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“Who is Nnamdi Kanu?”



I have been looking for an opportunity to write something on this issue, but thank God I’ve got one. I’m Igbo man by tribe and I know my people and I know what they’re capable of. Yes, there seems to be one thing that the entire Nigeria enjoy doing and are always united to do; that is to hate Igbos. Many reasons have been given for this, but one thing that baffles me up till today is that, someone that is hated has told his haters, “I see you hate me, you said I’m evil, I’m corrupt, I’m dealing drugs, etc. okay, to make your life Pius and sweet for you, let me go and dwell in my evil. The righteous man said no! I want to cleanse you. I love the proceeds of your evil, but I hate you”. Imagine that?

Since I was born I’ve been hearing the devilish Gospel of how Igbo hate Igbo. I’ve been hearing how Igbo can’t unit. I’ve been hearing how Igbo can’t do anything except you pay them. These sermons are preached on the pages of Nigerian newspapers at any slightest opportunity of noticing crisis among any Igbo communities or politicians. Research and history have told us where communal crisis started in Nigeria. History told us as at early 50s where political disagreement between two leaders in the same zone caused many their dear lives.
Proponents of Igbo hatred on Igbo cannot point out where such existed among the Igbos as at then. After the civil war, knowing peoples eager to survive, their fears were manoeuvred and all kinds of culture were bestowed in them in their search to survive the harsh evil economic policies of Awolowo and Gowon. From their the propaganda of Igbo hatred on Igbo started. From on set, it was Igbo hatred on their riverines cousins and after those ones bought the lies, the sellers began to sell it to naïve Igbos who bought it and believed that evil only happens among them.

It was a wondered strategy that had worked for over 40 years. Many politicians took advantage of it and had an elite conspiracy to continue to deal with the people since they can’t come to speak with one voice. Education and travelling experiences has exposed me to many states in Nigeria and tribes, and on each of those ugly experiences I had, I said thank God I’m Igbo cos, I ve never seen an igbo man writing success story omitted his bother, uncle, cousin or friend. I saw adults in the west who are from Osun, Ondo, Oyo, Ekiti and Ogun who do not know their fathers ancestral homes. They’re Lagosians by threat of witches in their home lands.

I met people from other tribes who don’t even know where they came from due to the fact that their fathers warned them not to near home. Some got married away from home and ends up dating their distant relations. In most tribes in Nigeria, you can’t see any house that is worth a million naira in their villages due to fear of the unknown. And these are people we love to be like and get associated with? God forbid! I ve never said there are evil in igbo land, but the earlier we realized that it’s everywhere the better for us. The earlier we see the eagerness of these people to tell us how we hate ourselves the better.

I’m exposed and my eyes are opened, but not by my own making. It was in the river of my ignorance of my locality that I tuned to a radio station in 2015 to hear a man talk. He spoke with power, conviction and courage. I searched and researched his speeches, then I realized my folly.

His teachings broke the evil gospel of hatred conspiracy among the youths. His teachings gave room for an army of supporters who are not rented crowd to stand in the streets of Aba, Onitsha PortHarcout, Enugu, Owerri, Abakiliki, Asaba and other near by Igbo speaking areas to come out and move without any promise of monetary gain.

His words are crystal and naturally embedded into the souls of the listeners. I’ve never encountered such an embellished intelligence. This man succeeded in cleansing the evil seeds sawn in the lives of his people. He ignored the political ruling class and worked with the ordinary people. They thought it was a joke before they knew it, the revolution started sweeping like wide fire. The ordinary people became the eggs that broke the kernel to the consternation of the stones.

They went after him. They caught him. They imprisoned him without any logical reasonsexcept with baseless charges. Since they imprisoned him, their economy has been in the prison too.

Someone asked yesterday, between this man I’m talking about and the man who claimed he has imprisoned him who is really in the prison? One is seen and often heard while the other is now a ghost.
Nnamdi Kanu is simply a Great Iroko. Imagine how everybody is talking about one man. Some call him albino, evil man, enemy of Nigeria etc. Some call him the defender of his people, Nwachineke, Odogwu Ndi Igbo, Onwa Gburugburu, Gaganogwu etc. But, no matter the names you call him, one thing is true, who is that man who could attract such .

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