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Couple Make Their Divorce Public After Their Wedding In Delta State. Photos


This lovely couple or rather ex-couple are trending online after deciding to make their separation public. The husband identified as Mr Omorode revealed that he and his estranged partner, Doris are no longer together following their divorce today in Delta state. The man also revealed that his ex-partner who is now a free woman should not come near him neither will he go near her.

Journalist Sapele Oghenek shared the divorce update online in pidgin English. Read below;

“From the couple Mr Omorode and Doris , we just divorce now, because the thing nor work. It is good to divorce than for one to die in marriage, I, Mr Omorode have declared that Doris Omoraka is a free woman. She can move with her friends from now upwards. In case anybody see or saw her from today 12th of March 2018, they should know that I Omorode and Doris are not together and she is now free. I Omorode have decided that Doris should not come close to me please, and I will never go close to her. Please inform Sapele, Delta State ,Nigeria and the world at large that we are done. This is the couple final decision for peace to reign”

Anambra incest: 17-year-old girl speaks on marrying brother

The 17-year-old girl who recently wedded her 23-year-old brother in the Ekwulobia area of Aguata in Anambra State, has spoken out.

The girl, a secondary school pupil, and her mother, Mrs. Ezeibekwe, spoke with Channels Television.

Igberetv had earlier reported that the mathematics teacher in a secondary school in Ekwulobia, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe, married and wedded his 17-year-old biological sister in their elder brother’s church.

The brother, Chijioke Ezeibekwe joined the two in marriage in his church, Dwelling Fullness of God Church

Chiadikobi claimed that God told him to do so.

Talking about the stigma that has affected her learning at school and beyond, the 17-year-old girl said, “Because of what people have been saying about us, that’s why I stopped school for now.

“Until will settle down, until everything has calmed down, then if I hear from God that I should continue, I’ll continue.”

Also speaking, the mother of the newly married siblings, said, “Our neighbours don’t interact with us anymore because we are still trashing out the matter with the police.

“They said it’s a taboo and an abomination and until cleansing is carried out then the communion will start again and the community is preparing to carry out the cleansing.

“But no matter the cleansing, it’s only God that can neutralize any abomination, if any.”

My Job Is Rewarding, Says Lady Who Claims To Be The Highest Paid Prostitute. Photos

America’s “highest-earning” legal prostitute has revealed what life is really like working in a brothel. Alice Little, who works at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, US, says her job is “stigmatising, degrading, difficult, and the best thing I’ve ever done with my life.”

Alice told Style Caster she spends more than £1,750 a year on condoms and lubrication, “hours” in the nail salon, and works out for an hour in the gym everyday.

The woman who claims to be the best paid prostitute in the United States – pocketing £711,000 to date, explains that it takes a lot to be a sex worker.

Alice, who has worked at the brothel for two years, said: “My job is that of a psychologist, relationship coach, and sexpert all rolled into one.”

Explaining her daily routine, she says up to 20 “incredibly beautiful” women stand shoulder to shoulder, and wait to be “chosen” by a man – for 12 to 14 hours a day, five days a week.

Discussing her co-workers, Alice says the mix of ladies is diverse and counts retired servicewomen, grad students, mothers, doctoral candidates, among her colleagues.

Equally, she said there isn’t just one type of person that visits a brothel either.

She said: “I spend intimate time with men, couples, single women, divorcées, virgins, kinksters, and widows.”

Alice, who was born in Dublin and moved to America aged five, claims she chose her career because she finds her job rewarding, and explains that the sex is more than just an act.

She said: “You may assume my job is primarily about sex, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sex is assumed – it’s already on the table. What I’m really selling is intimacy.

“Intimacy is a crucial element of health and wellness. It affects our physical, mental, and emotional health in tangible ways. Much like petting a cat can lower your blood pressure, so too can a quality hug.”

Alice has her own suite at the brothel owned by Dennis Hof – which is supported by a team of cashiers, bartenders and door attendants. During her downtime she likes to educate herself on matters of human sexuality, psychology and sociology through books, lectures and online videos.


Man Allegedly Abandons His Young Wife And Kids, Moves In With Another Lady. Photos

Different reactions are trailing the story of a man who allegedly left his pretty and younger wife to move in with another lady. ‎Emeka Ugwuonye‎ who shared the news seemed not to understand why the man would abandon his young wife and children and move in with an older lady – even to the extent of the alleged mistress putting on the wife’s dress..

