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Anger As Nigerians React To Alleged Salary Offers By Nigerian States (Full List Below)

There is currently social media uproar by Nigerians over alleged claims on Nigerian states’ proposed minimum wages which is circulating on Twitter.

The figures, although unverified have triggered  online debates over state salary offers. As users react, questions arise about the authenticity and implications of these purported salary plans.”

A circulating claim on social media reveals the varying amounts each of Nigeria’s 36 states is proposing to pay as minimum wage, sparking a wave of reactions. While states like Lagos and Rivers offer higher wages at 75k and 80k respectively, others like Zamfara and Kogi propose much lower figures at 30k and 35k.

The disparity in proposed wages has drawn criticism and scrutiny, with some questioning the feasibility and fairness of the amounts offered. Borno’s pledge of 70k stands out, especially given its economic challenges and security issues.

Additionally, concerns are raised about states’ ability to honor previous wage agreements, with suggestions for regional autonomy and uniform wage standards. Social media users express disappointment, skepticism, and calls for equitable treatment of workers across the nation. The debate intensifies against the backdrop of ongoing negotiations between the federal government and labor unions, with governors asserting their states’ financial constraints.

As discussions continue, the proposed wage figures underscore broader issues of governance, economic disparity, and the welfare of Nigerian workers.

List of Proposed Minimum Wages by State:

1. Abia – 40k
2. Adamawa – 45k
3. Akwa Ibom – 65k
4. Anambra – 50k
5. Bauchi – 40k
6. Bayelsa – 65k
7. Benue – 48k
8. Borno – 70k
9. Cross River – 65k
10. Delta – 68k
11. Ebonyi – 40k
12. Edo – 70k
13. Ekiti – 55k
14. Enugu – 43k
15. Gombe – 45k
16. Imo – 57k
17. Jigawa – 40k
18. Kaduna – 45k
19. Kano – 50k
20. Katsina – 45k
21. Kebbi – 40k
22. Kogi – 35k
23. Kwara – 43k
24. Lagos- 75k
25. Nasarawa – 40k
26. Niger – 45k
27. Ogun – 65k
28. Ondo – 62k
29. Osun – 57k
30. Oyo – 60k
31. Plateau – 65k
32. Rivers – 80k
33. Sokoto – 40k
34. Taraba – 45k
35. Yobe – 42k
36. Zamfara – 30k

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Wisdom Nwedene studied English Language at Ebonyi State University. He is a writer, an editor and has equally interviewed many top Nigerian Politicians and celebrities. For publication of your articles, press statements, upload of biography, video content, contact him via email: nwedenewisdom@gmail.com

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