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“I Made Gifty Who She Is Today” – Mr 2kay Reveals Details Of Crashed Relationship


The saga between former BBNaija housemate, Gifty, and singer Mr 2kay is now becoming messier as the singer has now come out to state

Man Catches Wife Sleeping With His House Boy in Lagos & THIS Happened

An apprentice trader at Ladipo Market Mushin identified as Emenike has fled his master’s home after he was caught sleeping with his master’s wife in Lagos.

The incident happened around Ailegun Road in Bucknor Estate at Ejigbo where they reside.

The matter has been reported to the police in the area. But the wife revealed the plan to the house boy, insisting that he did nothing wrong because she lured him into it as her husband had abandoned her and the children and faced business.

However, there has been turn of events since then. The wife has insisted that the husband should withdraw the matter from the police and allow the Emenike to come back. It was gathered that the wife was threatening to expose her husband if he insisted on arresting Emenike and sending him away.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that Ugochukwu (surname withheld) married Ego some years back, they had three kids and lived comfortably in their own house at the estate.

However, Ugochukwu’s business scope expanded and he was travelling out of the countries to import vehicles and spare parts which they sold at the Ladipo market.

It was learnt that Emenike was the senior manager among other apprentices Ugochukwu had and was very loyal to both his boss and his wife.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the wife fell in love with Emenike because he was not only humble, but gave her access to her husband’s money.

The show of affection led to both of them having intimate relationship which closed the emotional gap her husband created because of his business and frequent travelling. But the amorous relationship between Emenike and his wife was revealed to the man and he acted on it and caught them.

The day the incident happened, the husband who had travelled returned unannounced and with the arrangement of an insider in the house, Emenike was caught inside madam’s own room.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that when the husband knocked at the door, they had no choice than to open the door and Emenike fled. Since then, his whereabout remained unknown except for the madam who was planning for his comeback.

P.M.EXPRESS learnt that Ugochukwu seemed to be in a dilemma on what to do now because of the wife’s threat to expose him and likely crashing their marriage and then temporarily leave the house.

It was not certain what Ugochukwu will do to both his wife and Emenike, and nobody knew what the wife had threatened to expose if her husband did not bring Emenike back.

22 Harmful Effects Of M@sturbat!on In Guys And Ladies (Photos)

practiced by many people all over the world; it corrupts the life of most of the youngsters nowadays than any other problem they face. Some of them are given wrong information by their friends and are encouraged to masturbate as though they do. The less knowledge about sex and the addicting capacity of the masturbation stands as a valuable reason for this growing habit among the youngsters. They assume masturbation as good for their sexual health and joystick enlargement. We are provided with a good hormonal system that governs the enlargement and other activities regarding development of the sex organs. Some of the youngsters spread wrong information that it is needed for life without fail and some others want to do as it addicts.


We are controlled by three factors (a) Emotional factor, (b) Hormonal factor, (c) Environmental factor; in that the hormonal and environmental factors can only be less changed, where as emotional factor can be controlled to some extent. We need to control us by updating information and by modifying the situations so as to escape from this habit. There is a great urge for youngsters to change their habits before they feel its worse effects. As the media and advertisements are increasing in showing the sex organs for their commercial benefits we too need to check ourselves and maintain a standard that not to go beyond these habits which spoils our life. May be every guy will get a good wife to enjoy sex, till then you can wait so as not to waste your life with this illegal and noxious habit.
Here are some of the harmful effects of masturbation to be considered, kindly read and stop doing masturbation once again. Make your impression in the comments.

1. Masturbation makes you weak, it spends more energy and burns your calorie

2. Masturbation creates nervousness and neurological problems

3. Masturbation is a main cause for erectile dysfunction.

4. Masturbation addicts you even if you taste it for one time. Controlling it is a very big menace.

5. Masturbation creates drowsiness; you will be sleeping most of the time after ejaculation of your sperm. You will experience a damn tired.

6. Masturbation causes stress and strain in your mind and soul.

7. Masturbation also affects us psychologically; it creates depression after ejaculation and makes one to feel bad on his own.

8. Getting red hot while masturbating will give a bad name in your surroundings and it is indecent too.

9. Masturbation cannot be done simply, it needs to see, touch, indulge or at least think of a sexual practice/ sex organs of the opposite sex. This is more harmful that the image in your memory that you see could not be erased easily. This will lead you to a noxious problem that you cannot see any girl/ lady/ women without a single thought i.e., sex.