Some online users who read the story feel that the man is under a spell and does not know what he’s doing while others feel that his wife might have made the situation in the house uncomfortable for the man – hence he decided to move out and find his ”joy”.

Anambra Police Commissioner Celebrates His Wife’s Birthday In His Office Today. (Photos)

Mrs Hajia Khadijah Umar, the wife of the Commissioner of Police in Anambra State, Garba Umar, today 5th March 2018 turned a year older. The state police boss celebrated his wife’s birthday at the police command in Akwa – with colleagues and friends in attendance. See pictures below;

Kasuwar Magani, Kaduna Where It Is Forbidden To ‘Love

From Kasuwar Magani, a town in the southern part of Kaduna State, MUHAMMAD SABIU reports that falling in love has become a dangerous venture among youths in the community as a crisis broke out early last week Monday as a result of religious differences.

KASUWAR Magani, a town in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State has always been a controversial town. Populated by a local people called Adara on one hand and Hausas, Kajuru is still today a town hotly contested for by the two major groups.

A resident of the town who gave his name as Mallam Abdullahi believes the Hausa own the town. He told the Sunday Tribune that over 100 years ago the first person to settle in the town was a Hausa man. According to him, ‘the Adara people who claim ownership of the town were idol worshippers living in the surrounding thick forests.

“They were living in those hills behind the town. It was later when they saw us here in Kasuwar Magani they began to come out from the mountains and settled with us. That’s the reason you see that the population of the Hausa community is appreciable,” he said.

Thus, 40 years ago, the town came to the front burner of national discourse when violence erupted leading to loss of lives and destruction of property. Then governor of the state, Alhaji Balarabe Musa quickly intervened by introducing a curfew.

Mallam Yusuf Auta who witnessed the mayhem recalled that, “one morning, the Adara community felt they were gradually being marginalised by the Hausa community. They said the claim by the Hausa that they own the town was untrue and false,“ he said, adding that the Adara began to spread the sentiments among their people and until a crisis erupted.

It was gathered that the Kasuwar Magani crisis of 1980 was regarded as the first crisis that broke out in Southern Kaduna. A community leader in the area, who pleaded for anonymity, said the two communities had since then been living in peace with each other.

“There is no recorded case of any misunderstanding that I didn’t know. I can also recall the leaders then not only agreed to sheath their swords but also signed what could be regarded as a peace deal,” he narrated.
Findings gathered that over the years, Kasuwar Magani became economically buoyant. The Hausa residents erected shops and became owners of some business enterprises. Other tribes too like the Igbo and the Yoruba came to settle in the area.
staff member of the Kaduna Refinery and Petro-Chemical Company, Mr Bulus Gabriel, told Sunday Tribune that “some of the NNPC staff built their houses in Kasuwar Magani because of its proximity to the refinery.”

Gabriel also recalled that the Southern Kaduna crisis in the state has also compelled people to choose where to stay in order to have rest of mind and Kasuwar Magani location is a factor.

“People now stay where their safety is guaranteed. So, many of the Christian members of staff in the refinery from the Southern part of the state had chosen to settle in Kasuwar Magani. The town has grown to become one of the bubbly towns in Southern Kaduna and even in the whole state.

“Every Saturday, the influx of people into the town is awesome. People from far and near come to make purchases. We have a big market. Some come here to unwind with their spouses and even drink to stupor,” he stated, noting that the town has enjoyed relative peace as everyone saw one another as brothers.

However, events of the last two weeks had changed everything. Sunday Tribune investigations revealed that the genesis of the current crisis started when leaders in Adara community, who are mostly Christians, allegedly told their girls to stop falling in love with Hausa boys.

Elaborating further, a resident in the area, who did not want to be identified, remarked that “our girls are fond of falling in love with the Muslim boys in the community. We want them to stop that,” he explained.

Another resident gave further reason why some elders frowned on their girls having relationships with their Muslim neighbours: “most often, they (the girls) will leave their houses to go and stay with the Muslim boys. We have many cases like that.”

Speaking in the same vein, a Christian youth in the area who gave his name as Amos Ishaya said the complaint was about the attitude of their girls. “Our girls go after the Muslim boys because of the money. They give them money and buy clothes for them.”

