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SE/SS: Forest Guards, The Antidote To Herdsmen Terrorism


Nigeria : On The High Way To Rwanda – Kalu

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Buhari Next to Resign After Zuma – Fani-Kayode

A former minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has said President Muhammadu Buhari is the next in line to resign from office.

This follows the resignation of South African President, Jacob Zuma on Wednesday after pressure to from the ruling party.

Fani-Kayode in his tweets on Wednesday night said it was time for African leaders who were so engrossed with power to step down


He wrote “First Mugabe went. Now Zuma is going.

“Next Buhari will go. After that Biya and Museveni will go.

“All these dinosaurs from the distant past fell in love with power and have refused to step down with dignity.

“What is it about African leaders and power?”

Herdsmen killings: I’m not fan of this government, I don’t wish Buhari, APC well – Doyin Okupe

A former senior Special Assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, has said that herdsmen killings going on in various parts of the country, are enough to send President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress, APC, out of office in 2019.According to him, that was exactly how the APC used Boko Haram activities as a propaganda to see off the President Jonathan’s administration.


Okupe said he is not a fan of President Buhari and does not wish him and the APC well, adding that its not in his interest to help them out of the situation.

He wrote on Facebook, “In his administration, adding n the last few days i have sat back to reflect on the perplexing matter of the so called Fulani Herdsmen attacks nationwide.

“As an opposition politician it is a veritable political tool that if craftily manipulated and orchestrated in a sustained manner, is enough to send this Government packing in 2019.

“Just like Lai Mohammed and his team of propagandist hanged the Jonathan administration employing the Boko Haram insurgency and the dubious chibok girls affairs.

“I am not a fan of President Buhari and i certainly do not wish the APC well. So it is not in my interest to assist either to get out of an insolvable and potentially dangerous political quagmire.

“But this is our country and our fatherland. It must not always be an irresponsible and desperate struggle for power all the time at the expense of national cohesion and survival.
Something, to my mind just does not add up on this Fulani herdsmen attacks.

“Classically it has become ubiquitous. It comes up randomly anywhere and everywhere. Benue, Taraba, adamawa, plataeu,kaduna, zamfara, enugu, anambra, Edo , Ogun, ekiti, kwara etc.

“The style is as confounding as the viciousness that is typical of the orgy of these attacks.
A strange accompanying phenomenon is the associated arson of farmlands and houses.

“The questions are: if the struggle is about feeding cattle, why burn farms and houses thereafter? How come this pattern is consistent everywhere. is there a script or operational guideline?

“The government itself initially believed this acts were committed by the fulani herdsmen in their attempt to secure the lives of their herds. Obviously the government sympathized wrongly with the herdsmen and this was responsible for poor official response to the attacks.

“However, the DSS, in their early brief to government, included a vital information ignored by virtually all of us due to the overwhelming emotion brought about by the numbers of people butchered and the dastard nature of the attacks. The preconceived notion of the bias of the administration in favour of the fulanis did not help matters.

“The DSS had suggested the infiltration of the country by agents and converts of the terrorist group ISIS.

“In my opinion the operative signature and character profile of the terrorists, we had named fulami herdsmen , fits no other group in the world but the ISIS.

“Typically the attacks are mindless, brutally vicious with no clear cut defined or obvious benefit to the attackers!!!.

“It is a fact that towards the twight light of the operative effectiveness of the Boko Haram insurgents, this new group ISIS, had emerged as a separate clearly defined entity within the Boko Haram Camp. As the number and strength of the Boko Haram became severely degraded, the ISIS components have centralized and adopted a more diffuse operational strategy, which is what the nation is currently witnessing.

“I also believe government has finally come to terms with this unfortunate reality, but in order not to create national panic have kept this to themselves. Hence the various military operations announced by the army covering the entire nation.

“While i appreciate the efforts of government not wanting to create panic, in this type of situation citizens watch and vigilance is extremely important.