10. Masturbation creates an urge to do indefinitely; it doesn’t see the place, people and culture. It makes you to fell in a worse sexual problem if chance knocks the door.

11. Masturbation leads you to illegal contacts because the urge increases day by day and finally will lead to the search of a source for sexual pleasure.

12. Masturbation is the main reason for speedy sperm release during sexual intercourse. It will create dissatisfaction to you and to your wife.

13. Over masturbation reduces your sperm count. Couples who desire to get pregnant should not masturbate.

14. Seminal fluid that gets released on masturbation contains proteins that are needed for many metabolic activities and cell formations. Proteins are the building blocks of our body; ejaculation often will create you to be lean and distracts your metabolism of muscle building.

15. Ethically masturbation is wrong; you think of X/Y and do sex of your own. This hinders your values and respect on others. May be you are good in all other regard but will end up in a great problem if not concerned to stop the act

. Masturbation wastes your time and makes you useless.

17. The pleasure of masturbation never lasts for a long time.

18. Masturbation creates more problems as you lose your memory and thought provoking ability.

19. Masturbation is not the end for your desire; you may be fooled by your own practice. It will never give you a solution or a satisfaction but seems that it gives.

20. It is not needed in any way to your sexual life that it has to be practiced without fail.

21. Guys who masturbate will lose interest in sex with their wife very soon. They can’t feel pleasurable for a long time.

22. Masturbation induces homosexuals in schools, colleges and hostels. Many times the latter creates sexually transmitted diseases like VD, syphilis, AIDS etc.,

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Pr0st!tute Runs Out Un*cl@d As Client Turns Baboon During $3x (Download Video)

IN a scene of drama akin to a horror movie, a commercial $3x worker in Bulawayo bolted out of a hotel Un*cl@d when a client who had hired her for an all-night $3x romp allegedly turned into a baboon-like creature in the process of making love.

The incident which reads like the ending of a Hollywood B-movie horror flick reportedly happened on 19 August at a hotel in Bulawayo (name supplied).

Narrating the nightmarish experience, amid sobs, the self-confessed hooker Sandra Mpofu who was initially reluctant to share the gory tale said she met the man on the day in question while coming from the shops to buy bread.

Mpofu who stays at a downtown flat said upon making negotiations, she suggested to her client that they should go to her place and have a good time for $30 a night.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO BELOW (Warning: V!ewer’s D!scret!ion)

The man, Mpofu said, however, refused to go to her apartment requesting that they should go and share ecstasy in the sack at a local hotel where he was booked.

“It was around 7pm on my way from the shops to buy bread when I met that man close to my place. We started talking and in the process he said he was looking for a woman to spend a night with.

Upon making negotiations I charged him $30 for the night before I immediately phoned a taxi which took us to the hotel where he said he was booked.

“Suspicion initially got the better of me when he didn’t decline to pay the amount I charged him unlike other clients who usually give me headaches when I charge them the same figure,” said Mpofu.

When they arrived at the hotel; the man reportedly started caressing Mpofu while on their way to the room.

“When we entered the room he quickly undressed before he started kissing me. He later went into the toilet leaving me lying on the bed semi-Un*cl@d.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO BELOW (Warning: V!ewer’s D!scret!ion)

“When he came back after sometime, he again started caressing me all over the body. When we were about to enjoy each other I was shocked when I realised that he was now developing some animal-like hair all over his body.

“Before he fully inserted his organ, I screamed when I realised that he had completely changed into a baboon-like creature on me. I quickly stood from the bed and later ran while screaming for assistance. It was like a horror movie to me,” said Mpofu with tears down her cheeks.

She further said when she bolted out of the room the man caught up with her outside where she was narrating her ordeal to one of the security guards.

But this time he had reportedly changed into a human being.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO BELOW (Warning: V!ewer’s D!scret!ion)

“When he came to where I was narrating my ordeal to one of the security guards he started shouting at me while demanding back his money and I gave it back to him. While I was waiting for a taxi, I saw two police officers who were on patrol and told them what had happened.

“They, however, refused to buy my story and I took them to the room where the drama had occurred. When we got to the room fortunately, it was not locked and there was no one but a jacket which later mysteriously disappeared much to the shock of the police officers,” she said while trembling.

