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JUST IN!! French Parliament Bans Use of Phones in Schools

UK PM, Theresa May Escaped Assassination Plot – London Police

England’s Old Bailey central criminal court in London on Tuesday heard how an extremist plotted a suicide attack on British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, allegedly wanted to make “big news” by storming Downing Street as May spoke outside her office.

Trump Salute To North Korean General Sparks Controversy (Photos)

US President Donald Trump drew criticism on Thursday (Jun 14) after footage emerged of him saluting a North Korean general while the totalitarian communist nation’s leader Kim Jong Un looked on.

The odd moment was captured during Trump’s visit to Singapore for a summit with Kim this week, with North Korean state television broadcasting the footage on Thursday.

Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Swapped Pen Provided For Signing The Agreement, & Then THIS Happened (Photos)

North Korea’s government put on a display of what could be germaphobia, paranoia or a grounded fear of snooping as an aide carefully swabbed a pen before Kim Jong-un signed a joint statement in Singapore.

UN Gives Zambian University N1b to Train 20 Students in Witchcraft, Then THIS Happened

Report has it that UNESCO has given the University of Zambia $340,000 to develop a Degree Programme to safeguard Intangible Heritage with the first intake comprising of 20 students.

Vice President Attacks President, Quits Ruling Party

Malawi’s Vice President, Saulos Chilima, publicly attacked the corruption of the president’s government and announced his resignation from the ruling party, leaving the door open for a presidential run.

Chilima was handpicked by President Peter Mutharika to run alongside him in the 2014 elections on the Democratic People’s Party (DPP) ticket.

OMG!!! Man Accidentally Digs out Bones of His Girlfriend’s ex BF at Her Backyard

A Russian man digging a vegetable patch in Siberia found human bones that turned out to be those of his partner’s ex-boyfriend, whom she murdered 21 years ago, investigators said Tuesday.

Investigators opened a murder probe after the unnamed man found the bones in his partner’s garden in the village of Luzino, around 2,200 kilometres (1,400 miles) east of Moscow, the regional Investigative Committee said in a statement.

BREAKING!!! Snipers Kill 37 Palestinians, Wound 1,300 Over US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem

US moving embassy from Tel Aviv today after Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December 

Israeli snipers have killed dozens of protesters near the Gaza border with more than a thousand more injured

Mass protests taking place with Palestinian government accusing Israel of committing a ‘terrible massacre’
Comes after al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri called for group’s followers to carry out jihad against the US 

TENSION!!! Checkout What Iranian Politicians Did in Parliament Today Chanting ‘Death To America’ (Photos)

Iran’s Supreme Leader has warned ‘America can’t do a damn thing’ as politicians burned a US flag in parliament in the wake of Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal. Without elaborating, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused the US President of ’10 lies’ during his explosive annoucement yesterday and warned his country not to trust America, Britain, France and Germany.

Wife Of Nigerian Lawmaker Reveals Why Her Son Was Killed In London. Photo

Mrs. Ronke Badru, wife of House of Representatives member, Hon. Dolapo Badru whose son, Abraham, was killed on March 26 in London near the deceased’s parents’ home, said the murder of his only child at age 26, was a revenge for stopping the gang rape of a girl child when he was just 14.

The devastated mother said Late Abraham feared for his life after he gave evidence to convict and jail nine boys who gang raped a 14-year-old schoolgirl, Daily Mail reported.

Relatives of the rapists threw eggs at the Badrus’ home and made threatening phone calls to terrify Abraham, then 16, because he had imprisoned their loved ones, the paper wrote.

After the case, Abraham fled 159 miles to Bristol for seven years after where he studied a BTEC in Sports Science before attending the University of Gloucestershire where he completed a masters in sports coaching.

‘He went to Bristol in 2007 after he rescued a girl from a rape. ‘He received threatening phone calls, he was really scared for his life. ‘They were throwing eggs at our door and everything, the family of the group. ‘Abraham was just 14 and the police said he was a witness and they said if you do not allow him you will be charged with perverting the course of justice. . ‘

The family of those boys were coming to my door and saying he should not go to court. ‘He moved to Bristol to continue his education, he was only 16,’ the publication quoted her as saying.