“It is better we are well informed and multiple local based channels of communications be quickly established to assist the security agencies.

“It is my belief that this facts be made known to the public so as to douse the ethnic tensions and ill feelings pervading the polity presently.

“Personally we are in a state of national apprehension and this is not the fault of any government. Government need to open up and shed the image of entrenched nepotism if we must all fight this together in a non partisan manner.

“By the Grace of the ominipotent God, any group or groups that rises against Nigeria and its citizens shall fail and be destroyed in the mighty name of JESUS.”

Hardworking Female Painter Acquires New Lexus Jeep, Flaunts It Online. Photos

There is dignity in labour. The hardworking lady who became an internet sensation after photos of her works were shared online last year – is trending online again after reaping the fruit of her labour. The young lady identified as Ebiminor Preye who is a painter and does POP (Plaster of Paris) for a living (a job dominated by men in Nigeria) – recently acquired a new car after much hustle.

The excited lady took to her Facebook page to celebrate and flaunt her new ride.

A big congratulations to her.

Fornication And Witchcraft Are Twin Sisters; Lady Says Ahead Of Valentine’s Day. (Photos)

A female lawyer and social media influencer has shared her opinion on fornication and witchcraft which she said are alike. The young lady said this ahead of Valentine’s day (February 14) . According to Chukwuba Chiluba, when one fornicates, he or she looses spiritual power because fornication is an act which provokes God to anger.

Below is what she shared on Facebook;

Fornication and witchcraft are twin sisters. In witches coven, fornication is a free for all activity. They deliberately engage in it to provoke God to anger. One way you can easily recognize a witch or wizard is their lose and seductive nature.

Another evil of fornication is the loss of power or vision. If you fornicate, you can easily loose spiritual power. If you are a fornicator, Satan will give you something else- an idol to take the place of God in your life. It is impossible for the one who is living in fornication to serve God.

Every fornicator is either into witchcraft, or is a victim of witchcraft. These heinous sins are combined, hence God cannot stand anyone who fornicates. According to 1 Samuel 15:23, there is a link between witchcraft and idolatry. Every witch, wizard or subscriber to the occult in any form is an idolater.

Ask that God’s judgement will come on unrepentant agents of darkness sent to seduce men and women of God all over the world.

In another pose made on Facebook, she wrote;

Why is it that Real virgins are shy to admit their status? I guess it’s because society would “Virgin shame them “..
Tomorrow is valentine, you don’t need to prove anything , you are good the way you are , don’t be pressurised to do anything you are not ready for . If you still want to be a virgin

Then virgin you shall be , you are not harming anyone , be proud of yourself. You don’t have to worry about pregnancy or STD … Enjoy it

Virginity is the new cool 

Cattle Colony : Gov.Umahi! Ebonyians Need Water More Than The Fulani Herdsmen (Must Read)

Fulani herdsmen: El-Rufai, APC are darkness, Wike is light – Jonathan ex-aide, Omokri

Reno Omokri, former Presidential aide, has described the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai as “darkness.”

The former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, however, likened the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike to light.

In a series of tweet, Omokri said Wike donated N200m to victims of Fulani herdsmen in Benue State while El-Rufai once admitted to paying Fulani herdsmen compensation after killing innocent Nigerians.

He wrote: “When killer Fulani herdsmen attacked Kaduna, APC’s @Elrufai admitted that he paid the Fulani money as compensation.

“When same killer Fulani herdsmen committed mass murder in Benue, PDP’s Wike donated money to the victims! The difference between light and darkness is very clear.

“Amount Federal Government donated to victims of Benue herdsmen killings=₦0

“Amount APC Governors donated to victims of Benue herdsmen killings=₦0

“Amount Wike donated to victims of Benue herdsmen killings=₦200 million

“APC’s reaction to Wike-You’re playing politics with Benue!”