She added: “I really regretted ever engaging in this trade. Just imagine he is the last client I have served and from that night I started having continuous menstrual bleeding and this has never happened in my life since I started taking Depo-Provera two years ago.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO BELOW (Warning: V!ewer’s D!scret!ion)

“As if the pain is not enough, each time I try to have $3x with a client, his organ will not rise to the occasion before he starts writhing in pain while also complaining of severe abnormal pains. This has happened thrice and I have since sought help from prophets who told me that the man was trying to use juju to have $3x with me.”

Mpofu, who is now recovering after she sought help from prophets and pastors, insisted that she was planning to quit the world’s oldest profession.

Meanwhile, B-Metro’s spirited efforts to solicit comment from the security guard who is alleged to have assisted Mpofu drew a blank when he said he was not allowed to speak to the Press.

This Man Is Looking For A Pretty, $3xy V!rg!n Graduate To Occupy This His Kitchen (Photos)


A Nigerian man who goes by the name Munguh Elvis took to a Facebook dating group to advertise for a wife.

Displaying his kitchen, he said he needs a virgin to come and occupy a position in it.

He also said it will be preferable if she’s a university graduate, pretty, clean, sexy and welcoming.

Who’s interested?



Wife Caught Having $3x With Husband’s Best Friend (Download Video) V!ewer’s D!scretion

THERE was free drama at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza when a Donbrook married woman was caught in the arms of her husband’s best friend on Saturday.

People were restrained from meting instant justice on Yelmina Mazhindu, 35, and Mike Chiripanyanga after learning from the former’s husband that they were cheating.

The two were caught leaving a house where they allegedly had $3x while one of her twins was by their side when members of Johanne Masowe restrained the fight.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO BELOW (V!ewer’s D!scretion)

Yelmina, a mother of twins’ luck ran out after her husband, only identified as Gift, visited Madzibaba Stephen Mugariri who gave a prophecy exposing her shenanigans.

Madzibaba Stephen located through prophecy, at least according to him, that Yelmina lied to Gift that she was to attend a women round table where she was to receive her share when she was destined to have quality time with Mike.

Yelmina was led to Madzibaba Stephen’s shrine along with Mike where she hauled unprintable words to Madzibaba Stephen accusing him of wrecking her marriage.

“It is very unfair for Madzibaba Stephen to give his prophecies to people who are not at his shrine, do you want to gain fame from exposing me, muri mbwa, sh*t yemunhu” Yelmina was heard saying before she was whisked away from the shrine by elderly women for counseling.

Gift confirmed prophecies made to him saying he decided to visit Madzibaba Stephen for spiritual help since he has gone for years without getting a job.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO BELOW (V!ewer’s D!scretion)

“My wife left home saying she was going to receive a round from their women round table club and she took with her one of our twins ini ndikasara neasinganetse,” said Gift.

“I later decided to visit Madzibaba Stephen for prayers since I am failing to get employment and upon arrival I volunteered to help a family that was rescued from road traffic accident.

“I want to believe that God has heard my prayers because I never knew that my best friend was bedding my wife for the

“I Laugh When I See People Talk About This…” – Tonto Dikeh Shocks Fans(Photo)

Tonto Dikeh, has again shared hr thoughts on people’s mindset in life.

SAD! Girl Born Without Eyes Cries To Death As Mum Refuses To Breastfeed Her (Pics)

Baby Girl Born Without Eyes, Cries to Death After Mum Refused to Breastfeed Her

A baby girl who was born on Sunday, August 27, with facial deformities in Kenya has died of starvation after her mother refused to breastfeed her. Her nose was on the upper side of her face.

According to the family, the mother, Ms Mariam Mwakombo, 22, refused to breastfeed her because she was afraid. The baby cried for hours after birth due to hunger and later died at night.

Mariam Mwakombo told DailyNation: “She frightened me. I have never seen such a human being.” Ms Mwakombo’s husband, Hassan Kitoto, said he too could not comprehend why God gave him such a child.

“I am equally scared. I have never seen such a human being. Whatever the elders will decide let it be,” he said. Ms Mwakombo had only attended two antenatal care clinics at a public hospital in Kilifi before giving birth prematurely to the baby at home.

The villagers and family members wanted to throw the baby in a dungeon to let the ‘gods’ take care of her. But after she died they buried her outside her parents’ home to ward off bad omen associated with such a child.

