How The Northern Coup Will Be Carried Out To Oust Osinbanjo (Scene 1 is Already Playing Out) MUST READ!


Scenario 1 is here with us and with it another round of northern foolishness is about to be unleashed.

Never heard or read about Scenario 1? According to MagicBishop who came up with that scenario, Scenario 1 is Yaradua Part 2 on Steroids combined with both another round of pogroms in the north targeting southerners and non-Muslims which will make the 1966 mayhem look like Child’s play.

The north have since started polluting the brains of their almajiris that their messiah Buhari was poisoned. Buruntai has since consolidated all military command positions into the hands of northern officers.


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The only thing remaining is when Buhari’s inevitable death is announced and the north will do what they know best which is to unleash mayhem. The army and security apparatuses will do nothing to spite Osinbanjo and from there they will have their excuse to topple the fake pastor.

We warned you fools but you wont listen.


Read the timeline below As prophesied by MagicBishop in June 2016


Day 1: President Buhari slumps on live TV in a far away international Confrence.

Preliminary reports state that the President suffered minor fatigue and is currently receiving treatment and much needed rest in an undisclosed hospital in the host Nation.

Day 2: Rumors begin to fly all over social media that the Pressident is in a coma induced by a massive heart attack.

Aso Rock and Buhari’s personal aides refuse to comment and only repeat the same terse statements that the president is recovering fast and will soon return back home.

This does the opposite and only fans the embers of Rumours going round about the true state of the President.


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Day 3: The bilateral agreements the President was supposed to sign where done by a senior minister accompanying him.

Day 4: The First Lady or is it wife to the president jets out to be with her husband.
Aso Rock comes out with a statement that she had always been a part of the official delegation.

Day 4: rumours spread that the President has since been relocated to a high security hospital in Saudi Arabia.

Day 5: a western based news outlet reports that the President has died to which Aso Rock issues a damning statement condemning the news report as false and malicious.

Day 6: A group of northern politicians, leaders and business men are pictured arriving Saudi Arabia thus confirming the earlier rumour that the president’s condition warranted his relocation to another faccility in Saudi Arabia.
The northern delegation refuses to comment on their visit to Saudi Arabia.

Day 7: civil organization groups based in the southwest demand that Aso Rock through the SFG address the National Assembly about the true state of the President.

Day 8: An obscure northern youth group issues a statement declaring that the west and Tinubu had a hand in the President’s current health situation. Wide-spread riots engulf the northern states.

Day 9: Riots continue to spread in the north with the security forces not able to control the mob. The vice President calls for a security meeting at his residence in Aguda house but only the Police and paramilitary responds. The military spokes person through a statement declared that only the Commander n Chief of the Federation can summon a meeting with military brass and that as far as the military is concerned the CNC is yet to officially communicate an order for a security meeting.

Day 10: the riots continue unabated and mass migration of southerners in the north begins.
The VP’s inability to command security forces is further heightened with the riots reaching its 3rd day in a roll in virtually every northern state.

Day 11: A senator representing a southern state and from the PDP passes a motion for the National Assembly to grant VP Osinbanjo acting powers as the President. This is viciously opposed by northern senators and a physical brawl follows.

Day 12: The focus has now shifted from Buharis health to VP Osinbanjo’s impotence all over social media. Yoruba socio-political groups issue statements demanding that the National Assembly confirm Osinbajo as acting President citig the current mayhem in the north.

Day 13: marshal law greets Nigerians and the COAS announces his intention to institute marshal law, the national assembly is dissolved and VP Osinbanjo’s location becomes unknown.