However, the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when the news emerged that a Christian girl converted to Islam. The family of the girl, it was learnt, didn’t find the issue a joke. They subsequently reported the case to the concerned authorities.

Just as the matter was being looked into, another girl reportedly converted to Islam. Investigations gathered that the Adara youths held a meeting, to not only denounce the conversion of the girls, but were also said to have vowed to ensure that they maintain their faith without hesitation.

“We found the news of their conversion unacceptable, because our investigation revealed that they were forcefully compelled to accept Islam,” a source said.

This claim was, however, dispelled by a resident of the town, Mallam Inuwa Musa, who contended that the girls were never forced against their will to convert. He told Sunday Tribune that the two girls, including those before them, on their own volition chose to accept Islam.

“We have many cases of inter-marriages in this community. Why must it be now? Why are they kicking against it? I think there is more to it than meets the eye,” he stressed.

As tension mounted over a possible breakdown of law and order in the community, a meeting was immediately summoned by the elders of the community. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed, among others, that the leaders of both groups should talk to their youths to sheath their swords and maintain the well-known peaceful coexistence in the community.

It was also agreed that the elders should talk to their wards not to fall in love with any person who does not have the same faith with them. The girls in question were also asked to return to their houses since it was learnt that they both left their homes.

Sunday Tribune learnt that on Monday, last week, Adara youths allegedly mobilised to attack the houses they felt were holding the girls when discovered that the girls had not returned to their houses. Indeed, the violence which lasted for the two hours led to the destruction of several houses, while over 1,000 shops were set ablaze. The state police commissioner, Mr Austin Iwar, confirmed that 12 people were killed in the mayhem.

In an effort to stem the crisis from spreading to other parts of the state, the state government quickly directed security agencies to send their personnel to the area to restore order. In a statement issued by the governor’s media aide, Samuel Aruwan, the state government condemned the mayhem. He said government will prosecute those behind the arson and directed security agents to arrest them as soon as possible.

Goodluck Jonathan Gets New Appointment

OMG!!! Man Cuts Off Girlfriend’s 2 Hands After She Was Seen With Another Guy (Graphic Photos)

A heartless unidentified young man has cut off his girlfriend’s two hands because of flirting with another guy.

According to reports gathered by IGBERE TV, the guy used motor saw to cut her both hands off just because he caught her flirting with another guy.

All efforts of IGBERE TV to get more information about where the incident happened proved abortive as at the time of filing this report.

OMG!!! Lady Serves Boyfriend With Jollof Mixed With Her Poo & THIS Happened (Pics)

A woman has made shocking revelation of the worst thing she has done to a man. She confessed of making her former lover eat her ‘toilet’ by mixing it with minced meat stew in a Jollof rice.

She disclosed to David Papa Bondze-Mbir of doing this as a payback to her ex-boyfriend that left her to marry another lady. She confessed together with other women in the private inbox of David Papa Bondze-Mbi on Facebook.

Father-In-Law Forces Bride To Kiss Him In Front Of Guests At Her Wedding. Photos

Fight erupted at a wedding after the bride’s drunk father-in-law forced her to kiss him on stage in front of hundreds of people. Members of both families erupted into violence in the middle of the lavish ceremony in the city of Yancheng in eastern China’s Jiangsu province.

The wedding appeared to be going well until the blushing bride stepped onto the stage with her new father-in-law in front of hundreds of guests.

She looked uncomfortable as the older man put his arm around her but worse was to come as he really gave her something to blush about.

Smartphone footage shows the man suddenly step in front of his daughter-in-law, take her in his arms and lock his lips on hers for a passionate embrace as she tries to break free. Howls of outrage can be heard from some guests while others clap and cheer.

And the violence spilled into the foyer as members of both families became involved in a mass brawl while woman can be heard crying and shouting in the background.

The footage quickly proved popular on social media and video-sharing platforms which prompted the families to come together to release a joint plea.

They said: “We didn’t expect the incident to take such a negative turn. The two families are now in an awkward position and the newlyweds have suffered because of it too. “The father-in-law, who was given too much to drink on his son’s big day, deeply regrets his actions. We ask social media users to stop sharing the videos and let our family sort this out privately.

“We do not wish to become famous, nor do we want to become the butt of every person’s joke. Had this happened in your family, would you be sharing it like this?”

