesting that a proposal is probably on their minds.

And the way this is going, if I don’t make up my mind soon, I will not be able to say yes or no if any of them proposes, I like them differently for different reasons. Please help me to decide, what really matters most in marriage, should I test them with one of my girlfriends to see who really loves me? What do I do please? No insults please I will be reading comments.

Caption This Photo Of Buratai.

Can someone give a perfect caption for this photo of Nigerian Lieutenant general and the current Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria “Tukur Yusuf Buratai”.

Why Is No Core Northern Ex-governor Facing Corruption Charges?

By a Concerned Nigerian

One problem with this country is that a lot of people are willing to hide the truth just for peanuts. Well I’m not among those who sell their birth rights or nation rights for morsels of fermented eba.

Chief MKO Abiola Was Secretly A CIA Agent? (Pics)

By a concerned Nigerian

“According to Fela- who was so sure that he swore to prove it in court. Some people have started a conspiracy theory that that could be the possible reason for the June 12 annulment. I wasn’t born in 1993 lol but I’d like to know if this conspiracy theory existed then too.

Opinion : What The Igbos Can Learn From The Yorubas – By Joe Igbokwe

Nigerian Transgender Releases Unclad Photos Of Her Burnt B0@bs While Cooking (PHOTOS)

According to Miss Sahhara, she suffered minor burns on her breasts while cooking.

Go And Work Hard’ – Native Doctor Tells Youths Disturbing Him For Money Rituals

A native doctor has taken to social media to urge Nigerian youths to stop disturbing him for money rituals and go and look for something serious to do. The traditionalist based in Asaba, Delta state capital – said he doesn’t do rituals for money as he advised the ‘lazy’ youths that the best way of making it is by hard work.

Below is what he shared on his Facebook page;

I am not a Money rituals traditional doctor please lazy youths go and look for something serious to do, money will locate you don’t being deceive by any spiritual man nothing like money rituals the best way of making it is by hard working and destiny.

Slay Queen’s N*de Photos Released Online After Sending Them To Her European Lover

When will some ladies learn about sending nude pictures to guys in the name of love or money. A beautiful slay queen has got herself trending online and a subject of mockery after her n*de pictures were released online and have since been trending.

According to reports, the accountancy graduate identified as Mbayama Jombo from Lusaka, Zambia was reported to have sent the purported pictures to an older white lover in Europe who was said to have leaked them.

The pictures have caused a buzz on social media especially among Zambian online users who stormed the lady’s Facebook account to confirm the story as she totally ignored their comments.

While some have hailed the lady for her beautiful body, others have chastised her for sending the pictures to her lover.


Man Places Curse On His Girlfriend For Dumping Him, Shares Pic Of Them Kissing

An Obviously Angry Man has ordered curse to follow his ex girlfriend for dumping, Sharing loved up photo of them, the guy said she dumped him over distance, And according to him after everything he has done for her, thats not good enough reason, So he placed curse on her..

See below!

Why Woman Cannot Be An Oba In Benin Kingdom” – Man Reveals With Photos

A Nigerian man who is from a royal lineage in Benin Kingdom has revealed why a woman cannot become an Oba in their kingdom. The Benin man identified as Black Rice on social media, took time to explain the reason for law restricting women to the royal throne as he shared pictures to buttress his points.


Below is what he shared online;


At the demise of EZOTI, Prince OKPAME was dispatched to ESI to bring home Ezoti’s only son, Prince OWERE to ascend the throne of his father… Unfortunately, Prince OKPAME was suspected to have murdered Prince OWERE and his mother, who were buried alive on their way to the City.

Although Prince OKPAME reported that these people died of natural causes; but the Binis held that they were untimely killed, where upon Prince OKPAME was banished and the Prince thereafter sought refuge in ORA… About 1473 AD.

OLUA the Second Son of EWUARE THE GREAT refused the throne as he feared that Prince OKPAME [his brother] would kill him.

