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Shocking! See the Pretty 19-year-old Lesbian Who Has Slept with Over 40 Women and Most Are Married (Photo)

A Teenager Has Made A Shocking Confession How She Was Initiated Into Lesbianism And How She Has Slept With Over 40 Women Thus Far.


A 19-year-old lesbian has shocked her family and friends after making a confession how she bedded more than 40 women, with 20 of this estimate being people’s wives.

According to eDaily, Malkia Said, better known by the pseudonym Malkies, confessed to Tanzania’s Risasi that she was busted performing unnatural sexual acts with someone’s wife, and the aggrieved husband cut her hair.

Giving details of how she was initiated into the act, Malikia said she became aware of her sexual orientation when she was little, and she would tease her female colleagues time and again.

“When I was little, there was a male cousin of mine who was preying on me. He wanted to rape me, but I managed to elude him. When I joined Class Eight, I was taken to a boarding school in Mwanza. I had strong feelings for my female schoolmates. I just wanted to have s*x with them,” she told the weekly.

Malkia was later transferred to a different boarding school in Kibaha.

“One day I fell sick. A friend of mine who was a Zanzibar national pecked me on the cheek. However, we took the peck too far as we found ourselves having s*x. That was in 2010,” said Malkia.

Malkia recounts she and her friend furthered their act for weeks – and when the school’s administration learnt of their sexual orientation, their relatives were informed. However, they chose to ignore the alarm claiming that their daughters were being falsely accused.

She revealed that her obsession for the act forced her to search for s*xmates. After the death of her mother, she sought for comfort in the arms of other women which led her to start following married women. But, the opposition she faced by relatives and friends forced her to start covering up her tracks by dating men.

She dated nearly 20 men but says she did not attain sexual climax with the men, as she did with women.

“When my uncle saw me in company of men, he would beat me up – claiming I was too young to involve myself intimately with men. He did not know what I was going through. I could not tell him anyway,” said Malkia.

Malkia says she perceived herself to be more mature than her female age mates. In a bid not to lead them astray, she opted to have regular s*x with older women. That is when she entangled with someone’s wife living in Magomeni.

The Magomeni woman was divorced by her husband when he found out of his wife’s unnatural sexual escapade.

“I have slept with more than 20 women who are people’s wives. Most of the women were older than me. Many of the married women pursued me by themselves. The Magomeni woman pursued me for long; at that time I was in a sexual relationship with another woman.

“When I broke up with my partner early 2016, I decided to enter a sexual relationship with the Magomeni woman. She is 30 years old. She first lied to me that she was living with her dad. She even took me to her house. However, she later confessed that she was someone’s wife.

“When neighbours spotted her with me on several occasions, they tipped her husband off. They said I visited the man’s wife when he was not home. A serious altercation ensued between the woman and her husband. The wife demanded a divorce, and she was given – just because of me,” said Malkia.

“We continued with our sexual relationship, even after she divorced. We both lived at her sister’s house in Ubungo. Two weeks later, her sister found out about our activities. She called her kinsmen who beat me up, and even cut my hair. We still continued our sexual relationship, anyway, until recently when we stopped.”

Malkia has tried her hand at music and acting, but she flopped. The 19-year-old says her dream sexual partner was her compatriot model and actress Wema Sepetu whom she met at a past function in Arusha.

“I did not confess my attraction to her because both of us were tipsy. Were it not for being drunk, I would have told her how

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David Olorunsiwa is a student of kogi state university studying business administration and a very passionate blogger. you can contact through this 08132909269

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