I Prefer My Man To Cheat With Real Woman Rather Than Sex Doll” -Yoruba Actress

The Nollywood and Yoruba movie actress Bukola Awoyemi popularly known as ARUGBA has expressed her own opinion over having sex with sex dolls, says it is ungodly and inhuman to have sex with dolls which are inanimate objects.

She also said she would prefer her man to cheat with a real human rather than those inanimate sex dolls, would she even accept cheating at all?

The actress however maintained that although she doesn’t like making her private affairs public for reasons best known to her. But the issue of sex dolls being the new other woman to most women in romantic relationships is one that has forced her to make her intimate opinion concerning the issue known.

She said;
“I never wished for a man that will cheat on me when I get married but if I end up with one with cheating genes in his blood, I would prefer him to cheat on me with a human being than with an object. The reason is simple, it is just inhuman to have sex with an object. Sex dolls are inanimate objects, as far as I am concerned,” she declared.

Man Weds Two Women In Abia, Kisses Them Together In Front Of Guests. Photos

Why some women will be fighting for their man not to  double date, yet these two women choose to be bonded and live happily  by marrying  one man on the same day.

Recall last week that IgbereTv shares a wedding poster of a man that is set to marry two women the same day in Abia state?

well here are photos from the wedding . The man identified as Master Ejindu became an online sensation after his wedding posters with his women -were shared online.

The man was in an elated mood as he tied the knot to his lovely ladies; Miss Oyediya and Miss Ebere on Sunday 25th February, 2018 at Agbala Amangwu Amogudu in Abiriba, Abia State. Congratulations to them.

Lady Confess How She Put Poison On Nipple To Kill Her Cheating Husband

Husbands need to tune this cheating down a bit biko nu. This is the reason why most men die before their time. And when your wife still cooks for you and opens her leg for you, and yet your cheating on her, my brother, your life is hanging in a balance oo.

A married woman has confessed of killing her husband by applying poison on her nipples for him to suck and die during their sexual encounter. The married woman who confessed together with other 24 Ghanaian married women disclosed shocking cheating stories in the Facebook inbox of David Papa Bondze-Mbir to share on his wall to the public on condition of anonymity when he asked for true confessions on why some married women cheated on their partner on his Facebook wall.

Read details below:

“1. “David, I know you are protecting our identities – that is why I am feeling a little bit comfortable, opening up to ONLY you. I am pleading with you, if you still are not so sure of how safe the security of your Facebook account is, kindly copy my message into a Word document or folder, and DELETE my message – to protect me, should anyone try hacking your system. Thank you.

I am in my second marriage. And yes, I am cheating on my husband. I wasn’t always like this: I used to be faithful. I used to be content with only one man. I used to love and trust, from deep within. However, my first husband turned me into something I never knew I could be: A murderer! I killed him, Dave… I poisoned my first husband, and watched him die in our bedroom, painfully. I mixed a deadly, colorless, tasteless, odorless substance with my lotion, smeared it gently on my breast, rubbed it on my vagina, put some on my lips: I coated every part of my body I knew he enjoyed putting his mouth and tongue on, and watched him swallow every bit of his own saliva, mixed with the substance.

Dave, sometimes, a cheating, filthy, lying bastard, ought to die – for you to live. I deserved to live, Dave. I deserved to live. I’m glad our incompetent Ghanaian medical doctors could still not diagnose the true cause of his death after the autopsy. Everybody, including his family, all think he died from an acute liver problem.

I am cheating on my current husband because I don’t want to lose another man in a marriage; so I would rather want to cheat on him too, as a form of closure – in order not to lose my mind. He started cheating on me when I was Seven (7) months pregnant. Smh! These foolish men eh: we give them everything, yet, they choose to fool around. I feel very sorry for this my current husband. I’m still timing him closely. His time will come.”

Lagos Sch00lb0ys G@ng-R@pe Sch00lgirls, In!t!ate Them Forcefully; $3x Video Le@ks [WATCH] I8+

Some sch00lgirls in Lag0s yesterday recanted their 0rdeal while being f0rcibly initiated into cu*lt!sm by cu*lt members who are their sch00lmates. 0ne of the victims, wh0 identified herself simply as Alaka, said that one of the cu*lt boys, Dare, t00k her and her friend, Suliat, to j0in his gr0up.