He Started By Touching Me’; Former Female Footballer Opens Up On Abuse By Coach

A promising striker in the Chelsea set up, Darcy Wells was just 12 when she started receiving inappropriate images and texts from her coach, Shane Hughes. The threat of abuse from him led to a decline in Darcy’s mental health as she struggled to come to terms with what was happening, whilst she chased her dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Now 19, she has come to terms with what happened on and off the training pitches at Chelsea, and revealed the damage it did to her life.

She told the Daily Mail : “He [Hughes] was very friendly. Everyone liked him. If you didn’t know what he had done, you would say he is a nice guy.

“So, what did he do? ‘He started off by touching me in training inappropriately. That’s how it began. He would move people into their positions and it felt as though he would leave his hands on me for too long.”

This developed into Hughes sending revealing photos of himself to the young girl, and demanding pictures of her in exchange, threatening to come to her house and pulling her aside on the training pitch.

They were discovered by Darcy’s school when she felt like she needed help with the situation.

With his secret uncovered Hughes was sacked and placed on the sex offenders’ register for two years.

However, this was only the start of Darcy’s struggle as she battled to come to terms with what had happened.

Admitted to hospital six months after his dismissal, she alleged that Hughes had raped her at the training ground.

The case was brought to trial in 2015, but he was cleared of the charges, with members of the training staff supporting Hughes’ defense.

Darcy made several attempts to take her life during her teenage years and dropped out of school with no qualifications. She also gave up football with her parents left worrying for her life.

After leaving Chelsea, the club made attempts to check in on Darcy but soon stopped, leaving her mum, Donna, to feel that they failed her daughter.

Despite the abuse she stated that she does not want to put someone off joining Chelsea, saying how much she enjoyed it when she first signed for the London club. Darcy is also looking at getting back into football, and has been contacted by Crystal Palace, who told her the door is open if she wants to get back into the game.

Former Porn Star Recalls How She Received Death Threats After Acting In Hijab

A former porn star has revealed she received death threats from ISIS after filming a scene wearing a hijab. Lebanese-born American Mia Khalifa, now 25, said the idea to wear the hijab came from the film producers, and she was “just 21 and moderately demure” and didn’t realise she could say no.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live on Friday, she said: “[The producers] and gave me this script and told me what I would be wearing and I said ‘you are going to get me f**king killed.’

“Not even a week later the death threats were racking up. The entire Middle East was after me.”

Mia, who was raised Catholic, says ISIS shared a manipulated image her about to be beheaded by an ISIS executioner with a message warning her she would go to Hell.

At the time she replied “I’ve been meaning to get a little tan recently”.

The scene reportedly divided her home country of Lebanon at the time.

One Twitter user wrote: “Hijab is something holy, and beautiful, having sex on camera with it is degrading its meaning.”

Last week during the radio appearance, Mia recalled the controversy at the scene while revealing the terrifying threats.

“The entire Middle East was after me. Lebanon disowned me. My family disowned me.”

“I had every Muslim on Twitter coming after me with proverbial pitchforks.

“There was a Google (Street View) screenshot of my apartment tweeted at me with a death threat.

“(ISIS) photoshopped a picture of me on to another person’s body getting beheaded.


Nigerian Man Burnt To Death In South Africa

A Nigerian has been burnt to death in Rustenburg, South Africa, after his vehicle was set ablaze by yet-to-be identified people. He has not been identified Either. However, the country’s North West police did not believe the incident was related to violent protests in the area this week, according to media reports on Sunday.

Two vehicles were set alight in two separate incidents by a group of unidentified people, multiple reports said. No one had been arrested and police were investigating, the South African Broadcasting Corporation reported police spokesperson Ofentse Mokgadi as having said.

“We can confirm that in two separate incidents, two vehicles were burnt by unknown suspects. In one of the incidents, a man sustained serious burn wound injuries after being set alight. He later died in hospital.

“At this stage a motive is unknown and police are still investigating,” the broadcaster added. Calm returned to the area after days of protests calling for the removal of North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo.

The killing of the Nigerian came less than 10 days after another Nigerian ThankGod Okoro, 30, from Ogbaku in the Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State was murdered. Records show that no fewer than 117 Nigerians have been killed in South Africa since February, 2016.

Painkillers Turns Man To A Gay (Photos)

Scott Purdy claims that taking painkillers turned him gay<
A man claims that he has turned gay because of painkillers that he had been taking. Scott Purdy, 23, started taking the drug after breaking his foot while go-karting and quickly lost his sexual attraction to women.He broke up with his girlfriend of six months and said that he had developed an attraction to men. He said: ‘I noticed my libido for women had gone and I was wanting male attention.

