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“How My Husband Stopped Quick Ej@culati0n & Watery $perm With Bitter Kola & WaterMelon” – Excited Edo Woman Posts On Facebook






It feels so bad when Madam is still enjoying it and you are already done.
If feels even worst when Madam needs it and your organ is there looking at her like an over ripe banana.

Worst still, you manage to gain an erection, only to cum in two (2) minutes and your sperm so watery.
Madam may not tell you, because she does not want you to feel bad. But, she will appreciate it, if you can give her orgasm for once.

Make your woman HAPPY.
Treat her well. Satisfy her.
Every woman deserves a real man that can give her orgasm.
Help her not to cheat on you, whether secretly or with your knowledge.

In doing all the above, You don’t need to live on drugs. Take care of it naturally, once and for all.
Do you know that Bitter Kola and some natural roots blended together can do wonders for you as a man?
Bitter kola is one of such fruits which can be eaten raw and still benefit from its high nutritional content. It can help in  the treatment for low libido, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, reduction of eye pressure, treating hangover, if properly combine with other roots.



Such a fruit should not be taken for granted.
You can read more about bitter kola on Google.

MR. FLEX Herbal Tea is a mixture of bitter Kola and other fruits, nuts and plant roots. Highly potent!

Nature has it all. Use our natural product “MR. FLEX Herbal Tea”, a combination of natural fruits and roots, to take care of:

* Weak organ (Low Libido)
* Low sperm count
* Premature Expulsion
* Watery Sperm
* Impotency / Infertility
* And any other erectile dysfunction.



Produced and Marketed by VICOMO Research Laboratory and Herbal Therapy Nig. Ltd.
+234 806 619 4562

Whatsapp: +234 806 619 4562
our  Uyo Office @ 28B ITU ROAD OFF IKPA ROAD BESIDE CONFIDENCE ESTATE University Of Uyo Akwa-Ibom State.

NOTE: For treatment of infections, you need to first go for a lab test to confirm the particular infection you have. Then contact us for your treatment.

Steps On How To Take This Product:
1. Get MR FLEX Herbal Tea.

2. Get a clean glass of water.

3. Pour water on the glass (half level).

4. Bring out content from the pack.

5. Empty content into the glass of water.

6. Stir content with a clean table spoon.

7. Drink up content and you are good to go!

Question: Does your product(MR. FLEX Herbal Tea) has any side effect?
Ans: Bitter kola is used in the preparation of herbal drugs either as a nourishment, a supplement or a herbal remedy.
It does not have any side effect.
However, If a patient on medication chews bitter kola, it will make the drugs ineffective but aside this, there is no other side effect. Bitter kola has lots of health benefits, like the treatment of cough, sneezing etc.
Likewise, there has been no recorded side effect to the regular intake of MR. FLEX Herbal Tea (which major component is Bitter Kola), it is all round medicinal.

Question: How do I get this product?
Ans: You can either meet us one on one or Call us on: +234 806 619 4562 , and we will bring it to your desired destination.
Question: How much does it cost?
Ans: #500 per sachet.

This product starts to take effect 20 minutes after use.
NOTE: You don’t need to be running around looking for a woman. It absolves very well in the body and comes to play when you are ready for action. You will either excrete or urinate the ones that the body does not need. Man is nature, nature is man. That makes the difference.

* You can also take MR FLEX Herbal Tea for enjoyment. That is taking a sachet 20 to 30 minutes before sex. It helps your organ to gain erection to the normal size. You may not know the real size of your organ until you take a sachet of it. It brings out the best in you.
It also gives you extra energy to carry on and helps you to last longer than ever.
If you check the number of views of this topic, you will know that we have been putting smiles on people’s faces. Just that some people are shy to come out and testify. Maybe, you will be willing to attest to the potency of this product after use.

This is how we deliver it, very private (In an envelope).
Below is a confirmation text from God is Good motors (GIG Logistics) on the delivery of our product to a customer in Ikotun, Lagos. We also send to all parts of the world through NIPOST.

This Herbal Tea is Wonderful. Test and testify!