Lagos Sch00lb0ys G@ng-R@pe Sch00lgirls, In!t!ate Them Forcefully; $3x Video Le@ks [WATCH] I8+


Some sch00lgirls in Lag0s yesterday recanted their 0rdeal while being f0rcibly initiated into cu*lt!sm by cu*lt members who are their sch00lmates. 0ne of the victims, wh0 identified herself simply as Alaka, said that one of the cu*lt boys, Dare, t00k her and her friend, Suliat, to j0in his gr0up.


“Dare t00k me away from sch00l with a gun and when we got to the place at Agarawu, I was asked to kneel down by seven boys. They t00k me away through tricycle. Dare and Wakilu covered my eyes with black handkerchief.

They poured something on my b0dy, r@ped and initiated me. Dare slapped me three times and said I have been initiated,” the 15-year-0ld girl said amid tears. Als0 narrating her ordeal, a JSS3 victim said she was f0rcibly taken to Agarawu where four b0ys forced her to kneel down and pulled off her uniform. The victim said the boys g@ng-r@ped her for many days and did not allow her to go home. She said: “They forced me into the r00m and ordered me to pull off my cl0thes.

The b0ys rec0rded the entire $#x which mistakenly le@ked 0nline. The video which has now gone viral is helping the police in the investigation.



South Korea Has Now Created A Pen1s Themed Park For L0vers (SEE Photos) I8+

Winter Olympics tourists visiting South Korea for the games. Have been visiting a rather more bizarre attraction – the country’s notorious pen1s-themed park.

Legend has it that the Haes!ndeng Park – known better as the ‘Pen1s Park’. Started out after a v!rgin died in a storm. While her boyfriend collected seaweed from a rock in a nearby cove.


Meet The P0rn St@r Who Claimed To Have Slept With 36 police Officers (Pics + Video) I8+

A woman who claims to have bedded 36 Irish police officers has posted a video on a p0rn site of herself apparently having $3x at the side of the road.Filmed with a man in Garda uniform, the woman – dubbed “Carla 4 Garda” – says she took part in the $3x act by an Irish motorway.

A woman who claims to have bedded 36 Irish police officers has posted a video on a p0rn site of herself apparently having $3x at the side of the road.Filmed with a man in Garda uniform, the woman – dubbed “Carla 4 Garda” – says she took part in the $3x act by an Irish motorway.

The amateur p0rn star has claimed online that she has a fetish for officers and only has $3x with members of the force.

She uploaded the footage to an amateur p0rn site which has since gone viral


The video appears to show a woman having $3x in a vehicle while pulled over in a ‘Garda only’ space on the side of the motorway, the Irish Mirror reported.

Earlier this month, Carla claimed police officers have been sending her r@cy photos and last year a Garda was suspended after a video emerged of him having $3x with her beside his vehicle.



Confusion As Igbo Man Impregnates And Weds His Sister In Anambra Church Says Its Biblical

Just like a fairy tale, a 25-year-old man, Mr. Chiadi Ezeibekwe, said he impregnated his 17-year-old younger sister. As if that was not enough, he wedded her at a church at their Agba village in Ekwulobia, Anambra State. Agba youths, who saw the marriage as “an abomination,” burnt down the church where the wedding was consummated.

It was learnt that the wedding was conducted by Chiadi’s elder brother, Mr. Chijioke Ezeibekwe, a Shepherd of Dwelling Fullness of God Church, Agba. Chiadi quoted Deuteronomy 36: 6, which, according to him, permits marriage between brothers and sisters of the same parents.

However, a member of the church, who spoke on condition of anonymity, countered that. He referred the brothers to Leviticus 18:9, which clearly speaks against marriage between brother and sister.

A source noted that immediately their eldest brother, Mr. Emeka Ezeibekwe, heard of the “incestuous marriage,” he alerted the clan head, who summoned the family to an emergency meeting. When their father, popularly, known as “Luisco,” was contacted for comments, he said that his concern was a way out of the situation, since according to him, “what has happened, has happened’’.

Addressing the crowd which gathered on their premises, their mother claimed that his son’s action was biblical, saying Chiadi paid her the bride price. Further enquiries showed that Chiadi and some members of the family were baptised into the Adventist Church after leaving their former church in August 2016.