I was with a girlfriend I had been with for around six months. ‘I had never been interested in men. When I was younger I was a little bit curious but a couple of weeks after I started taking it I turned around and said I didn’t find her physically attractive anymore. She knew I was taking Pregabalin.

‘I said to her, “I don’t really know what’s happening to me and I told her I like men and I just can’t be with you”. ‘She was relatively understanding, as understanding as you could possibly be.’

Scott broke up with his girlfriend of six months after taking the drug

Pregabalin or Lyrica is a medication used to treat epilepsy, pain associated with the brain, and generalised anxiety disorder. Its documented side effects include loss of libido and mood swings. Scott, from Louth, Lincolnshire, added: ‘I just think people should know about this.

If anyone gets prescribed this in the future, I think they should know what this medication can do. ‘It took me a while to realise what it was. I stopped taking it for a few weeks and that desire for men just left.

‘But I’m on it now; I’m very happy. I want to keep on taking it because it makes me feel happy about my sexuality. It’s made me feel very open. It’s liberating.

‘Pregabalin is also used to control paranoia and anxiety. It’s made me so open and not bothered what people think or say. ‘I had been taking it for a few weeks and I have come to the realisation that when I take it I want males.

‘It did come as a shock to people. I posted it on Facebook. I didn’t tell them the reason why but I just said to them, ‘I’m open; I’m gay.’

‘Currently I’m talking to this lad on Plenty of Fish and in a couple of weeks I’m going up to see him. He’s in London. It’s really what I’m craving right now. I want to be with him right now.’

Scott had been taking Codeine until January this year, but has been experiencing negative side-effects, so his GP prescribed him Pregabalin. He says that it was only after taking Pregabalin that his sexual preferences changed.

He said: ‘I feel if this has happened to other people and I’m not the only one I would be outraged but in a sense not be because if I had known this was a side effect before I would not have taken them but now I’m happy. ‘I’m not angry because it’s made me who I am.’ Lyrica is manufactured by Pfizer – the pharmaceutical giant which also makes Viagra.

A spokesman for Pfizer said: ‘When prescribed and administered appropriately as per the approved label, Lyrica® (pregabalin) is an important and effective treatment option for many people living with chronic neuropathic pain, generalised anxiety disorder and epilepsy.

‘The clinical effectiveness of this medicine has been demonstrated in a large number of robust clinical trials among thousands of patients living with these conditions. ‘To date, the worldwide exposure to pregabalin is an estimated 34 million patient years. ‘If you are taking a medicine and experience any unexpected side effects, we recommend that you immediately report these to your doctor or to another healthcare professional, such as a nurse or carer.

Pilot Forced To Land As Abusive Passenger Is Thrown Off A Plane. Photos

An abusive woman was thrown off an easyJet flight after screaming ‘do you want me to be a prostitute’ during a bizarre foul-mouthed rant. She was headed on a girls’ holiday from Manchester to Paphos, Cyprus, but after launching a tirade of abuse at fellow flyers and crew members the plane was diverted.

The captain was forced to land in Athens, Greece, on Friday night and four passengers were thrown off for being abusive.

A video taken by one passenger shows crew surrounding one rowdy young woman with a Liverpool accent – who says she is 23 and from Birkenhead.

Fellow passengers can then be heard cheering and clapping as the woman is taken off the plane.

It is believed the women were arrested by police in Athens.

The easyjet service, flight EZY1975, continued on its way to Cyprus. The delay meant a scheduled return trip to Manchester had to be postponed until Saturday as the crew had run out of hours they are legally allowed to work.

Fellow passengers reported that the woman had been drunk before they boarded the flight and that they had smuggled their own drinks on board.

A spokesman for easyJet said: ‘EasyJet can confirm that flight EZY1975 from Manchester to Paphos on 23 March was diverted to Athens and met by the police on arrival where four passengers were offloaded as a result of disruptive behaviour onboard and the flight continued to Paphos once the passengers were offloaded.

‘EasyJet’s crew are trained to assess and evaluate all situations and to act quickly and appropriately to ensure that the safety of the flight and other passengers is not compromised at any time.

Woman Crashes Car After Hitting A Pole While Trying To Show That God Is Real

A mother of two has told her children that God would protect them before closing her eyes and ramming their car into a utility pole. Bahari Shaquille Warren, 25, was charged with two felony counts of cruelty to children early on Wednesday after the car crash in Norcross, Georgia, on the northeast outskirts of Atlanta.

