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Investigation!!! SEE More Photos Of The Rumored Baby Mama Of Dangote’s Son In-Law & Her Baby

Chai!!! Man Batters Wife in Anambra for Denying Him $3x, then THIS Happened (Disturbing Photos)

According report by online user,

A man has battered his wife in Anambra for denying him $3x.

JUST IN!! Beautiful Young Lady Cries Out, Exposes Dangote’s Son-In-law For Impregnating Her (Photos)

“I Was Abused, Humiliated And Dumped By My Husband”

Dear IGBERE TV Readers,

I am writing this with tears in my eyes. I hope they don’t become inks with which I will write this story of my life. Sometimes, I ask myself,”why are men wicked? “. I even wonder if I can love again. Even if I wish to, how do I get someone who will appreciate me even after hearing my story. 


Earlier yesterday, a photo surface online showing a man whose pennis was chopped of and was bleeding profusely. Hope you remember right?

Well EbonyiDaily which deals on accurate news reportage and investigative journalism have delve into investigation and comes out with the shocking video footage of the scene.

What is most shocking is that the man in this awkward video is a Nigerian Man.

According to EbonyiDaily source, Chikwado Henry a MOZAMBIQUE based Nigerian man who hails from Ebonyi state says the incident reportedly happen at distance MOZAMBIQUE where he is residing.

Henry says  trouble started with the Unidentified Nigerian man when he started dating a married MOZAMBIQUE woman. The husband of the woman who receives a tipoff gathered youths and swoop on the Nigerian man, after descending on him, they Slits His manhood and dragged him to a street where he was abused, and filmed by passerby.

This is really disgusting, I was shocked when I discovered that the man is from Nigerian says Henry.

The state of the man’s condition is yet to be ascertained as at the time of compiling this report


TRENDING NOW!!! Wife Surprises Husband After Landlord Stormed Home Over Rent (Photos)

A man was given a big surprise by his wife after their landlord came to their house to collect his rent. According to the man identified as Goodluck, his landlord came to their house angrily to collect his rent which expired a month ago as he (the landlord) shouted to the hearing of his neighbors thereby humiliating him in the process.

Billionaire Daughter, Hauwa Indimi Set To Wed Muhammad Yar’adua (SEE Fabulous Pre-Wedding Photos)

Daughter of billionaire businessman, Mohammed Indimi, Hauwa, will in a few days time, get married to her man, Muhammad Yar’Adua. Their wedding wil be taking place at the bride’s father’s compound in Maiduguri, Borno state. 

OMG!!! Man Allegedly Kills Newly Wedded Wife in Aba, then did the Unimaginable (Photos)

Shocking report coming in has it that Gloria Onyedikachi Obinna, a beauty from Arondizuogu in Imo state has been killed by her husband via domestic violence.

According to report, the deceased tied the knot on 10th Feb 2018 with her supposedly heartthrob MGBEODINMA SAMUEL from AWO-IDEMILI,Imo state.

OMG!!! Igbo Woman Stabs Hubby to Death 3 Days After Stabbing Him in the Neck (Photos)

A Facebook User have taken to his handle to narrate how his brother met his end due to infidelity. Look at what he wrote;

“The Married Man Am Dating Is Sleeping With My Mother” – 19 Years Old Girl Cries

Am a 19 years old girl in love with a married man on my street. I love this man so much. We first made love on the December 31st, He is really nice to me. I wake up every morning to see him drive out of his house.

He has 3 Kids . He supports myself and my mom a lot . He bought us a new car and pays our rent. I’ve been in school so I don’t really see him. He came once to lodge close to my school so we can see.

SHOCKER!!! Married Businessman Takes Selfie With His Un*cl@d Younger Lover (SEE Photos)

A man is in the news for the wrong reason after taking a selfie with a stark unclad lady. According to reports, the man is question was reported to be a former politician and businessman who is married but decided to take a selfie with his younger lover in an unclad state in South Africa.

If A Woman Has These 14 Qualities, Never Let Her Go – Science

People in long term relationships will someday get to the point where they need to ask themselves: Is this really the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? Is the woman by my side really the one?

OMG!!! Boy Shoots Girlfriend in Head, Dies While Fleeing Scene (Photos)

A woman was shot and killed by her boyfriend on Erie Boulevard, New York. He then tried to escape the scene but was knocked down by a car and died.

Nahjayyah Daise, 21, from Albany, New York, and Larnell Kennedy, 22, had been dating on and off. But on Sunday, Larnell shot Daise as she drove them down a busy Albany street.

“My Wife Secretly Married Another Man, Tried To Poison Me & Sell My Duplex” – Man Narrates Horrifying Story on fb (Photos)

This has got to be the Most Heartbreaking story, I got goosebumps reading this, I won’t even try to waste your time cos its long, but Take a sit, get a coffee, read through these words one after the other and you’ll be shocked, The man in question Uche Ogu sent the Story to Lawyer Emeka Ugwuonye who posted it on his page.

“She Cheated, But Hasn’t Known That I Know”

From an Igbere TV Reader

My wife is having an affair, but she hasnt known that I know that this is going on. Discovered about it not long ago. Still thinking d best course of action. 

