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Is It Proper For A Married Woman To Have A Platonic Male Friend?


Man Disowns His Son With Newspaper Advert For Trying To Take Over His Business.

A man identified as chief Ogbuagu Nwakuche, from Imo state, has taken his family feud to the media as he publicly disowned with a newspaper advert . According to the Enugu based businessman, he decided to disown his son, Mr. Uzoma Nwakuche, for trying to take over his business.

Ikpeazu: Another Sad Tale of Leadership Failure in Abia – Nwosu

By: Chinedu Onuoha Nwosu

Abia State is facing hard times. The economy is not doing well. Insecurity is on the rise. Restive activities of the youth have crippled certain segments of the society. There are troubles in the ruling political party. Amid all these, the current and immediate past Governors (Chief Okezie Ikpeazu and Chief T. A. Orji) are not making it any better for the people of the state. Their inadequacies shine through from terrible policies and programmes, insecurity, economic plan and a host of others.


Man Hails Honest Laundry Man After Returning His Lost Money In Abuja. Photo

A twitter user has taken to the social media platform to praise his laundry man who showed rare honesty after he discovered his missing money.

According to Tahir Talba who is based in Abuja, the laundry man found a sum of N8,000 in one of his clothes and rather than take the money, he returned it back to the owner as it was revealed that his laundry fee was N4,000 (double of the returned money).

This has earned the honest man a lot of praises from twitter users.

Nigerian Transgender, Miss Sahhara Says She Is ”Happily Single And A Virgin”

Nigerian transgender Miss Sahhara disclosed this in a witty Q and A session with her fans on Sunday.

She also answered other questions…

See more below.

source :

2019: Amobi Ogah, A Nightmare for Onyejeocha – Analyst


I write this brief article with a lot of joy in my heart, the joy is because Isuikwuato LGA now have hope, the hope is brighter and the hope is the emergency of Chief Amobi Ogah as an aspirant to contest for the seat of Isuikwuato/Umunneochi federal constituency.

How Saraki Got To Control Buhari’s Kinsman, Lawal Daura

By Engr. Smith L.

I know a lot of you don’t know the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, beyond the media. He seems like a normal person, but if you’ve watched him closely, you would’ve noticed that he closes one eye too often. Why? Saraki is an Illuminati agent, and only a few people knew about this. 

Poor State Of UNN Boys’ Hostel (Disturbing Photos)

This is how unn boys hostel looks like, you can illegal connections everywhere, just this morning one of the light source caught fire and there was a loud bang followed by Sparks which made students run for their dear life, thank God no student was in that area during the incident, it seems the school authority has forgotten boys in UNN, such illegal connections and uncleanliness can never be sighted in girls hostel.

“I Feel Bad For Men Who Have Never Dated Non-Nigerian Ladies” – Man

In response to a tweet made by a Nigerian lady on Twitter which says;
“The average Nigerian man is an unexposed, belligerent, unteachable, desperately unrepentant dimwit”A Nigerian man has taken to his Instagram page to blast Nigerian ladies who are entitled narcissist, feels money and gifts are her rights even when she does absolutely nothing.

Read what he wrote below;
“I honestly feel bad for Nigerian men who have never experienced relationships with non-Nigerian ladies and I’m not talking about overseas.

Even Ghanaian or Kenyan women. The AVERAGE Nigerian woman is a self entitled narcissist, who feels money and gifts are her rights even when she does absolutely nothing for you, not even hold a good conversation either in person or via text, typing like someone with epileptic seizures with the annoying abbreviations.

The average Nigerian woman will go on a date with every Tom, dick, Harry and all his uncles just for a chance to get a free meal and movie tickets. The average Nigerian woman sees spending her money on dates as a Taboo, but is quick to talk trash about having “vex money”, lol nobody cares about your vex money, come with actual spending money�.