Police said that Warren was driving north on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard when she crossed into the oncoming lanes and ran off the road, hitting the pole.

‘She was telling us to believe in god so nothing would happen to us,’ one of the children told police, according to patrol car footage obtained by WSBTV.

Warren told the children, who are aged five and seven, to buckle up and then accelerated blindly, police said.

‘Her eyes (were) closed and she was saying, “blah, blah, blah, I love God”,’ the girl said.

‘She didn’t want us to just have a car accident. She wanted us to know that God is real,’ the daughter added.

After the crash, Warren admitted that she intentionally crashed the car to prove to her children that God is real, according to police.

The children stayed with a grandmother as Warren was taken into custody.

She was released from Gwinnett County Jail on Friday afternoon on $11,200 bond, according to jail records.

The mother is next due in court on Wednesday, according to court records, which spell her first name as Bakari.


Boko Haram: US Finally Reacts To Release Of Dapchi Girls

Depressed Mother Throws Off Her Baby From A Bridge But The Girl Survives. Photos

A seven-month-old baby has miraculously survived being thrown off a 118ft bridge by her own mother in north-east Brazil. Carla Regina Mendes, 23, threw baby Thayller over the railings on José Sarney Bridge, in Sao Luis, north east Brazil, on Sunday afternoon in front of shocked passersby.

The child had already sunk deep into the swampy river when two quick-thinking off-duty police officers got to her, just in time before she disappeared underneath the surface.

Baby Thallyer suffered a blow to her head and bruising to her back after landing in a stagnant stretch on the Sao Francisco river.

Ms Mendes, who was arrested at the scene,  later told police to be suffering from mental health problems and depression.

She has been sent for psychiatric tests and could face charges of attempted murder depending on the outcome of the evaluations.

Officers Danilo Pestana and Herberth Ribeiro were returning together from football training around 2pm on a motorbike when they noticed a commotion involving a woman on the bridge.

Witnesses shouted that the young mum had just thrown her child over the edge and into the river below.

The officers immediately plunged into the mud, which reached up their waist, to rescue the little girl who had lost most of her clothes and was only wearing in a nappy.

BREAKING! Russia Expels 23 British Diplomats, Shuts Down Council, Consulate And Others

BREAKING: Cyril Ramaphosa Sworn In As South Africa’s President(Photo)

Unbelievable!! Slay Queen Poses On Her Mother’s Coffin In Her Grave During Burial(Photos)

Nelson Mandela’s Wife, Winnie In Hospital For Kidney Infection

BREAKING!! Buhari Finally Meets Donald Trump & This Happened (Photos)

President Buhari attends Lunch in honor of select African Heads of State hosted by President of United States Donald Trump at the

BREAKING!!! IPOB Not A Terror Group – EU

The European Union (EU) yesterday, condemned and rejected the unilateral classification of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist organisation by the Nigerian Armed Forces. The Defence Headquarters of the Nigeria Army on Friday declared IPOB a terrorist organisation, claiming that its members had become violent and a security threat in the country.

But the EU’s condemnation followed reported video footages of the brutal and inhuman activities of the Nigerian Army in the South-East region of Nigeria.

The videos showed various scenes of the invasion of communities, torture and killings of IPOB members, which have gone viral since the Nigeria Army launched its Operation Python Dance II to clamp down on the group agitating for selfdetermination.

President of the EU Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Junker, who made the view of the Commission known, openly warned the Nigerian security personnel against what he described as their ill hearted and unprofessional handling of democratic issues and the rights of the people. Junker cautioned the Nigerian military chiefs that they must employ every democratic tenet to handle issues that concern the agitations of the citizens in Nigeria.

“It is the people’s right to agitate and make a request from their government; self-determination is a right enshrined in the United Nation Charter. The people of Biafra have every right to request for a referendum, they have been in this struggle for a while now they have never killed or shot a bullet instead they are the victims of attacks and murder.

“The entire EU hereby condemns the brutal attack on IPOB members and leadership under the pretentious disguise of a military exercise (Operation Python Dance). The Nigerian military is warned to adopt democratic tenets in handling citizens.

The EU will not sit and watch things go undemocratic in the largest economy of the West African region,” he warned.
Junker promised to raise the issues concerning the peoples’ request for a referendum among the caucus of the EU, stating that the Biafra request for a referendum was not different from that of the Catalonians in Spain and the Scots in Britain.