Mwakombo said: “Hospitals are very far and I couldn’t afford the clinic at private hospitals. I used traditional methods. My water broke while I was doing my chores and she just came out. She’s seven months old.

I never felt any pains during her birth. But on looking at her, we realised she did not have eyes. I was dumbfounded. The best we could do was throw her in a dungeon in a forest. I did not name her. I could not breastfeed her lest the omen falls on me”.

Some doctors suspect the child was born with a condition known as anophthalmia. It is a condition in which one or both eyes do not form during pregnancy.

Actress Uche Jombo Reacts To Divorce Rumour, Has This For Nigerian Bloggers


Nollywood actress Uche Jombo has addressed rumours of a marriage crash on social media following the re emergence of her allegedly divorcing her husband, Kenny Rodriguez.

According to reports, the actress was said to have ended the marriage after reports of infidelity by her husband were made light.

He was linked with a 22 -year old American student Teresa.

It will be recalled that Uche Jombo had removed her husband’s pictures from her Instragaram page and upon the backlash she received, the actress debunked the story claiming all is well in her homefront.

However, some days after she denied that her marriage had crashed, pictures of her hubby with his new girlfriend surfaced online with the duo in Kenny’s home in Dallas.

According to our , Miss Jombo has decided to remain a good friend of her baby daddy for the sake of her son but their marriage is no more since both of them can’t agree on some issues of importance to marriage.

The public apology message her estranged hubby allegedly wrote a while back was said to have been written by Uche Jombo to further cover up her marital woes

Now, she has replied the rumours..

She wrote on Instagram;

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

Dear Nigerian Bloggers

If YOU are going make up stories about my life or marriage try FACTS.

Normally I will look at this stupid trending story on me today and look the other way but not TODAY!!! ENOUGH!!!!!! I find your need to create mirage tales of rancour where there are none in chase of a story/news outrageous.There’s no story here except a woman trying to balance her family life and work in 2 countries.

Please LEAVE my FAMILY out of your manufactured made up stories, there are more important stories, real issues in world people are worried about than little old me.

My only social media cover-up is pretending You “Zero journalistic ethics” people didn’t hurt me by your unfounded and non factual stories.

News flash: Marriages in the United States are public record.

Uche Jombo Divorces Husband Secretly Months After Marriage Crashed

Behind her cover up story and photos on the social media is a broken woman regretting her short-lived marriage to a foreigner.

According to a Nollywood insider who wrote yesterday, Nollywood actress Uche Jombo has secretly divorced her husband, though she might be denying it on the social media, the authoritative source said all Miss Jombo is doing now is to protect her identity and escape criticism from fans who might blame her for marrying a foreigner for paper.

The source said Miss Jombo decided to remain a good friend of her baby daddy for the sake of her son but their marriage is no more since both of them can’t agree on some issues of importance to marriage.

The public apology message her estranged hubby allegedly wrote a while back was written by Uche Jombo to further cover up her marital woes

Credit: NaijaGists

University of Ilorin Professor Reveals Benefits Of Early Morning S3x

Prof. Musa Yakubu of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State says having sex in the early morning lowers blood pressure and reduces risks of heart attack.

Yakubu said this in a paper: ‘Knocking Down the Barriers to Four O’Clock Activities and Reproductive Inadequacies’ presented at the 163rd Inaugural lecture of the university.

Yakubu said having sexual intercourse three to four times a week was good for love life.

“Research has shown that sex boosts immune system by stimulating the body’s first line of defence and production of immunoglobulin A (IgA), against cold and fever,” he said.

“Immunoglobulin A is one of the most common antibodies in the body system. Antibodies are proteins made by the immune system to fight bacteria, viruses, and toxins.”

Yakubu said that sex also regulates menstruation in women by influencing the levels of lutenizing hormones that controls menstrual period and promote better sleep.

Sexual intercourse, the don explained, releases the feel-good chemical, known as oxytocin, which enhances closeness with one’s partner and makes people feel happier for a longer period of time.

“Lovemaking of about 20 minutes reduces 150 calories,” he said.

The professor of Biochemistry postulated that sex is the most powerful creative force given to human by God for pleasure and deep companionship.

Yakubu, however, noted that any marriage in which the man or woman could not enjoy sexual intercourse or satisfy their partner in bed was a dead marriage.