From ‘Sai Buhari’ to ‘Káì Buhari’(Must Read)

Not IBB, Nor OBJ: Meet The Men Who Will Deny Buhari A 2nd Term(Photos)

Coalition For Nigeria – The Urgency Of Now! By Donald Duke (Must Read)

Buhari Is Evil – Aroms Aigbehi Blows Hot

Fulani Man Says Buhari’s Haters Will Sleep Like This Till He Wins In 2019″ (Pics)

Just as some Nigerians are calling and praying for the removal of president Buhari in the forthcoming general elections, some Fulani men have taken to the social media (facebook) to pray against those wishing president Muhamadu Buhari failure in the forthcoming election.

In their own words, they said and I quote (paraphrased)

“Those wishing president Buhari failure will sleep and never wake up till the elections are over”


IPOB Is More United And Caring Than Nigeria Government (TRUE OR FALSE?)

IPOB at the moment seems to be the only structured organization that is fighting for her independence in a more civilized manner.

The very good thing about IPOB is the fact that they do not abandon their victims members.

On daily basis, IPOB through her relief support teams in Biafraland do storm prisons and hospitals , sending relief materials, and paying bills of her members, something which Nigerian government had never done before.

Today, if you visit  hospitals all over Nigeria both government and private owned, you will see a patient that have stayed up to 11 months and some up to 2years without anybody caring for them. Such is a case of a  young lady identify as Blessing, this young lady gave birth via operation at King David Specialist hospital, situated at Abagana ( now at Oye-agu), the doctor sure-charged her a fees of N270,000 , this young lady whose parent were late has no body to pay up the bills and have stayed up to good 7months and still counting. As a matter of fact, she have appealed to several government agencies in Anambra state and Nigeria, and have also called several radio stations, yet the government shows no lethargy of concern towards her plights.

In IPOB, they do not abandon their own regardless of the perils to themselves. these sometimes makes me to wonder and pictured the kinds of Utopia Biafra is going to be if given a chance for an independent state.

IPOB also understand and value human lives, despite several provocations from the government, they always refrain from violence, maintaining their peaceful approach amidst several muti-farious challenges and calls for arms conflict.

The pertinent question is: are you going to identify with a group that cared for her members or stick with a government that have no value for human right laws, which one is more better?

Editorial By Chukwu Solomon.



please do note that this article do not in  any way reflect or sought to the opinion of IgbereTv but to that of the author.

Nigerians Are Thieves, Thieving Is Part Of Our Culture” – Says Woman

Selling Out your Country? Never a good idea,lol.. An elderly Nigerian woman with the twitter named Affi Suparstar has declared Nigeria is a country of thieves, People filled with it are all criminals, She made the statement on twitter while revealing how a lady from Rwanda refunded $50 to her…. And according her No Nigerian can do such good.. Hmm. am speechless, see her post below!

Buhari and his Jihadi warlords own Nigeria – Fani Kayode ( True or False?)

Femi Fani-Kayode, former Minister of Aviation has again insisted that President Muhammadu Buhari is always supporting Killings in various parts of Nigeria.

Fani-Kayode alleged that the country is owned by Jihadists, which President Buhari is a part of.

The former Minister said this in a series of tweets, where he outlined ways Buhari had supported killings of innocent Nigerians either by Boko Haram or Fulani herdsmen.

Fani Kayode also recalled that right from 2013 when Buhari was harbouring the thought of becoming Nigerian President, he backed the activities of Boko Haram insurgents by declaring that attack on Boko Haram was an attack on the North.

He wrote, ”2013: Boko Haram butchered thousands yet Buhari said it was “unjust” for them to be proscribed and killed.He said an attack on BH was “an attack on the north”.He protested when a state of emergency was declared in 3 states because of BH and he said BH should be “pampered”.

”2014: Boko Haram loved and had so much confidence in Buhari that they nominated him as their spokesman and chief negotiator in proposed talks with the Fed.Govt.They said they TRUSTED him because he promised to spread sharia THROUGHOUT Nigeria and to ALWAYS protect Muslims.