All our products are HYGIENICALLY packaged.
We appreciate all your feed backs through phone calls and on WhatsApp. We will appreciate it more if you come back here to testify of the potency of our product, so that others can have confidence in us.
More families are enjoying our herbal product. There has been nobody that has used our products and ever complained. All we get is appreciation.I have my real face there and my phone number, so, you can meet me one on one. Even if there are products that look like mine, I don’t care. That is business. We have many banks: Diamond and Access Bank accounts and others and they are all doing well. It now depends on the customers to make there choice. I am still in business because of the potency of my herbal product. Use MR FLEX Herbal Tea and testify the next day.
NOTE: 1. A sachet of our highly potent HERBAL TEA is #700 Per Sachet; N6000 for Half Pack of 10 sachets and N10,000 for full Pack of 21 Sachets (THIS IS THE PROMO PRICE. THE MARKET PRICE IS N14,000)

2.The complete dossage is 21 sachets, to be taken for 20 days. The first day 2 sachets : 1 in the morning and 1 in the evenings. The rest 19 days, 1 sachet each after meal.
3. You only pay for 20 sachets and we give you the last one for FREE.
4. With our New Arrangement With God is Good Logistics and other Parcel delivery service provider, it is now easier and faster to pick up shipment (parcel).
5. Others without any challenge can to take 1 sachet 30 minutes before action time, for enjoyment and for a wonderful performance. Such a person only need to take it when he wants to give Madam a treat.


After taking this herbal tea, Madam will ask you : “Where is this energy coming from?”
That is how they want it.

There are so many ways to say thank you.

A customer ( now a friend), who bought the herbal tea in August, came back in October to wish me a Happy New Month.
What do you think?

A customer used the tea and after two weeks, he decided to get for his friend.Do not be left out.Give it a try!

“Mr. Flex Herbal Flusher is a flisher indeed.”

These are the words of a customer who used our herbal flusher.

We do not disappoint!

We are reliable!!

We always deliver!!!

The testimonies keep coming in…
They are endless…

Eat well, rest when necessary and exercise moderately.

Another successful delivery to Canada.

There is nowhere in the world our herbal tea can not get to.

Our Herbal Flusher also does wonders.
It purges your system of some bacteria and toxins.
It makes you system to be receptive to treatment.

Another successful delivery through GIG Logistics.


some call it man power. But, we call it the FOOD for the male organ.

This 100% natural herbal tea, with no side effect, can be taken evening without having love.

The body absolves it very well and the part the body does not use is either excreted or urinated.

Another successful delivery to the UK.
Big thanks to all those who still believe in African Herbs.

We promise to keep all our products healthy and also maintain the potency.

This tea is not only for those who have challenges.

You too can confirm the potency of this tea and give madam a treat and an extra pleasure.

If after two (2) months, they remember to send you a Happy New Month Message, you know that they enjoyed the product.

What can you say to this?

When it comes to product and quality delivery, trust us to always give you the best!

Me and my customers.
Just a little delay in delivery this customer was already worried.
There are some locations that can not get their parcel same day. It has to be the next day. Please , bear with us.
Thank God you got it at last.

Anyway, sorry for the “one day delay”

No gift os too small .

See what God is Good Logistics gave to us as a loyal customer.

Some deliveries we have done today (May 20 2017)

Another deliveries we have done today (May 20 2017)

Another parcel delivered to UK


This is my 1st time of visitin your page. Though i have never used any of these stuffs for sex due to side effects i hear about taking drugs for sex. so i have 3 questions for u: 1) Are u really sure that ur product has no side effects? 2) if after taking d herbal tea and suddenly my woman is not around, will my joystick not rise beyond imagination and lead to problems? 3) pls i will like to start by buying the flusher so as to clean my system. pls hw much is it?

I will take your questions one after the other.
1. It does not have any side effect.
2. It does not disturb. It can be taken whether madam is around or not. It comes alive when you think of something related to that stuff.
3.The flusher is 3,000. It can only be taken once in six (6) months.

If you have more questions, contact us on whatsapp on 0807 595 3129 or call

we will reply you asap

If you re still in Doubt, this is for you:


Hello, I am Emeh James Anyalekwa, The Executive Director of Igbere TV and Special Assistant on Media to Former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu.

I have tested FLEX HERBAL TEA and I confirm it does what it claims. Infact, the result is unbelievable. It works like magic.

Honestly, I recommend it for all our married readers.

To protect our loyal and esteemed Fans, we have also put in place another layer of security. When you order for the Tea, you don’t pay directly to Mr Flex. You pay to my accounts ONLY: 0034***696 James Anya Emeh Diamond Bank or 0038***279 James Anya Emeh Access Bank… I will forward the Money to Mr. Flex after you have confirmed receipt of the product.


Anambra man of the year awardAnambra man of the year award
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Emeh James Anyalekwa, is a Seasoned Journalist, scriptwriter, Movie producer/Director and Showbiz consultant. He is the founder and CEO of the multi Media conglomerate, CANDY VILLE, specializing in Entertainment, Events, Prints and Productions. He is currently a Special Assistant (Media) to the Former Governor of Abia State and Chairman Slok Group, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu. Anyalekwa is also the National President, Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN)

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