CHAI!! Video of Married Tenant & Landlady Who Got Stucked During Steamy $3x Appears Online

A couple in Kitale town stuck while having sex in a hotel room on Friday, 8 June, 2018.
The two locked themselves up in a room in Baraka Hotel and soon after they were heard shouting while begging for help.

WOW!!! This Couple Went Underwater For Their Maternity Shoot & Its Mind-blowing (SEE Photos)

This daring expectant couple decided to have an underwater maternity shoot and the results were breath-taking.

The mind-blowing photos were taken by photographer extraordinaire, Adam Opris, who has once again raised the bar.

“How I Caught My Cheating Wife”

From an Igbere TV reader:

Am not really good at writing a composition but the whole thing started around last year November when I lost my job at a reputable company, things became really hard that my ex wife started with her attitude, someone I helped through her schooling, even opened a shop for her after our wedding. She started loosing interest in me because I was broke and there was no more love because I couldn’t meet up to her demands.

“I Told Him I’m On My Period After An Expensive Date & I Got This Shocking Response”

A lady who enjoyed a very expensive date with a comfortable man was invited to his house the next day after which her refusal attracted a painful insult.

She lamented on the s*xual motivations of romantic dates organised by Nigerian men. According to her, she was embarrassed by a supposed gentleman she denied an invitation to visit his private residence after they hung out on a mega note.

“I Finally Get To Fu*k My Hot Cute Boss. His D!*k Was Even Bigger Than I Imagined” Girl Narrates on Facebook

My boss is obviously the hottest in town. Well, my type of hot; the way his eyes light up when he smiles and the way he bits his lips when he’s nervous. He’s overall charisma, (his awesomeness print in his skinny pants)the sight always cut through my heart and spread the heat through my body.
But why won’t he look at me? (that I thought at first, never knew Boss’s been staring) and to burst your brain, he’s the most un-social person I’ve ever come across. It’s just office and home for him. That’s his whole life.

OMG!!! Angry Girlfriend Le@ks ₦udes of Her Boyfriend’s Side Chick [Pictures + Video]

Seems the fight between girlfriends and side chicks ain’t getting over real quick.

Dissatisfied about her rich boyfriend’s cheating character, this angry lady leaks her boyfriend’s side chick ₦udes and Instagram handle .

“See The Beautiful Gift My Girlfriend Gave Me Today” – Photos

By a reader:

“My babe got me this stuff with my name written on it , wow .

“I was chilling in my house enjoying my life like no tomorow and boom! My girlfriend showed up and gave me this beautiful customised jersey and it look so beautiful .

OMG!!! Man Le@ks ₦u*de Photos of ex-Girlfriend on Twitter For Infecting Him With HIV

A Twitter user  posted his beautiful ex girlfriend’s ₦u*de and s*x photos on Twitter.

Not Bobrisky: Meet Another Proud Gay Man Who Is Notorious For Having Multiple Lovers (Photos))

A Kenyan gay man has taken over the web with pictures of him rocking his attractive frame in female clothes. A Kenyan gay man has taken over the web with pictures of him rocking his attractive frame in female clothes.

“Guys This Is The Reason Nigerian Girls Deny You $3x And Are Hard To Bed”

From a concerned Nigerian:

Have you ever managed to bed a girl and notice there is little or no lobe just above her vagina? Even if its there its not that prominent and big as it ought to be? Well that’s because over 70% of naija girls are circumcised.

Photos: 10 Confirmed Facts About $3X [STRICTLY FOR MARRIED COUPLES]

1 . Having sex relieves headaches. Every time you make love , it releases the tension in the veins of the brain.

2 . A lot of sex can clear the stuffy nose. Sex is a natural antihistamine . It helps to fight against asthma and spring allergies .

3 . Making love is a spectacular beauty treatment. Scientists have discovered that when a woman has sex , it produces a large amount of estrogen that gives shine and softness to hair.

Married Man Impregnates Female Church Member In Lagos, See What The Pastor Did

Popular Twitter user Amazonian Cub who is always crying out that She’s yet to find a church she can attend, Finally Attended one last Week at Awoyaya, Lagos, and she couldn’t believe what happened right in front of her eyes.

According to her a Married Man got his Sidechick pregnant, The pastor called him out during the service, and asked the Church to forgive him, But turned all blames on the Wife that she pushed him into cheating.

MUST READ!!! Why You Should Stop M@sturbat!0n (Real Life Experience)

So yesterday I decided to let go of M@sturbat!0n and have a feel of what real $3x is like.. I used to have girlfriends I had $3x with, even when I didn’t have one I went to brothel to get off once in a while. In other words I used to like $3x very much.. 

OMG!!! “What I Found When I Checked My Girlfriend’s Inbox! I’m Heartbroken!”

From a reader:

I’m Heartbroken. What Should I Do

I met a girl I thought meant the world to me, recently we were together on a date, I took her phone to check on as her boyfriend, she was enviously monitoring what I was checking on it.

SEE What Ogun Family Did to Daughter Over Same $3x Marriage Buzzing Online (Photos)

A family in Ogun state took to one of the national dailies to disown their daughter because of same s*x marriage.

See photo below

A family in Ogun state took to one of the national dailies to disown their daughter because of same s*x marriage.

See photo below