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JUST IN!!! 5 Key Mistakes of Hushpuppi Revealed by FBI's 28 Page Affidavit

Dubai police recently arrested Hushpuppi, Woodberry along with 10 African cybercriminals in a special operation dubbed ‘Fox Hunt 2’.

The operation took down the suspects for committing crimes outside the UAE, including money-laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, criminal impersonating, scamming individuals, banking fraud and identity theft.

The suspects were caught in a series of synchronised raids by six SWAT teams from Dubai police who foiled the gang’s bid to deceive many people from around the world and steal their money.

Hushpuppi and Woodberry have also been accused of defrauding an American state of $35 million meant for ventilators in the fight against COVID-19.

On Thursday, July 2, Dubai authorities extradited the suspected fraudsters, Ramon Abbas, better known as Hushpuppi, and Olalekan Ponle, also known as Woodberry, to the United States.

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The charge sheet which gave an insight on some of the charges suspected Nigerian fraudster, Hushpuppi is facing in the United States was obtained by IGBERE TV.

In the affidavit prepared by FBI Special Agent Andrew John Innocenti, the suspected Nigerian fraudster and his co-conspirators were accused of stealing over $16m.

The affidavit made in support of a criminal complaint and an arrest warrant for Hushpuppi, also captured phone conversations between him and his co-conspirators after each business email compromise (BEC) fraud they allegedly perpetrated. They were also accused of attempting to dupe a Premier League Club of £100m.

It also captured photos of Hushpuppi’s luxurious lifestyle which was allegedly financed by proceeds of crimes he allegedly perpetrated.

Charles Awuzie who received a copy of the FBI’s 28 Page affidavit from IGBERE TV listed out 5 key mistakes of Hushpuppi.

1. In Hushpuppi’s fraud network, he wasn’t even the MAIN guy. His job was only to make bank accounts available for the Main guy to transfer the money into the accounts he provided.

So when next someone asks you to give them your account number for their friend in overseas to send them money through, please be careful. They can use your account to move illegal funds.

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2. The main guy who used to conduct the Hacking is not a Nigerian. He was arrested in October last year but the FBI detained him and may have used him to chat with Hushpuppi. So Hushpuppi thought he was still communicating with his hacker without knowing that his hacker may have made a deal with FBI to nail him.

Here’s the lesson – if you hire a Hacker for a dirty job, the day he gets arrested, he will become an asset to FBI and he will personally lure you into your grave. The main hacker’s identity is protected because he’s an asset to FBI but look at how Hushpuppi was publicly disgraced because he’s a MERE thief.

3. The FBI agent that investigated the case leaned on Hushpuppi’s Instagram and snapchat accounts to nail him further.

Beware of what you post on social media. Beware of your comments and inbox messages. Be careful.

4. Hushpuppi has no I.T skills. He was a complete novice who just used to pay strangers to hack for him.

Lesson – the Hacker you are paying today will definitely destroy you tomorrow.

Gregory University Uturu, Abia State
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