In conclusion the average Nigerian woman is a pest with nothing to offer but headache and hassles. Thank you for reading. God bless

Lady Reveals How Her Life Changed After Being Featured In A Newspaper. Photos

An entrepreneur, Chinwenmeri Joy, has revealed how her life changed after being featured in one of the national dailies in Nigeria. The graduate of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), in Imo state, was featured in Daily Sun newspaper on March 26th, 2010 as a Sun Girl and afterwards, she got a modelling job that gave her contacts.

She also revealed that during her time of being famous, she received different calls from around the world although some wanted more than friendship.

Below is what she shared via Facebook;

My mum found this . Who remembers this picture ? My old friends ?..anyone ? SUN GIRL , march 26, 2010. Who Facebook help abi? I met the oga kpata kpata on Facebook … I was featured here and afterwards I got a modeling job that gave me contacts ..
.I was slim and sexy !

My big friends today ,I can call and ask for anything and they give me (I hardly ask though)/ I met them through this ….

I didn’t start my shakara today ….My kids must see this …

Daily sun newspapers .,thank you for making me famous then !  Everyone around the world called me ..some wanted kundus, others wanted to be my friend ….Thank God for wisdom ….life is in stages !

Made mistakes ,learnt from them..became a better person !! 

Flash Back: Go & tell that boy called Nnamdi Kanu that Benue State is not Part of BIAFRA-GOVERNOR ORTOM, 2016.

Flash Back: Go & tell that boy called Nnamdi Kanu that Benue State is not Part of BIAFRA-GOVERNOR ORTOM, 2016.


The embattled Governor of Benue state Ortom may now be regretting his actions and roles played in disenfranchisement of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu in 2016.

Ortom was a strong Critics of IPOB to an extent he referred IPOB leader as a small boy who want to force parts of Benue especially the Idoma people to Biafra side.

But regrettably, Ortom has joined Donald Trump in calling Nigeria a Shit-hole after he was served a notice of Impeachment.

Truly, Nnamdi Kanu envisioned all that is happening in our polity Today.

For instance before his arrest he said:

“As they campaign vigorously for elections, you would think, they are coming to grow the economy, enthrone justice, breed unity and tolerance, love for one another. No, they are coming to elevate Hausa-Fulani supremacy, to reposition the security agencies by sacking all competent hands and replace them with their kinsmen to drive their ethnic domination of the Biafrans, the Fulani herdsmen will be armed and encouraged to slaughter us with impunity, and their masters will protect them. They are coming to ensure that my people are enslaved forever. Those who do not, believe me, will soon see it happen before their eyes.”


Unity flows with love and mutual respect. This artificial unity with people who see you as an infidel and unbeliever is fake and dangerous. We are better off on our own. They kill with impunity, yet they say we must stay together. They have only one agenda, to chase away Jonathan and enslave us forever. They are coming with vengeance, anger and revenge for the years they stayed out of power. They plan to intimidate, silence and oppress us. Their world view is so strange and different from ours; we are in big trouble.”

Today, the competent positions in the Nigerian armed forces Is dominantly occupied by Core Hausa Fulanis.

Since this administration, Fulani herdsmen seems to wield more sophisticated weapons which even the army can’t afford, who is fooling who? Who is arming the Herdsmen? Why has this administration fail to brand the Fulani herdsmen as a terrorist group following their modules operandi which involves arson, Murder  raping and renaming of its hostile environment to caliphates, who are the Herdsmen what connection do they have with a government shielding them?

I live you with your thoughts!..

Comr. Chukwu Solomon Ogbu Writes From Ebonyi state.

Festus Keyamo Drops The Mother Of All BOMBS

By Festus Keyamo SAN

I asked him when most of you were analyzing that heretic message that “Jonathan is fulfilling prophecy”. I asked a simple question: “Which prophecy is Ex- President Jonathan”? Pastor Bosun went ahead to say “even if the Islamic party (APC) presents a Christian Governor in Lagos, you must not vote for him, you must vote for the other party (PDP). Wait, who was using religion?

Nigerian G€y Man And His Husband Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary

Warri-born Nigerian gay man, David Ukre and his husband, Eric Shoen, are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary today.