The ELDER sister of OLUA my great-great grandad, Princess EDELEYO, was then persuaded to reign as OBA but while she was on her way to USELU to be invested as EDAIKEN, she found herself in the grip of her menstrual period and was therefore unable to perform all rituals which by custom must have no contamination with such conditions regarded as unclean.


The Princess had to remain @ a place now called OGHE EDELEYO for some days; Unfortunately the menstrual period persisted for quite a while and this made the UZAMA [the seven king makers] and EGHAEVBO {wise ones] to decide that, NO WOMAN SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO REIGN AS AN OBA IN FUTURE…

However every EDAIKEN visits Princess EDELEYO’S SHRINE to perform some ceremonies on his way to USELU after his INVESTITURE… In the end, the CHIEFS persuaded OLUA to accept the Throne and thereafter he was CROWNED OBA…


On the assumption of the OBASHIP, OLUA sent his younger son OHON [my grand father] to EHOR AS ENOGIE [DUKE] to keep watch on Prince OKPAME who was threatening an attack on BENIN… IGINUWA his elder son was not popular with the people because of the bad advice he gave to the OBA his father…


The OBA fearing the people will not allow his son to reign as OBA after his demise decided to found him IGINUWA A KINGDOM.

Thus he became the 1st. OLU OF ODIGHI N’AMEN, THE FOUNDER OF THE ITSEKIRI KINGDOM; from where my maternal linage originates…


“My Hubby Will Bring My Ashes Back To Nigeria” – Dying Makeup Artist Cries Out (Pics)

A Popular Makeup artist Bruntricia Bastan is dying, And she has sent out her last words, to her loved ones, The Abroad based Nigerian revealed that her heart is only working at 30%, That she has no hope for making it.. So Nigerians should prepare as her Husband will bring home her ashes..

”It is with deep sorrow and much regret that I must say goodbye to all. My lungs are gone and my heart is only working at 30%. I for the first time have ran out of words to say other than I love you and I already miss you. IF I could put all the love that I feel right this minute from the people that I have already said my goodbyes to I would live to be 150 years. Nigeria my husband is bringing my ashes home so welcome him. It has been my honor and I am truly humbled to have touched so many of yours lives. To be honest me calling you to say goodbye to you is quite selfish on my part this way I leave you better than I came full of your love. I love ❤️ you more than you will ever know. Talk Soon Buntricia

Shocker! Nigerian Lady Finds This Inside Her Bra (Photos/Video)

Nigerian Lady Cries Out After Finding This Inside Her Bra. we should be very careful in this period of buying series of clothes.whoever that’s importing this kind of bra should be investigated. this is getting too much







Nigerians React To Saraki’s Impending Arrest, As DSS Withdraws His Security Aids (Snapshots)

Yesterday, President Buhari Gave the go ahead for The Senate President of Nigeria Bukola Saraki to be arrested, After his name was fingered in the Offa Robbery, Now Adding to it, The DSS has with Immediate Effect withdrawn all his Security aides, Even the ones for Dogara, And the Possibilities of Arresting Saraki is today Monday, Angry Nigerians has since taken to twitter pages pouring out their minds, While some people wants the guilty to be prosecuted, Others think its just a Politicians hating on each other, either ways, see their reactions i grabbed below!

Ikwere Boys Why Were You Wailing Over IPOB Sit-at-Home On Radio?

By Nwadiuto M.

Although I am not an ipob supporter but something happened concerning the sit-at-home in Port harcourt.

Radio reports in PH on the Ipob sit-at-home action saw some Ikwere boys who are revenue collectors in Igbo markets across ph wailing over the loss of revenue that befell them on May 30.

See What Was Recovered From A Primary 4 Pupil In A School In Maiduguri. Photos

An alarm has been raised after an unusual item made by a primary school pupil was discovered in Maiduguri, Borno state capital. It was gathered that a gun (rifle) model was made by a primary four student who used rods from classroom chairs for his construction.