He said the Nigeria government must rise above the suppression of voices of dissent and handle issues with every tenet of maturity and democracy.
Earlier, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu had petitioned the European Union on the on-going military operation in southeast region of Nigeria.

In the petition, Kanu accused the army of intimidation, torture, arrest, abduction and killing of the civilian populace in the southeast He also petitioned the European Union High Commission, the Presidents of United States of America, Russia, Israel, United Kingdom and France.
In the petitioned dated September 14, the leader of the separatist group accused the Nigerian military of intimidation, torture, arrest, abduction and killing of civilian populace in the southeast.

The letter written by the counsel to the IPOB leader, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, was addressed to the Secretary General of the

Buhari Condemns Human Right Abuse In Myanmar, Calls on UN to Act

The Federal Government (FG) of Nigeria expresses deep regret at the desperate human right situation in the Rakhine State of Myanmar, which is very reminiscent of what happened in Rwanda in 1994 and in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1995.

The Federal Government condemns the horrendous human suffering caused by what is now confirmed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in his statement today, to be a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya people.

The Federal Government of Nigeria takes note of this statement, and calls upon the United Nations to invoke the principle of the “Responsibility to Protect” and intervene in Myanmar to stop the ongoing ethnic cleansing and create the conditions for the safe return and rehabilitation of the fleeing Rohingya people to their motherland.

The Government similarly calls on all members of the civilized world to condemn this heinous act and to demand for appropriate punishment to the perpetrators.

Meanwhile the Federal Government of Nigeria is accused of the same human Rights abuses and ethnic cleansing against the Igbo people.

A Pro-Democracy organisation, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA), yesterday accused the President Muhammadu Buhari administration of maltreating Ndigbo in same manner the Rohingya ethnic groups are being treated by the regime in Myanmar.

It also described as unconstitutional the military occupation of the South East of Nigeria in what is called Operation Python Dance II, saying the deployment was an unnecessary show of force to provoke the civilian population.

In a statement by its National Coordinator and Media Affairs Director, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and Zainab Yusuf in Abuja, the group maintained that the millitarisation of the zone violates Sections 217 and 218 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

HURIWA also condemned the alleged invasion likening the incident to criminal and gross violation of human rights as enshrined in chapter four of the nation’s lawbook.

The group urged the United Nations and African Union to “note that President Buhari is treating the over 50 million Igbo-speaking people just like the Rohingya tribal people of Burma (Myanmar) through a well-coordinated deprivation and denial of the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

“We call on the UN and world leaders to take special note of the systematic marginalisation of Igbo people by the current government of Buhari similar to the experiences of the Rohingya ethnic group.”

HURIWA said the central government has “persistently alienated Igbo-speaking persons from top notch defence and political positions in clear violations of Section 14 (3) and (4) of the constitution and also failed to stop the incessant violent invasion of villages by armed herdsmen, resulting in the killing of scores of innocent persons in the South East.”

They went on: “The failure to appoint an indigenous military chief to represent the Igbo which is a major ethnic group violates the constitution which demands equitable distribution of positions to reflect national spread and federal character.”

3 Wks Ahead of Spain Referendum, Huge Rally Gathers for Catalan Independence as Nig Cracks Down on Biafrans

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans rallied on Monday September 11 to demand their region’s secession from Spain, in a show of strength three weeks ahead of an independence referendum which has been banned by Madrid.

Vanguard reports that people wave ‘Esteladas’ (pro-independence Catalan flags) during a pro-independence demonstration, on September 11, 2017 in Barcelona during the National Day of Catalonia, the “Diada.” gathered that hundreds of thousands of Catalans were expected to rally to demand their region break away from Spain, in a show of strength three weeks ahead of a secession referendum banned by Madrid.

The protest coincides with Catalonia’s national day, the “Diada,” which commemorates the fall of Barcelona in the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714 and the region’s subsequent loss of institutions and freedoms.

Draped in red, yellow and blue separatist flags — with one banner reading “Goodbye Spain” — they marched through central Barcelona in what many hope will be the last protest before independence. “If there is huge mobilisation, they can’t do anything in Madrid,” said Jordi Calatayud, a 21-year-old economics student, referring to the October 1 vote.

“Catalan people will make independence possible; if there are a lot of us, they can’t stop us.” Around one million people took part in the event, Barcelona’s municipal police said in a Twitter post.