He said lack of sexual satisfaction had led to the collapse of many marriages in Nigeria, and urged couples to seek for solutions to the problem.

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How To Make Her Want You More (Pics)

Women want to be with men who are mature, who think from the head more than the heart and someone who can sweep her off her feet every now and then. Women want a man who will be there for her today, tomorrow and for the rest of her life, a man who can wipe her tears and draw a smile on her face. If you think you are that kind of a man to your woman, you need to do everything in your possession to make her yours forever.If you want to make your woman want you more, to love and care for you that much extra, then you need to put in a lot more effort in the relationship. Good things do not come easy in life. There are some ways in which you can make you woman want you more and forever.Here are some ways to make your woman want you more.

Ways to make Her want you more are:

1.Keep Up Your Promises: It is very important to keep up to your promises. Women adore men who keep up to their word. So, if you want to make your woman want you forever, this is what you need to do.

2.Little Things Matter: Little things matter in relationship, more than the expensive material things in life. No doubt, women love material things, but surprising her with a breakfast in bed is a little thing she will least expect from her man.

3.Speak From The Mind: Speak from the mind and then from the heart. This is one of the things you can do to make your woman want you more. Women love their man to be direct and more realistic.

4.Act Like A Man: This might sound strange, but many fail to act like a real man when in the presence of their woman. Keep this in mind if you like to make your woman want you forever. She will be undoubtedly pleased with her Alpha male.

5.Listen To Her Body Language: Listening to her body language is important in a relat!onship. It lets her know you respect her for the woman she is and in a way, it shows you are a true gentleman.

6.Tickle Her Funny Bone: This is one of the ways to get int!mate with your lady. If you like your woman to want you forever, you need to turn up your r0mance switch.

7.Appreciate Her: Appreciate her, she will want you more. Appreciate her looks, the way she smells, her talent, anything to make her happier.

8.Take Up For Her: Not many men know this, a woman loves it when her man takes up for her now and again. She feels like she is walking on water when her man takes or stands up for her in a group or at any given situation.

9.Get Intimate: Intimacy draws you nearer to each other. It helps the emotional and physical being become one.

10.Show Her The Family Side: If you are unmarried, what better way to make her want you more. A woman, whether she is married or not, needs a man who is independent and can look after her, so be that man and prove it to her.

These are the ways to make your woman want you more.


Beautiful V!rg!n Nigerian Girl Is Searching For A Guy To Defl0wer Her On Facebook (Photos)

Nigerian girl who is tired of being a v!rg!n seeks for a nice guy courageous enough to “tear her pant” lol. The things you see on social media nowadays. You will just wonder if some people have eaten up their senses alongside the Sharwamah they ate some days back.

This is so gross in my own opinion!!!


I Went To His House Without My P@nties & This Happened (Pics)

A lady who is a dating a very successful young man is apparently begging to have $3x with him after observing the reluctance of the man to make the first move.

This lady who wrote her story to relationship blogger and adviser, Joro Olumofin is scared that her man might be gay.

According to her, he has failed to have $3x with her despite all her efforts to $educe him. She recently approached him without her und!es but the man only caressed her and left.



10 Things I Discovered After Six Months Of Not M@sturbat!ng

1. Focus: I started having good focus with high and stable attentiveness to discussions. Unlike before I could pretend listening to someone having any discussion with me but my mind would be, “please try and end the topic I need to go to a private place and think of what matters to me(jack off).”

2. Social: My social life started making sense, I always felt like going out on a daily basis. I try to be funny when I discuss with people and lively, it’s like I’m loved by everyone and vice verse. Unlike before, I hid my self constantly, loved thinking and being alone. If I managed to go out, i tend to develop shyness when anyone passed by and if a lady walked close I used to have plenty thoughts and acted like a seriously confused fellow(should I look at her, or I should snub her) and my face will be like  )

3. Freak: a month later, I started feeling like a freak, each time I walk across a lady, only one thing comes to my mind. I always feel like talking to her and briefly tell her “hello how are you? Please can I have sex with you” The thought of having $3x became so climax, that I could stay on my bed and try to flip my waist, hold firm and remember that with time it will stop. One of my motivation is that (there is a man who wants to force me to do what I don’t want(devil) and he is right there) as soon as I remember that, I just control myself again)

4. IQ: few months later I noticed my IQ increased. My brain is now connecting easily.I remember things fast and it makes me happy, I always feel like going back to school again knowing fully well that I can compete with the best student because my brain is now becoming super-fast. I could see the future and so motivated to walk up to a guy and say “hi, I have not mastubated for like few months now, how about you?”  . Unlike before, you could tell me something just now and I will forget it within two minutes even if I say it repeatedly, when I needed to use at the time it matters, I just forget it and say ” can’t remember for now”

5. Sound health: yes , I started building good muscles, just small push ups daily I noticed how fast my body started responding. I could walk and smile, feeling so good. I could relate with anyone’s mind and say “hey whats up? I know you notice how huge I’m becoming”  I always feel like the boss.