“Since they were baptised into the church, they have been engaged in weird and rebellious behaviour as well as false teachings,’’ said Mr. Onyeka, a member of the Adventist Church in Ekwulobia.

“Because of their rebellious attitude and false teachings, the Seventh Day Adventist Church expelled them since May 2017.

Not long after that, Mr. Chijioke Ezeibekwe started his own church,” Onyeka added. It was also learnt that their grandmother passed away a few days after she found out about the marriage. The Igwe-in-Cabinet had since summoned the family for interrogation

Abia State Man Who Is Set To Marry 2 Ladies Unveils Different Wedding Posters For Them. (Photos)

Congratulations in advance for a young man who is set to marry two ladies on the same day in Abia state. The groom-to-be identified as Master Ejindu became an online sensation after his wedding poster was shared online as he’s set to marry two women; Miss Oyediya and Miss Ebere on Sunday 25th February, 2018 at Agbala Amangwu Amogudu in Abiriba, Abia State.

According to reports, the man decided to do separate wedding posters for his two fiancees in order to avoid confusion and show how special the day will be for them.

“$3x All Night And Then Church On Sunday Morning”

This is for Singles.

As much as we try to twist God’s words to suit our selfish desires, the truth remains the truth. A sin is a sin.

How do you guys/ladies have Sex and still find it very easy to go to church? No guilt, no remorse.

I have seen Men and women who cohabitate or spend weekends together (please dont come here with nothing happened) and attend church service together.

From a concerned reader

Drama As Husband Catches His Wife & Lover Having Midnight $3x(Photo)

Lady Catches Her Fiance After Being Lured To Bed By A Sexy Model. Photos/Video

An angry fiancee stormed in on her boyfriend in bed while he was stripping off with a model. Leonardo who didn’t know he was set up – walked in on the honey trap when he turned up at the home of sexy seductress Kim to fix her “malfunctioning computer”.

She complained

it was because she had been “watching too much porn”, while IT expert Leonardo inspected the laptop.

But within minutes Kim lured him to her bedroom as his furious girlfriend Johanna secretly watched on in horror.

This is the shocking moment a furious fiancee storms in on her boyfriend in bed while he was stripping off with a model.

Leonardo walked in on the honey trap when he turned up at the home of sexy seductress Kim to fix her “malfunctioning computer”.

She complained it was because she had been “watching too much porn”, while IT expert Leonardo laughs and inspects the laptop.

But within minutes Kim lured him to her bedroom as his furious girlfriend Johanna secretly watched on in horror.

She stormed into the room and shouted at him “what’s this” before stomping off, with their relationship now apparently on the rocks.

Leonardo was caught thinking he was about to have sex with sexy Kim as the pair were filmed for the show To Catch a Cheater.

Johanna had set up the honey trap in an apparent bid to see would Leonardo be faithful to her before she married him.

The both shocking and hilarious footage was filmed in an un-named location in Mexico and shows how he failed the test miserably.

Their would-be marriage is likely on the rocks.

Watch Video

Man Brutalizes His Pregnant Wife Ahead Of Valentine’s Day Over Gambling. Photos

The issue of domestic violence can note over-emphasized. A 4-month pregnant woman is in lament after being allegedly brutalized her her husband. According to the disturbed wife, the domestic violence has been going on since they tied the knot 3 years ago.

see snapshots


The woman who was brutalized yesterday night ahead of the Valentine’s day today – claimed she was beaten by her husband after complaining about his gambling character…She also showed a knife he allegedly tried to use while assaulting her last year.

Below are the screenshots of the conversation she had with Human Rights activist, Emeka Ugwuonye‎.

Woman Rejects Man’s Marriage Proposal After Donating His Kidney To Her. Photos

A woman rejected a man’s marriage proposal after receiving his kidney in order to save her life. The man Simon Louis proposed to Mary Emmanuelle after nursing her back to health following both their operations and was saddened when she said no to his proposal.

He had carried a torch for her over two decades and had secret hopes of spending the rest of their lives together.

But Mary gently rejected his proposal, though she loved him back, because her health made the future seem uncertain.

However the pair vowed to remain friends and Simon, 49, said: “I offered her my heart but I had to settle for giving her my kidney. Whatever happens, I’ll never regret giving her the gift of life.”