David and Eric got married on July 30th 2016 and both took to their respective IG pages to celebrate the love they share.

Lady Reveal How Her Father & Uncle R®ped Her At Age 15 After Finding Out She Was L€sbian(photo

Lady Reveal How Her Father & Uncle Raped Her At Age 15 After Finding Out She Was Lesbian(photo)

Mubizana a Twitter user has revealed the most heartbreaking moment of her life was when her own father raped her, Minutes Later her Uncle did same, All because they discovered she was breeding up as a Lesbian..

Without wasting your time, read her touching post below!

Northerners Should Stop Associating With The Southerners” – Man As He Fires His Plumber For Being Yoruba

Northerners Should Stop Associating With The Southerners” – Man As He Fires His Plumber For Being Yoruba

A Nigerian man from the Northern region who reportedly fired his plumber just for being yoruba, took to Twitter to advocate for less association between Northerners and Southerners.

He said that Southerners hate Northerners and don’t even hide it. He also said that Southerners also envy the privileges Northerners enjoy.

As seen on twitter;

Dino Melaye Was Never Kidnapped’- He Staged it to Avoid Court Says SaharaReporters

Dino Melaye Was Never Kidnapped’- He Staged it to Avoid Court Says SaharaReporters

According to SaharaReporters Dino Melaye was never kidnapped but only staged a walk into a bush to avoid being charged before a Kogi High Court.

Gun-wielding SARS Officers Spotted In Mufti Like Criminals While On Duty In Owerri. Photos

Two policemen attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), were spotted in Mufti while on duty yesterday in Owerri, Imo state. The policemen were almost mistaken for armed robbers considering how they arrived at a street in the metropolis without any proper means of identification.

This happened weeks after police officers were banned from operating in Mufti in Lagos.

Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Police Command, Mr. Edgal Imohimi, warned that “any policeman who carries out operational duties in mufti will be sanctioned.”

He  however, stated that only certain policemen were allowed to wear jackets with the inscriptions of their units on them.

Imohimi said: “Henceforth, no policeman should carry out operational duties in Lagos in mufti without police uniform. The only units allowed to wear jackets with the inscription of his unit on it are the Anti Cultism unit, Anti Kidnapping unit, RAIDER; and the Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad, FSARS.

“Every other policeman on operational duties must be in uniform. They will only be in mufti only if  they are attached to the investigation unit of the command. “We don’t want any policeman to cause us any embarrassment.”

He also called on Lagosians to join the Command in the fight against unprofessional conduct by policemen by  reporting any policeman in uniform found drinking  beer in the public, on the designated numbers in  the public domain.


The Unforgivable Blunders Of Ojukwu During The Biafra War!

Nigeria Isn’t Worth Dying For” – Man Says As He Recounts How His Dad And 171 Army Died

A Nigerian man has taken to his twitter handle to express his dissapointment in Nigeria after his father who died alongside his other military colleagues in a plane crash in 1992 and the Federal government is yet to pay the families they left behind any compensation.

Read his tweets below;

Heartbroken Lady Accuses Nigerian Man Of Killing Her Brother In Senegal. Photos

A lady identified as Joy Alueze Bassey, has accused one Chimaobi from Anambra state – of gruesomely killing her brother in Senegal and absconding after that. According to the graduate of University of Maiduguri, her brother, Nnamdi from Afikpo, Ebonyi state – was stabbed to death by the accused in the West African country as he reportedly absconded after allegedly committing the act.

Below is what Joy shared on Facebook;

I can’t keep calm. Chimaobi(one billion chimaobi) from Anambra state. I must tell the whole world who you are. You stabbed my brother Nnamdi booley bassey from afikpo to death in Senegal. 

And you ran away…no where to be found. You can’t continue hiding,your hands are stained. My brothers blood will hunt you. You kept my family especially my aged mother in a bitter,ill condition. Let me remained you..

It actually rains everywhere. It will be better you come out from your hiding,bury him and also comfort my family. KARMA is waiting for you,your offspring and the whole of your generation. With tears in my eyes and that of my family. I curse you today,if you continue hiding…

Death is a respecter of no man.

