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John Okiyi Kalu : A Notorious Blackmailer And His Incurable Addiction 

By Ferdinand Ekeoma

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves, and under a just God, cannot long retain it “-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jnr.

Without doubt, my brother, Chief John Okiyi Kalu has lost his freedom and inner peace and is obviously being haunted by his past misdeeds against Abia and innocent Abians whom he attacked and humiliated for chosing to support Governor Alex Otti’s struggle to liberate Abia state and its people from the destruction and humiliation brought upon them by their oppressors of yesterday.

In the last few days, Okiyi Kalu who endeared himself to the buccaneers of Abia and became Commisisoner for Information in Abia during the years of locust by blackmailing Dr. Alex Otti, has been on rampage spewing all kinds of anger-induced gibberish geared towards painting the Governor of Abia state black while deceiving unsuspecting members of the public.

Okiyi Kalu has repeatedly abused Governor Otti, and lately alleged that Governor Alex Otti and the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Emeruwa have gotten Traditional Rulers from Aba North to sign off (whatever that means in this context), for the declaration of the Aba North House of Assembly seat vacant.

Kalu further called for Governor Otti and Emeruwa to be held liable should anything happen to their Former House of Assembly Candidate Uzodike Aron.

Two paragraphs in Kalu’s poorly rehearsed mumbo-jumbo read “While I am sure that it is illegal to declare that seat vacant when there is a valid court judgement that is yet to be obeyed, I wish to also bring to the knowledge of members of the public that Hon Aaron Uzodike is currently very ill and hospitalized in a neighboring state as a result of bottlenecks deliberately imposed by his politial opponents to frustrate his efforts at reaping the just reward of the judgement of the Appeal Court which was in his favor.

If anything happens to Aaron Uzodike, Abians and the world should hold Governor Alex Otti, Speaker Emmanuel Emeruwa, Hon Destiny Nwagwu and the collaborating traditional rulers in Aba North responsible”

It’s only an anti democratic propagandist whose conscience is buried in the mud that would fabricate such thrash in the name of politics.

The question is; who is Uzodike Aron and what threat does he pose that anyone in the calibre of Dr. Otti would want to look in his direction?
Also, what does Governor Otti need Aba North House of Assembly seat to achieve?

From his utterances, Kalu and his Sacrificial Slave Masters may be plotting to apply the Brutal Soviet Union Strategy of false lead to mislead the public to look in the wrong direction while they may be planning to harm Aron for possible past disagreements while they would turn around to blame the innocent. The recent history of the alleged clinical elimination of some former PDP leaders from different parts of the state including, Aba South, Osisioma, Ukwa, Ohafia and others over power struggle is still fresh in the minds of Abians.

Okiyi Kalu obviously thinks that Governor Otti is one local champion who would reduce himself to petty and inconsequential battles like the men he licked their a*s. If Governor Alex Otti was an undemocratic bully, Okiyi’s slave masters wouldn’t have had their way against Hon. Nwagwu in court ab initio.

Let’s look at the Subject Matter under discuss properly.

In 2019, the people of Aba North State Constituency trooped out en mass and voted for Hon. Destiny Nwagwu as their House of Assembly representative under the platform of APGA. In spite of Nwagwu’s landslide victory, a very unpopular PDP candidate, Uzodike Aron was brazenly imposed on the people. Anyone who had ever won an election and had it stolen would tell you how painful and agonising it could be. So Nwagwu mourned, but reluctantly accepted his fate with equanimity because there was nothing he could do.

Back to 2023, this time around, under the platform of Labour Party, the people came out again in their very large numbers and unanimously voted him for the same position and had him declared by INEC as the winner, and was subsequently sworn in.

In what could go down in history as one of the most unjust and questionable judgements in the history of litigation, Hon. Nwagwu was viciously removed in court, while a man who stood no chance at the polls and had no grounds to be declared by the court, was so declared and imposed on the people.

The Slogan “Okwa unu ahula nu eeh” which is now used for jokes on Abia social media space was an exclamation that came out of Hon. Nwagwu’s mouth after the judgement was pronounced. He completely lost himself and went on a solo protest, standing at the centre of a major road in Aba with a placard, while shouting “Okwa Unu Ahula nu ehh”. What happened to him, like in the case of Senator Darlington Nwokocha was capable of causing him sudden death.