And Mary, 41, added: “He is my very best friend and always will be. The love between us is real. He could have died doing what he did for me.”

The pair first met in a London club in the mid-1990s with Mary, then 20, thinking Simon, 28, was “a good-looking bad boy”.

Simon, who had other relationships but never lost his feelings for Mary, would think of her on Valentine’s Day and buy her a rose or some chocolates.

Then in September 2014 Mary, who was only 37, suddenly collapsed at home after her skin went yellow. Son Dwayne, then 21, found her on the floor choking in her vomit and she was rushed to Guy’s Hospital in South London.

She was in a coma for a fortnight after a brain haemorrhage, spent two months in intensive care and was eventually diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease.

Her only hope was a transplant – but the chances of a donor being found were drastically reduced because she had very rare B negative blood.

She was discharged from hospital in January 2015 but had to return daily to be put on a kidney dialysis machine.

Simon visited her every day, sometimes staying the night, so he could help her get to and from the hospital.

He also helped to dress, bathe and feed her. In thanks Mary took him on holiday to Spain and while they were away a donor was found – but they did not get back to Britain in time so the kidney was given to someone else.

By then Mary was so ill she moved into Simon’s East London home so he could care for her. She said: “He was an excellent nurse. At night he’d lie on the bed, tell me funny stories and stroke me to sleep. The love and attention he gave me helped me through that dark time.”

A few weeks later Simon suggested getting tested to see if he was a match as a donor – and it turned out he was.

Simon insisted he had no regrets about his decision to become a donor, saying: “I didn’t think twice about it. There’s no question about doing something like that for someone you love.”

Source; MirrorOnline

Former Lapdancer Who ‘Gave Students Discounts For Sex’ Arrested After Drunken Bust-up

A former lapdancer who ‘gives students discounts for sex’ told police her name was ”Adolf Hitler” when they arrested her over a drunken bust-up with her fiancé. Zaynab Alkhatib, 31, had been out for a nightcap with civil servant Andrew Hamer when she threatened to throw herself off a glass balcony when restaurant staff asked her to leave.

The Manchester Evening News reports that two constables arrived at the scene, former escort Alkhatib – who goes by the stage name Kat Lee – gave her identity as the Nazi dictator.

She is then said to have begun struggling violently with the officers.

Alkhatib deliberately sunk to the floor in an attempt to stop them taking her away before punching one of the constables – a female officer – in her right thigh.

When taken to a police station she said: ”I just wanted to get away from the man I was with.”


Last month’s incident occurred less than a year after former escort and lapdancer Alkhatib told how she had found love with 48-year Mr Hamer who lives with his mother aged 78 – after he booked her services.

It is not clear whether the couple are still together.

Her bust up with Mr Hamer occurred on January 24 at Piccadilly Railway station in Manchester at 11.30pm after the pair had been out for a meal together, magistrates in the city were told.

Adressing the court, Alkhatib, who admitted assault on police, said: ‘I am just very sorry. I do lots of 10k’s and stuff. I’m always looking after other people and I need to start putting myself first more.’

Magistrates conditionally discharged her for 18 months ordered her to pay £105

Woman & Her Boyfriend Beat Husband In Owerri Brothel, Leave Him In Pool Of Blood

Wow!! Biafran Man Set To Wed Two Beautiful Ladies Same Day In Abia (Photo)

Woman Throws Party In Her Wedding Dress To Celebrate Getting Divorced. (Photos)

A woman who was newly-single decided to celebrate the end of her marriage by throwing a party – and her friends all turned up wearing their wedding dresses.  Nicole Niesner, 36, from Saskatchewan, Canada, asked her friends to come and party with her to mark a fresh start in her life.

However, what she didn’t count on was her close friends arriving in their own wedding dresses…but when she saw them all gowned up she promptly dug her out the dress she wore walking down the aisle.

After suggesting she should mark the end of her marriage with a celebratory party, Nicole’s best friend then took control – and made sure attendees got the memo to wear their own bridal dresses.

Nicole said: ‘When I opened the door all of my friends had brought their wedding dresses, it was so fun.

‘I had no idea that this was the plan so I went into my storage room and dug my dress out.

‘We all helped each other get dressed, danced around, took some pictures and reminisced about our weddings, children, families and friends.’