6. Movies: This is one heck of a problem for me. Ones I see an actress, I always feel like, wow “I wonder how this lady will look like when Uncl@d”. The only advantage is that, I can now finish a movie without fast fowarding it to the $3xual part. Many people watched Spartacus but not everyone understands or even knows the storyline. All I did when I watched it during my m@stubat!ng hour was to forward and play, rewind and play it where it matters to me ($3x) , right now, I hate seeing such movie.

7. Spiritual life : It’s more like God loves my move and I have settled with him on that part. I always feel happy to pray. Even when I noticed I did something wrong, in my prayers I just relate easily and feel like “oh I am no longer a m@sturbator , it’s very easy now to be forgiven” . Unlike before, m@stubat!ng even makes me to forget prayer points and missed going to church services.

8. Strength: I could stay awake for long without any desire to sleep. I always feel like, wow, my body has not relaxed I’m ok and its like i just woke. Before, I only felt like ” It’s two hours already, I’m having headache, I need to sleep to gain back strength”

9. Sleep : My sleep has been terrible. I hardly sleep at night. I always feel like, if I m@sturbate I will sleep before I know it. My thought will be like, “I need a girl here on my bed, Shitt, what am I saying? Yeah, I need my friend with her b00bs right now I can start holding her bu*tt. Shitt what I’m I saying? Oh o, I want to fvck… Jizz! Shitt!! fvck me” that’s how it was until sleep comes unaware.

10. Bed wet. As a teen, I never had “wet dream.” I wasn’t sure I believed that other people were having them, but during this experiment I had my first one. They are not enjoyable and they wake you long before you actually have to get up. It also feels like your body telling you that you need to go m@sturbate. In the end, the whole experiment had good and bad results but if you’re hoping for a change in your life, its worth it…

Mother Had $3x With Her Teen Daughter’s Husband in Anambra (Video Gone Viral) DOWNLOAD I8+


A man identified as Kingsley married a 17-year old girl (named withheld) who was the daughter of his widowed lover, only for the girl to discover just two days after their marriage took place that her mother had deep intimate relationship with her husband. (DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE) Warning V!ewer’s D!scretion)

P.M.EXPRESS reports that not minding the fact that she was already pregnant, the girl parked her property, left her matrimonial home and declared that she was no longer interested in the marriage.

The incident happened at Ogboji town in Orumba Local Government Area but the victim hails from Umuchu in Aguata Local Government Area, all in Anambra State.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered the widow simply known as Jane lost her husband and after mourning him for several years, she decided to find love again and met Kingsley.

However, it was gathered that their relationship was said to be strong to the extent that both families knew about it, even though Kingsley was younger.

It was learnt that the situation changed when Kingsley indicated his interest to marry and have his own family. They agreed that they will keep their relationship intact and Jane suggested that he should marry one of her daughters and he agreed.

According to the victim, “when my mother asked me to marry Kingsley I refused because I knew my mother knew him too well”

She narrated that they had targeted her fertility period and Kingsley arranged with her mom, she was taken to where she was offered drink and that was all she knew as she slept off.

She said when she woke up, she discovered that she was defiled and from that encounter got pregnant.

Her mother then told her that since she was pregnant, Kingsley had to marry her and she was forced to accept. She said their family members were contacted who initially objected but had to consent to her mother’s position without knowing she was already pregnant.

She said her dowry was paid and she went with him but hated both Kingsley and her mother who arranged the whole thing when she was supposed to finish her secondary school.

The victim said when she reflected on what happened, she realised that the whole thing was caused by her mother who she later got to know was sharing Kingsley with her and had to walk out of the marriage.

She told P.M.EXPRESS that once she delivers the baby, she will go back to school to take her WAEC and further her education.