I couldn’t watch the video because it was painful and unbearable. It’s a terrible fate one shouldn’t wish his enemy.

When Hon. Nwagwu stepped into Governor otti’s home at Nvosi that day, he was inconsolable. He told me how all his plans for his constituency have been shattered by that wicked judgement. He even told me how Dr. Otti supported him with extra 10 million Naira in 2019 and how he had wanted to start repaying the Governor as a way of appreciating the Governor for his support, but that the Governor was not interested in collecting the money back.

Hon. Nwagwu told me point blank that his opponent had unjustly hurt him so terribly and repeatedly and that he would explore every legal channel to fight the injustice and ensure that Aron would not enjoy the stolen mandate.

Shortly after the judgement, Hon. Nwagwu, true to his vow, instituted a legal action restraining the Speaker and the House of Assembly from swearing in the PDP usurper, Aron Uzodike over the content and perceived error in the judgement.

When I first read a report where Aron complained about the refusal of the Speaker and the House to swear him in, I quickly reached out to the leadership of Abia State House of Assembly, because i was not ready to support or defend any form of disobedience to a valid court judgment, as questiinable as it may have been, but I was told that Hon. Destiny Nwagwu had obtained a court order which retrained the Speaker and the House from swearing in the PDP Candidate, pending the hearing and determination of the suit filed by Nwagwu.

Even a First Year Law student knows that disobedience to a valid court order amounts to contempt of court, and attracts prison sentence. John Okiyi Kalu has all the facts and knows this elementary principle of law, but as a notorious blackmailer and Lying Machine, he strongly believes that the only way to look serious and remain relevant in the face of public opprobrium from the now liberated civil servants and pensioners he once vilified and bullied to submission, is to consistently and cunningly advance his hate-induced ignominy, using Governor Alex Otti’s name.

When the Abia PDP went to Kano and obtained a Janjaweed judgement purportedly sacking the then Abia Govenor-elect, Dr. Alex Otti, we proceeded to the Appellate Court and Supreme Court respectively, not minding how useless the initial order was.
If Okiyi Kalu genuinely loved Aron, he would have assisted him to dedicate energy in setting aside the order, rather constituting nuisance in the media.

The John Okiyi Kalu that’s calling the Governor an emperor and fabricating all kinds of lies against the Governor over a House of Assembly matter that doesn’t concern him, was the same Okiyi Kalu that abused, blackmailed and defamed the character of Dr. Otti and his family for years. When Okiyi Kalu was asked question as to why he was fabricating those defamatory lies against Otti, he said he was playing politics. Kalu knows that Otti had the capacity and would have picked and locked him up many years ago over those heinous allegations, if he was actually an emperor.

John Okiyi Kalu thinks that Nwagwu is a dunce who has no feelings and has no right to fight back, hence he’s preaching his deceitful gospel to him to abandon his mandate to an undeserving usurper without putting up a fight, just to look like the good guy…..what an insult!

If, according Okiyi kalu, Uzodike is about to die (God forbid) because Nwagwu legally stopped him from enjoying a stolen mandate, then it simply means that the gods of Ngwa land have risen to fight for Destiny Nwagwu and his constituents who were unjustly hurt by that wicked judgement.

Okiyi Kalu should desist from being a lousy rabble rouser who derives joy in abusing and blackmailing elders and other innocent citizens. He should come out and fight any Traditional Ruler he is bearing grudges against, rather than hide under the fake umbrella of seeking “justice” to peddle lies against innocent Traditional Rulers. Abia Traditional Rulers are no longer slaves to PDP and therefore can freely hold their views for and against any political party or individuals, without fear of molestation.

Okiyi Kalu ignorantly thinks that Governor Otti is one local champion who would reduce himself to getting involved in petty and inconsequential battles like his slavemasters. At least, Kalu now knows that one thing is to steal and another thing is to go home with the stolen item.

Kalu should weep no more and allow Abians, especially the innocent pensioners he once abused and intimidated to celebrate their well deserved liberation from him and his slave masters.

Ferdinand Ekeoma
Special Adviser
April 13, 2024.

Anambra man of the year awardAnambra man of the year award
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Wisdom Nwedene studied English Language at Ebonyi State University. He is a writer, an editor and has equally interviewed many top Nigerian Politicians and celebrities. For publication of your articles, press statements, upload of biography, video content, contact him via email:

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