”2017: Janjaweed Fulani terrorists and Miyetti Allah kill thousands of people over 3 years and subjects them to genocide and ethnic cleansing.Buhari defends them,refuses to arrest them, refuses to ban them,refuses to declare them terrorists and refuses to protect Nigerians.

”2018: Buhari pampers the Janjaweed Fulani terrorists, says they”must be accommodated”,calls them his “brothers”, remains Life Patron of Miyetti Allah and enters into negotiations with them.

”CONCLUSION-Nigeria is OWNED by barbaric ethnic supremacists and genocidal Jihadi warlords.

Sale of Employment Form by Abia State Govt, a Bare Faced Scam

By Uche Aguoru

A few days ago the state government through the Local government service commission declared open the purchase of forms for employment at the cost of one thousand naira per document, typical of every hoax transaction, the bait is always tempting, thousands of unemployed Abians began the 1000 naira contribution to the purse of the state government through a dedicated bank account domiciled at ECO BANK PLC with account number 1362002300,

This Man ‘Proves’ Buhari Is From Niger Republic, (See The Proof)

A social commentator posted :

I was reading a thread where Buhari is planning to build a refinery in Niger. What struck me was the examples below given by @ikoabasi

Controversy as Nigerian Bishop Opens Up Says Nigeria Does Not Need God-Fearing Leaders

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, on Tuesday said tackling corruption and fixing Nigeria required more than a God-fearing leader.

Kukah said this at the launch of a book titled “The Shadow List’’ written by Todd Moss.

He said to fight corruption and build the nation was not just about goodwill but about getting to the root of the matter and tackling it head-on.

“I have said it severally; let Nigerians keep saying they want a God-fearing leader.

“Nigeria does not need a God-fearing leader, because God-fearing has become an excuse to appeal to Nigerians and win elections.

“Governance in Nigeria is a criminalized enterprise and a criminalized state cannot progress; so we must come to terms as to why it is that this country is in such low portion.

“Fixing this country requires much more than that; national cohesion, holding our country together is the most fundamental project if we are to fix this nation.

“This is what we need because I am aware of how angry and frustrated Nigerians have become, especially in an environment where people are intrinsically not concerned about corruption but about their inability to access,” he said.

The cleric said that nobody would have imagined that three to four years down the line, Nigerians would be feeling the way they were feeling now.

“If you know Nigerians well, rather than thinking about the solution to the problem, we are waiting for a few men who govern Nigeria to tell us they have found a silver bullet and then we all gather around.

“We will now pass through the motion pretending to be conducting election when as it is from 1999, we always have an idea of who the president will be even before the election is conducted,” he said.

Opinion : Buhari, A President Too Good For Us- Ebenezer Olorunfemi

Why Is No One Blaming Buhari For The Fuel Scarcity?

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What Nigerian Pastors, Celebrities, Politicians Can’t Do, Eto Did It (Photos)

“How Jonathan Openly Congratulated President Buhari But Secretly Opposed It” (MUST READ)

Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu, chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) during the historic 2015 presidential poll, furiously reacted to suggestions that he should reject Muhammadu Buhari’s victory after President Goodluck Jonathan had openly conceded.

The Kiss Of The Married Woman That Eventually Scattered Mugabe’ś Kingdom. A Lesson To All Men.

Sent in by a reader

Now, it’s difficult to piece together what is going to become of Zimbabwe after now, however history gives us a peek at the key actors in the drama currently playing out.
Now, this is the story you dont’t know.

How Mugabe’s Wife Caused His Downfall

Abia Politicians Have No Regard For Media Practitioners – Analyst

The Recent Political Hulabaloo in Abia State has clearly shown that the Media especially the Online Media will play a major role in the Political History of Abia State between 2018 and 2019 General Elections in the State.

Unfortunately most Politicians we have in Abia today are Analogue Politicians, just few belongs to the Digital age.