A spokeswoman for the central government’s representative in the wealthy northeastern region put the turnout lower, at around 350,000 people.

The protest coincides with Catalonia’s national day, the “Diada”, which marks the fall of Barcelona in the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714 and the region’s subsequent loss of institutions and freedoms. Since 2012 the holiday has been used by separatists to press for an independent state.

“What more do we have to do to make it understood that the people of Catalonia want to vote?” Catalonia’s pro-independence president Carles Puigdemont told reporters at the rally. – ‘Put me in prison’ – Those against independence complained that a day meant for all Catalans had been hijacked by separatists — and even more so this year, ahead of the referendum.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, whose conservative government is fiercely against the vote, wished Catalonia “a good day”, calling “for a Diada of freedom, cohabitation and respect for all Catalans”.

Demonstrators took the shape of a giant “X” by gathering on the Paseo de Gracia and Aragon avenues in central Barcelona, to represent the mark Catalans will make on their ballots during the referendum.

If the “Yes” side wins, Catalonia’s regional government has vowed to declare independence within 48 hours and set about building a sovereign state.

With Spain’s central government promising to block the referendum, the pro-independence camp was keen to show that it can rally its troops — especially after participation in the “Diada” declined last year.

“I am too old to be told what I can or can’t do, I am counting on voting and I will do so, even if they have to put me in prison,” said Mari Carmen Pla, a 70-year-old pensioner surrounded by a sea of red and

Tears!!! Another Biafran Man Killed (Graphic Photos)

A young Biafran man from Imo state has been found dead in South Africa has been found dead after police arrested him for not having passport.Below is what Ebubedike wrote…

Al-Shabab fighters storm military base and did this……

Militant Islamists have attacked a Somali military base and police station near the border with Kenya, killing eight soldiers, an official has said.

The al-Shabab militants rammed the base in Beled Hawa town with an explosives-packed vehicle, and then stormed it on foot, Mohamud Hayd Osman added.

Al-Shabab said it had killed 30 soldiers in the hit-and-run attack.

It has carried out a spate of attacks in Somalia and Kenya since launching an insurgency more than a decade ago.

The African Union has an 18,000-strong force helping the UN-backed Somali government tackle the militants.

The assault on Beled Hawa also left dozens of civilians wounded.

The militants also blew up the police station and a phone mast, before retreating, Mr Osman added.

The assault shows that al-Shabab remains a dangerous force, despite losing territory to the AU force and some of its top commanders being killed in US air strikes, reports the BBC Somali service’s Bashkas Jugsodaay from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

In January, al-Shabab said it had killed 50 Kenyan soldiers in an assault on their base in Kolbiyow town in southern Somalia.

Kenyan troops are part of the AU force in Somalia.

President Trump proceeds to Pentagon for 9/11 remembrance ceremony

Minutes after observing the moment of silence in commemoration of the 9/11 victims at the White House, President Trump and wife Melania proceeded to the Pentagon to participate in a ceremony called observance in remembrance of the Pentagon staff who also lost their lives during the attack when a plane ran into the building.

White House official Twitter page wrote that, “President Trump and the First Lady participate in a Sept 11th observance at the Pentagon”


According to CBSnews which reported the details of the ceremony, the event was led by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Mattis said during the ceremony, “Our nation rallied together as one for while we had never asked for this fight, we are steadfastly comitted to seeing it through as president Trump has made it clear”.

President Trump in his own words called the Pentagon ceremony an “extraordinary” occasion, saying, “16 years after the attacks, we are one country and when we face hardship we emerge closer, stronger and more determined than ever.”

“On that day not only did the world change but we all changed our eyes were opened to the depths of the evil we face. On that hour of darkness we came together with renewed purpose, our common bonds never felt so strong,” he added.

Mr. Trump also while commiserating with the families of victims said, “The horror and anguish of that dark day were sealed into our nation’s history forever. We can never erase your pain or bring back those you lost, we can honor their sacrifice to pledge our resolve to do whatever we can to keep our people safe”.

The President stressed further, “The terrorists who attacked us thought they could incite fear and weaken our spirit, but america can not be intimidated and those who try will join the long list of vanquished enemies who dare test our mettle.”

Recession Exit: US Shocks Buhari, Denies Praising Nigerian Government

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has said it never at any time praised the Nigerian government for exiting recession.