The divorced mother is now looking forward to her single life and ‘turning a negative into a positive’.

When Shall Rich Ladies Going To Marry Poor Men?: Dangote’s Daughter Set To Marry Ex Police I.G’s Son

In this 21st century it seems the rich are becoming richer whilst the poor becoming poorer.

One of Aliko Dangote’s three daughters, Fatima, who sits atop a confectionary organization, Cupcakes Factory, is set to marry ex police IG, Abubakar’s pilot son, Jamil in March, 2018, and it has been tagged the ‘mother of all weddings’.

Read the report according below…

“The prospect of Fatima Dangote’s wedding to Jamil Abubakar is delicious, like the luscious little apples that grow in the orchards of Winesburg. The forthcoming union of the daughter of Africa’s richest billionaire, Aliko Dangote and the pilot son of former Inspector General (IG) of Police, MD Abubakar, promises to be the mother of all weddings.

It is a marriage made in heaven and signed to be actualised on earth, according to friends and family of the couple. Besides the apparent love and unwavering loyalty of the duo to each other, friends and family enthuse that there couldn’t be a greater match of equals and beloveds; from the moment Fatima’s courtship began by her beau, Jamil, families and friends of the duo embarked on fervent prayers, hoping that their attraction and love withstand the test of time.

The details are both in the telling and the seeing in respect of Fatima and Jamil’s budding love; the magnetism binds them resonates very loudly and exhilaratingly, arousing feelings of envy and desire among friends and family, wishing that they are blessed with something similar.

Fatima and Jamil have a lot working for them; both their fathers are filthy rich and eager to fulfil their ultimate yearnings and they are equally blessed with towering grace, humility and desire to unite in a lifetime of love and commitment.

Thus as the wedding bells toll for the couple, their families are planning to spare no expense in giving them the treat of a grand wedding celebration.

Trust Aliko, about five presidents in the world and all the past presidents of Nigeria are billed to attend his daughter’s weddding. Likewise, world’s renowned billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft boss, Bill Gate, has confirmed his intent to attend the wedding in March at the prestigious Eko Hotel, Lagos.

Unlike the wedding of Dangote’s first daughter, Halima to Bello in Kano city few years ago, Fatima’s forthcoming wedding promises to be star-studded.

However, being the daughter of a billionaire is enough fame already. When you are now the daughter of the richest black man in the world, the entire black race should literally worship the grounds that you tread.

Men should bow and women should genuflect when you as much as look in their direction. If you were ostentatious, unruly and wild a la Paris Hilton, the world would wave it off as a non-issue; it comes with the terrain, they would say just to cover up for your excesses. But Dangote’s daughters are not moulded like that. They are unobtrusive and laidback, almost Spartan and deeply religious.”

BECAREFUL GUYS:Lady Reveals Special Chicken Pepper Soup Made For Single Ladies To Help Make A Guy Stick To Them Forever After S*x

A self proclaimed sex consultant took to social media to advertise a concoction made for women so their men can be bound to them forever.

The concoction is made with chicken and certain herbs and spices. The woman is then expected to eat the whole chicken and drink the concoction. Once the woman consumes the concoction and sleeps with her man of interest, he will not look at any other woman again.


Apparently, the practice isn’t new because a Twitter user said it’s been sold in Dolphin Estate for years and women patronize the business.

She wrote:
??????????? In Hausa, this is called chi da ka za. It is a very potent herb and as such isn’t sold to single ladies except married women and brides to be (if you are not ready to be bonded to him, don’t use this). Please bear in mind that this is not charms or any way fetish but work of nature discovered by some wonderful northern women. It is therefore called chicken herbs because it is prepared like ‘concoction or agbo’ in Yoruba and used to prepare chicken. There are various versions to this herb such as the meat herbs, fish herbs, egg herbs, and the all in one combination which can be boiled with chicken, fish, meat or egg. But from experience, the chicken herbs supersedes in efficiency and durability. After the herbs is boiled with chicken, the woman is to eat it alone as it is for the revitalization of the internal structure and as well as firming of the pelvic floors. The efficiency of this herbs keeps a man grounded and its effect can last up to 6 months and it’s a 1 (one) time use (Results vary with individuals).

Apparently, the practice isn’t new because a Twitter user said it has always been sold In Dolphin Estate for years and women patronize the business.

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