When our reporter contacted the mother on phone, she admitted that she recommended Kingsley to marry her but denied she had any intimacy with him.

P.M.EXPRESS confirmed that Jane and Kingsley’s relationship was well known but could not confirm her daughter’s claim of sharing Kingsley with her.

Very Sad…Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi’s Marriage Crashes

*Why Olori Wuraola Ran To Obasanjo For Quick Intervention.

Other miseries only speak but heartbreak shrieks out. Yet each couple

OMG!! Beautiful Pregnant Woman Beaten To Death By Husband Buried Alongside Her Baby (Graphic Photos)

A Facebook user identified as Ukan Kurugh, has written the concluding part of the story of Chinyere, who was beaten to death by her husband.

This Nigerian Man Is Looking For A Husband For His Mum (See Criteria)

A young Nigerian man based in the USA, took to Twitter to announce he is searching for a suitable man to marry his gorgeous mum.@Chimsom_BFAB also listed some requirements for eligible suitors.

See below…

See What A Woman Did When Her Soldier Husband Returned From Fighting Boko Haram

A Nigerian soldier surprised his family after returning home from fighting Boko Haram following Nigerian Army rotation of Troops

OMG!!! Man Shoots U*ncl@d Wife & Lover Dead Having $3x on Matrimonial Bed (Download Video)

A columbian hubby has been charged with murder after sh00ting his Uncl -@d wife and her lover dead when he caught the pair having $3x. (See CCTV Video I8+)



According to reports, the security guard suspected his beautiful wife was having an affair while he was working night shifts & planned a trap to “catch her with her hands in the dough”, according to police.

Juan Carrlos Garrcia, 42, is believed to have admitted to killing Sandra Castelanos, 39, and her boyfriend Noe Gomez, 35, at their family home in Atlantico, Colombia.




The couple’s 3 children were sleeping in the house when Garrcia allegedly pulled a handgun on the couple, sh00ting them at around 9pm on  August 4th.

The security guard was tippedd off about the couple’s secret tryst by neighbours &pretended to go to work so he could catch Castellanos & Gomez in the act….


Garrcia stayed at a friends house and called Castellanos at around 9pm to check on the children and burst into the family home moments later, catching the lovers in the act. (See CCTV Video I8+)


He was later arrested in what police called a “horrific crime of passion” the Villa Maria area of Soledad.

But even though police say the man handed himself in & confessed to his crimes, he did not show remorse.

He’s believed to have told officers: “She was unfaithful & sullied my honor as a man. All I did was remove the woman who destroyed my life in this world.”



OMG! See What Happened To 45rys Old Man NOW After Marathon S3x With Lover In Abuja (Download Video) I8+

A 45-year-old man has slumped and died allegedly after having $3xual interc0urse with his girlfriend in Gwarinpa.

Police sources said the incident happened in a Hotel at War College Estate.

A police source said the deceased visited his girlfriend identified only as Bridget at about 10:00a.m. and was preparing to leave after they made love.

The source said the woman, who reported the matter at the police station, said she was in the bathroom when her lover slumped and died.

The Gwarinpa Divisional Police Officer, CSP Nuruddeen Sabo, said the woman was in custody.

He said the body was taken to Asokoro District Hospital for autopsy and that investigation was ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Hotel Manager said they have recovered a video recording in the man’s phone which shows the duo making love.  The girl confessed she recorded ‘the act’ but claims it was with the man’s consent. (Watch Video below)

Because of the explicit content of this video, we cant upload it here. DOWNLOAD TO WATCH. Warning: V!ewer’s D!scretion)


“I Met A Man Having S3x With My Wife In A Car”: Baby Falls Into Fire As Couple Fight (Download Video) I8+

The police on Tuesday arraigned a 42- year old driver , Igwe Dike , before a Lagos State Magistrates’ Court in Ikeja , for allegedly beating his wife , Nkiru Egbo , with a plank which left her and their son seriously injured.

Dike was arraigned on two counts of assault and causing of grievous bodily harm, which he pleaded not guilty to.

According to the police prosecutor , Inspector Simon Imhowa , the incident happened on July 30, 2017 , at the couple ’ s residence on Ferry Street, Mile 2 , Lagos.

Imhowa noted that the offence was contrary to and punishable under sections 170 and 171 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.

According to the charge sheet , Dike assaulted his 35- year – old wife by beating her with the plank.

