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'Who Is Working Against Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi ?' - Sen Chijinkem Ugwuanyi

The #Sabotage Continues……

Enugu State seems to be in the midst of a silent brewing significant crisis most of the residents will ever see. By the time it becomes obvious, the people’s feelings about the government will be transformed, as they would come to understand that the question isn’t about —if the #Governor meant well for the state or there were some political elements bent on Sabotaging his goodwills and legacy.

Gburugburu administration has offered The people of Enugu State a Broad Base and inclusive governance doing its bid to address Decades of neglected socio-economic issues across board, even with paucity of funds and dwindling National economy.

However, it seems there are cryptic ceaseless sordid circus of #Sabotage, brewing across the state. Recently there has been a growing new episode of an absurd happenings across the state. With the subtly of a fifth grade SchoolYard Bully, it is becoming obvious that some political Heavyweights are waging a full tilt political class war against the #GburuGburu.

Recently, a poorly constructed yet to be completed pedestrian bridge in the heart of Gariki Enugu State, plunged onto a city street below a market square in a disaster that prompted residents talking and calling for an emergency review of the #Infrastructure.

Like a repeated sad reoccurrence, a recently commissioned #Ultramodern #Abakpa to #Emene road was washed away by rain, rendering the road Incapacitated.

Along Ibagwa Road Nsukka a newly constructed road was abandoned half way till this moment, the contractors have disappeared.

These are becoming one instance and the other too many that require urgent attention. Poorly executed projects after hundreds of millions and billions have been released to contractors are causing serious damage to Governor #Gburugburu’s infrastructural development program, with all the implications.

The far reaching implication is that #Sabotages by a privileged political class would shred the social safety net for the common people, bring the hard earned reputation of the #Governor into disrepute with the public while The Perpetrators smile to the banks.

From the #Grapevine, it is noted that the poorly executed ultramodern #Abakpa to #Emene road project was contracted to and executed by Chief #Tony #Eze, Chieftain of the #PDP in Enugu State. The undercurrent behind Chief Tony Eze and the State Ministry of Infrastructures are very UnSavory details.

What is their goal? Do they want to reverse all the progressive reforms Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi? Or do they want to blindly turn the people against the Governor?

While I am not in the habit of making #Prediction, it goes without saying, that these quiet and underpublicized actions of a few privileged Political Class with access to “big contracts” in the State are well #Calculated attempts to contradict the image of the Governor as the champion of the ordinary folks in the state.

Few residents of Enugu on this event incident, tongues are already waging that the Enugu state government is deceiving the public with its “cosmetic projects”, that do not stand the test of times.

Apparently, the people are lazy or not interested to make proper findings, as there is a growing but silent #Dissent against the Governor.

Gburu Gburu. should as a mater of urgency commission an inquest into these sad incidents that are becoming a recurring decimal and nip it in the bud. The slow and gathering dew of carefully orchestrated #Sabotages must be stopped before it comes an Unstoppable storm.

My #Daddy my #Governor at this point of your political career, you must understand that —

“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold”, Proverbs 22:1…..

The saboteurs called #Contractor’s are up to something….

WE KEEP Moving.


Written by Sen Chijinkem Ugwuanyi

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