Girl $tr!pped Un*cl@d by Ghost While Tw@rking For A Dead Man On His Grave (Download Viral Video)

A str!pper was invited by the friends of a dead man to twerk on his grave.

The lady could be seen twerking while the friend, coaxes her on while talking to the dead man , following further comments on this video , it was seen that the dead man , requested for the str!pper to twerk on his grave .

But surprisingly, while the twerking was going on, the dead man, apperently not satisfied, appeared and $tr!pped girl completely un*cl@d to have a full view.

This shocking video has since gone viral online

We cant upload the video here but if you still want to see it, DOWNLOAD TO WATCH (warning: v!ewer’s d!scret!on)

See some screenshots below