Nigerian Man Protests Alone In Australia With His Daughters (PICS)

Nigerian man has taken to instagram to share his terrible experience at the Nigerian high commission in Canberra, Australia, also protests against the unjust killings in every part of Nigeria and advices Nigerians not to sell their vote.

He wrote:

[b]My experience renewing my passport. MUST READ!!!
Got my international passport in the mail today na why i fit post this experience be this o.
The Nigerian high commission across the world is full of sheet just like the country herself.
Imagine, every Nigerian citizen living in Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji Islands & Papua New Guinea has to physically appear at the Nigerian high commission, Canberra, Australia just to snap “photo and thumbprint” within 20 minutes you don finish then you can walk, run, fly or swim back to wherever you came from, they don’t give a fvck.
As a typical 9ja kid i went there with the lowest expectation possible and i was not disappointed.
As soon as we walked into their “highly secured building” an ‘arrogant Yoruba lady’ welcomed us with a smirk on her face, sounding all rude and threatening to not attend to each one of us (10 applicants only o) if we fail to present the slightest document, looking for the slightest excuse to not do her job, between these same documents are the ones you email to them before they can even give you an appointment to come over there…Smh
Well, sadly i already anticipated this type of attitude, remember JAMB office, WAEC office, Passport office, Ikoyi e.t.c
So i made these placards to stage a quick protest with my daughters since they’re Nigerians besides it was a waste of time travelling all the way there in the first place. Every other high commission including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Afghanistan sef will only tell their citizens to get their thumbprint done and photo taken at the nearest post office.
Mummy, Daddy & the Youths abeg let’s wake up.
Please! Please!! Please!!! DO NOT SELL YOUR VOTE O
Fela Kuti has warned us all about these same old politicians, why then do we get fooled easily only by their change of cloths from Kaki to Agbada
They said we are the leaders of tomorrow and tomorrow is today but THEY LIED.
Abeg feel free to share & repost
Power to the people[/b]

Buhari administration has killed more Igbo than any govt since civil war – Fani Kayode [VIDEO]

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Aviation Minister, has alleged that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has killed more Igbo people more than any other government since the civil war

He raised the allegation while addressing members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Mba, Abia State and was contained in a video he shared via his Twitter page.

Addressing PDP members, the former Minister also accused the Buhari-led Federal Government of enslaving Nigerians and perceived political oppositions.

He urged both the South East and South West to join forces to fight against what he termed “oppression” of Nigerians by the current government.

According to Fani-Kayode, “We have chosen to stand against an evil man who happens to be our President, Muhammadu Buhari, who presides over what I consider an evil party.

“Yoruba and Igbo are one and that is why I stand before you today and I say to you where it appears that hope has been lost to oppression, particularly from the South and Middle belt, hope is not lost. It is rising and in our unity and collective strength we will break the bounds and shatter the irons of oppression.

“We will take over power from those that want to enslave us. APC is a vessel that wants to enslave us. They shame, humiliate those they consider to be their detractors and enemies in the name of ethnic Fulani domination and in the name of hate.

“I tell you, Buhari’s administration has killed more Igbo people than any other government since the civil war, check the facts, do the homework, I’m speaking like a historian, is this not enough?

The Witch Hunt: Man Hunts Down Cat He Believes Is A Witch (Photos)

A graduate of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, Samuel Uzoma, has labelled a cat a witch after it was killed early this morning. The young man who lives in Owerri, Imo state capital, took to Facebook to reveal his displeasure with the carnivorous mammal which he believed was a witch before it was killed.

Samuel who said he is ready for the next part of “witchcraft”, wrote;


While people are sleeping as it was meant to be, they will be busy moving around from one family to another, from one person to another in other to bewitch them, cause problems for them, disrupt people’s success.

They fail to realize that “the leg that moves fast, is being seen by an eye that sights vibrantly “for now the first witch is dead, we are ready for (witch hunt) part two…………” ” “

Buhari Has Turned Nigeria Into Killing Fields – Paul Ibechole Amadi


Paul Ibechole Amadi, Economic Justice & Responsible Governance for Imo State.


