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Toothpick, Wheelbarrow, Tomatoes Can Now be Imported! According To CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has removed restrictions on the importation of all 43 items that were previously subject to restrictions as per the 2015 Circular referenced TED/FEM/FPC/GEN/01/010 and its subsequent addendums.











The apex bank has authorized these items to access foreign exchange for purchase within the Nigerian Foreign Exchange Market.

Here is a full list of items that are no longer contraband for importation;

1 Rice
2 Cement
3 Margarine
4 Palm kernel
5 Palm oil products
6 Vegetable oils
7 Meat and processed meat products
8 Vegetables and processed vegetable products
9 Poultry and processed poultry products
10 Tinned fish in sauce (Geisha)/sardine
11 Cold rolled steel sheets
12 Galvanized steel sheets
13 Roofing sheets
14 Wheelbarrows

15 Head pans
16 Metal boxes and containers
17 Enamelware
18 Steel drums
19 Steel pipes
20 Wire rods (deformed and not deformed)
21 Iron rods
22 Reinforcing bars
23 Wire mesh
24 Steel nails
25 Security and razor fencing and poles
26 Wood particle boards and panels
27 Wood fiberboards and panels
28 Plywood boards and panels
29 Wooden doors
30 Toothpicks
31 Glass and glassware
32 Kitchen utensils
33 Tableware
34 Tiles-vitrified and ceramic
35 Gas cylinders
36 Woven fabrics
37 Clothes
38 Plastic and rubber products
39 Polypropylene granules
40 Cellophane wrappers and bags
41 Soap and cosmetics
42 Tomatoes/tomato pastes
43 Eurobond/foreign currency bond/ share purchases

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