The item was recovered from the pupil and confiscated by the school authorities.

The Facebook user who shared the pictures – didn’t reveal whether any action was taken against the pupil.

15-Year-Old Girl Impregnated By Her Barber Lover In Lagos After Leaving First Wife.

A Nigerian enterprenuer has revealed the shocking story of a 15-year-old girl who is five months pregnant. According to the Programme Director at Kindle Africa Empowerment Initiative, Olorunfunmi Adebajo, the girl revealed that her lover is a barber who left his first wife and reportedly takes care of her as her father is dead and her mother, a cleaner.


The girl also reportedly said that her mother who beat her for getting pregnant – has told her already that she will live with the man when she gives birth.

Read what Olorunfunmi Adebajo shared online.

Her lemon sized breasts peeked through the threadbare tshirt she wore and both of us tried to hide the tears as she spoke. We both succeeded.

“I don’t know his age but he is big like you. He has TRAVELLED OUT to SANGO OTA to get a job. He is is a barber. He will come back for me in three weeks. He left his first wife.”

“He takes care of me. I have eaten. I drank Garri. My father is dead and my mum is a cleaner. I finished primary school last year. I can write but I cannot pronounce. My mummy beat me when she knew about the pregnancy. She said I will live with him when I put to bed”

“Do you want to marry him, does he like you?” The silence was deafening.

Eventually, She nods.

Doyin is 15 years old and five months pregnant. She doesn’t even have a bra

Teacher Underfire For Releasing A Twerk Video On Social Media (Video/Photos)

An ‘Atlanta public school teacher’ has caused an uproar after she released a video of herself twerking up a storm in a white figure-hugging strapless mini dress.

According to Flyheight website, who first published the video of the woman twerking, the lady is a Public School teacher in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was also reported that dozens of parents are threatening to pull their kids out of the school over the disturbing video which has now gone viral.

Even In Heaven You Are Still A Sailor’; Friends Mourn Death Of Soldier . Graphic Photos

The death of a military personnel based in Lagos has left his friends and colleagues in sorrow. A seaman at the Nigerian Navy has revealed how he’s scared to die young following the demise of his friend, course mate and colleague popularly known by his nickname Okpomozo. The naval personnel, Ede Fidelis, took to social media to mourn the death his military friend who passed away recently in an undisclosed circumstance.


Another of the deceased’s colleague, Ibiang George lamented on Facebook over his friend’s death as he wrote; See my man o see my man Enedige chester whiskey Delta class we did every thing together we were there for each other y y, bro even in heaven you are still a sailor sail sail sail on bro RIP okpomozo ahhh e pain me my man that year.

See Catholic Priest Who Is Phyno’s Lookalike (Photos)

This is a Trending photos of a Catholic priest who looks like Phyno (Except for the height), Fr Dominic Igwe (JJ Guzman) from Awka Diocese.
He currently studies in Paris. The second picture which appears to be that of Phyno is actually Fr Dominic’s Facebook profile photo.

Linda Ikeji: The Dilemma Nigerian Online Feminists Face Right Now (MUST READ)

By a reader:

First Was Toke Makinwa.
After claimin’ “Boss lady”, “independent woman”, “career goals”, “hustle hard” etc, she was caught f*ckin’ & givin’ sloppy head to an 80-year old fossil.
The source of her income was finally busted.

Deepening Poverty And Increasing Unemployment Mark Buhari’s Third Year In Office(Must Read)

Read This If You Are Among Those Criticizing The IGP Over ‘Transmission’ Video – Rotimi

By: Jijatau Rotimi

I Want The Public To Take This Piece Into Cognizance Regarding The IG Of Police’s Speech Blunder

1. The speech in question was doctored

2. Even if it was not doctored, nobody is above mistake

APC with Adams Oshomole: A time Bomb

One need no microscope to identify the serious crack on the political wall holding APC together as a Political Party already caused by the outcome of the various concluded congresses of the party