Other Tweets:- 

FULL STORY: How Founders Of Radio Biafra International Allegedly Poisoned A Lady To Death, Attempts To Poison Another One Again

Finally it seems some one has breaks silence and comes out bold to expose the culprits behind the death of Chimaobi.

In continuation of this report, Amarachi Ibe Gift a seasoned Journalist and IPOB principal officer in Biafraland cheated death after she survived been poisoned with a chemical substance during her working visit in Anambra state by Clifford Iroanya the founder of Radio Biafra International, a group which was expelled from IPOB  for attempting to take over IPOB by coercion and collection of Bribe from Nigerian government to sabotage IPOB struggle.

Amarachi revealed that the Outlaws RBi leaders was responsible for the death of Chimaobi Aka WAKA-WAKA Biafra through poison.

Recall Chimaobi died after battling from Undisclosed illness?

Source close to IPOB media confirms that Chimaobi  looks very pale and thiny  before her death.

A top family writers Renowned media giant liken Chimaobi’s death to that of a slow killer poison.

What exactly may have lead to RBi leaders to poison Chimaobi and attempt to poison Amarachi Ibe Gift?

There is a say that he who controls the media, control the minds of the people.

Since the eviction of IPob -Dos  which leads to the emergence of unauthorized RBi, their has been a media war raging on between the Outlaws leaders in an effort to retain their position in IPOB despite when IPOB highest authority have Declared them sacked. Late Chimaobi and Amarachi rally support for IPOB leadership and highest authority, these which the founders of RBi may not have taken too lightly. A source close  to the groups says RBi under the command of Clifford Iroanya opens a media group called Soldiers of Justice SOJ which he uses to engage in character assassination of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and leaders of Family writers.

The source says 75% of SOJ members operating in Facebook are pseudo names. Their job is to find those hardworking members and implicate them. Many of Family writers members both old and new are all Innocent of been part of this deadly group. The source authoritatively said.

The death of Chimaobi was celebrated by RBi and fake SOJ what a mockery to humanity and betrayal of brotherbood?

The Sickness Amarachi battle for Months has now been proven to be as a result of poison which pierce through her body According to medical test, says Source close to her.

The Source points that RBi are desperate to destroy the legacies of IPOB by all means.

According to the source, RBi infiltrate many IPOB media and bribe them with juicy offer to work against Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

Source close to RBi says RBi Media members has deserted the group after finding out the group lacks vision and engage more in character assassination.

Source close to RBi says in few weeks, the group will collapse totally because they now lack audience and Popularity.

How Buhari, Saraki, And Malami Are killing Nigeria Air(MUST READ)

SARS Officers Seen Dancing Joyfully With Their Guns In Anambra. Photos/Video

Some operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) were seen in a jolly mood in a trending video footage posted online. The security operatives who were celebrating an event in Anambra state – decided to unwind and relax as they danced joyfully while holding their guns.

A police officer in his uniform joined the SARS operatives as they danced to Davido’s hit song ’30 Billion’.

Watch Video Below;

r-APC: “Why Saraki & Co Find It Hard to Defect”

By Kingsley S. V

Any keen watcher of political developments in recent time must be wondering why Saraki and his co-conspirators have not still defected from APC despite numerous indications to that effect. We have heard and read many ultimatums and threats coming from the camp of these fair-weather politicians about their impending defection to PDP with no or little action. It’s on this basis I decided to analyze the situation and come to the conclusion that these politicians may not defect after all.

Saraki Invitation: Twitter Is On Fire This Morning ,See Reactions From Angry Nigerians


Twitter, this morning went aflame over the planned arrest of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki in the event he fails to honour the invitation of the IG of police. People are calling out on the federal government, alleging that Nigeria is turning to a Banana Republic where government institutions are now used as a form of intimidation.

See more reactions here:

Is Mbaka Really A Man Of God? By Wisdom Nwedene(Must Read)