He was alleged to have chased her with a cutlass and in the process , their nine – month- old son, whom she was backing , fell into a fire, which burnt his face and right arm.

Dike told the police that he got married to Egbo in 2006 and the marriage was blessed with three children.

He noted that they lived happily until he lost his job in 2016.

He said , “On the day of the incident , at about 12. 30am, I came back to meet another man making love to my wife inside a vehicle. I secret recorded their illicit act with my phone (Watch Video Below)

WE CANT UPLAOD VIDEO HERE (Download to Watch) Note: V!ewer’s D!scretion [I8+]

“ I immediately picked up a stick , opened the door of the vehicle and hit the man on the head with it.

“ My wife took the stick from me and while we were dragging it , the

Secondary School Students Caught In The Act, Video Gone Viral (Download) I8+

End time student.

See their I8+ leaked video that has got social media buzzing.

We cant upload the video here, DOWNLOAD it here to watch (V!ewer’s D!scretion)




Girls That Sleep Out And Don’t Go Back Home (Real Life Story with Video) I8+

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, panel of judges, accurate time keepers, moderators, bashers, no fvck given crew, Igbere TV owner and the ever observers (guest)

Today I want to address the issue of our ladies leaving their home to spend days, weeks and months at their mans house. This has become the norm amongst our ladies. It is very bad!!!!

Several times I invited girlfriends to my crib, my expectations are, once you come today, we play, eat, fvck at night, once its 7 to 9am the next day, carry your bag and go back to your home. Infact let me be the one to beg you to stay few more hours or more days.

The one that made me to create this thread today is a girl that came to my house since Wednesday last week. After everything and the night fvck (Video Below), I was expecting her to leave the next day, I left her at home and off to work, I was expecting she’d be gone before I return. But NO, this girl was still at crib, waiting, she nor bring clothes o, she con dey wear my clothes, this happened till yesterday, which is Sunday, before she left.

Ladies why!!!!!!

At times I wonder what it is our ladies has to show as their pride, I mean waten con remain

DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE (V!ewer’s D!scretion)

Una carry only handbag go man house, he go vandalize una shoko for two days to a month or more than, it depends on how worthless you see yourself. Then una go break up after some months or years, then you move on to another guy, he does same for some months or years, the circle continues. Before finally see man wey go marry you, your Toto has been downgraded, depreciated, vandalized, soured, spoilt, decayed, old, grown white hair and pleading for retirement from vandalism.

What is wrong with our ladies? How woman go carry herself go man house, to go back to her house go be wahala? Wheres your self worth? Where’s your pride? Where the shakara con go?

Those years when ladies were ladies, I was dating a girl in another state, she nor go bold comot for house come see me for my state. She was well matured and ripe for marriage, but that respect she had for her parents wouldn’t allow her leave home, even another girl I dated few years later, her home was just 20 minutes walk from mine, but she hardly visit me. If I wan see her, I go ride bicycle pass front of her house, then turn back ride am pass again, I do this up to 4 times before she gets the message that I’m waiting under a mango tree close to her house. Anytime she’s on an errand, she manages to visit, but the

An Old Nig Lady Publicly Begged To Be King Tblack Sug@r Mummy (Download Bedr00m Video)

As seen on instagram,  a Nigerian woman named “Gloria Udo”  made a comment on TV lack “the popular Nigerian p0rn maker’s Instagram page,  telling him that she wants to be his sug@r Mummy.

See pics below.

See the Bedroom Video sent to him (V!ewer’s d!scretion)

We cant post the video here, download to watch



Unbelievable!! Sharp Man Gives Undergraduate 1K Instead Of 20K After $3x In Uyo & This Happened (Must Download Video)

Drama as sharp Nigerian guy gives female student of AKSU ₦1,000 after they had $3x.. The lady refused to accept the ₦1,000, says her money is

Jealous Lover Traces Cheating Girlfriend To Lagos Hotel, What He Did Will Shock You

A jealous lover, Ahmed Ibrahim, who allegedly damaged a hotel’s property while searching for his girlfriend reportedly lodging with a man, was on Thursday brought before an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court.

Shocking!! Female Banker Found Murdered, Boyfriend On The Run (Photos)

Police is hunting for one Andrew Okoth after they discovered the body of his girfriend Fahima Natoolo, an employee of Tropical Bank of Africa, Kampala, Uganda.