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“My Husband Lied His Concubine Was His Aunt, Made Me Live With Her”

An Oke-Ogbere Customary Court in Ibadan on Thursday dissolved a three-year-old marriage between one Temilade Oyeyemi and her husband, Ayo Oyeyemi , over deception and adultery.

The court’s president, Sulaiman Olaniyi, said, “In the interest of peaceful living, the union between Temilade and Ayo has ceased to be.

“Temilade shall take custody of the two-and-a-half-year-old child produced by the union while Ayo shall pay a monthly allowance of N3,000 for the child’s upkeep in addition to being responsible for his welfare.”

Mr Olaniyi, who also held that no form of deception could last forever advised young men to take care of their parents so as not to incur the wrath of God.

Temilade, 28, narrating her ordeal, told the court that her husband deceived her by presenting his concubine to her as his aunt.

“After I had pledged my future in marriage with Ayo three years ago, he completely deceived me that his concubine was his aunt.

“During the wedding, he introduced the same woman to my family as the only person that could stand in place of his late mother; and my family, unknowingly, accepted his deception.

“Ayo then took me to his mistress’s apartment to live,’’ she said.

Temilade said that the lady gave her all that she needed and she was happy living with the two secret lovers.

“However, I noticed that at around 1 a.m. on most days, Ayo would leave my side on our matrimonial bed.

“He would move to the floor where his secret lover he referred to as his aunt was sleeping to romance and have sex with her.

“He often would blame the hot weather for his usually reason for leaving my side to sleep on the floor.

“It then became clear to me that Ayo and that lady were never related but that they were, in fact, secret lovers.’’

Temilade said that when she was pregnant, Ayo never took care of her but he abandoned his responsibilities to his parents-in-law.

“Ayo is not trustworthy, he is a wicked man,’’ dissolve our union, Temilade said.

The respondent, Ayo, 38, conceded to the dissolution of the marriage after he had denied some of the allegations leveled against him by Temilade.

Ayo, who claimed to be a building engineer, contended that his wife was a good-for-nothing and lazy woman.

“My lord, I am responsible for my cooking and washing; I have all along catered for Temilade’s needs,” Ayo said.

In his testimony, Ayo’s father, however, pointed out that his son was a terrible husband and a fornicator.

“Ayo never told anybody in the family about his wedding and we are surprised about how everything has turned out.

“No one knows the concubine he is parading as his aunt.

“In fact, Ayo has never taken care of me since I had an accident in 2010.

“I am praying this court to settle the matter for them,” Ayo’s father begged.

Some of Temilade’s family members in their separate testimonies presented evidence of how Ayo maltreated the petitioner and prayed the court to terminate the union.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Temilade resides in Agbeni area while Ayo lives in Monatan area of Ibadan. (NAN)

Is It Proper For A Married Woman To Have A Platonic Male Friend?


Mistress Shoots Her Lover While On Facebook Video Call With His Wife. Photos

A mistress shot her lover while Facebook video-calling his wife because he refused to file for divorce, reports claim. Keanna Cammon, 38, held a gun to the 30-year-old man’s head at her home in Alabama on Wednesday as his wife watched in horror on the video chat, cops say.

Two hours later the traumatised woman took to Facebook to say: “She f*****g shot him. I’m about to lose my f*****g mind.”

Earlier that day, the wife posted pictures of Cammon waving the gun around wildly while trying to force the man to sign divorce papers.

She wrote: “This crazy ass b***h Keanna Cammon just called me live with a gun at my f*****g husband’s head.

“I don’t know if he is OK and I don’t where about he is in Tuscaloosa. Can somebody help me? I’m at work and I am about to lose it. I think she shot him.”

Tuscaloosa cops got to the home on the 600 block of 27th street to find the man with a gunshot wound to his torso.


Cops in Tuscaloosa arrested Cammon and charged her with attempted murder after she shot the man at around 10.30am.

It emerged that she divorced her own husband last week and was waiting for her lover to do the same.

The victim was rushed to the nearby DCH Regional Medical Center where he remains in a critical but stable condition, reported.Cammon told the cops the gun went off while she was arguing with the victim’s wife, according to court papers seen by Tuscaloosa News.

She is being held in Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $60,000 (£47,000) bond.

Chai! SEE Photos of 6 Suspected H0m0$3xuals Paraded in Aba

THE Commissioner of Police in Abia State, Mr Anthony Ogbizi, on Thursday paraded suspected homosexuals, who were arrested by security agents in Aba, the commercial hub of the state.

Ewo ! Yoruba Sugar Mumy Collapse And Dies After Heavy S*x Romp With New Boyfriend

A 28-year-old man has been arrested by police operatives in Ogun state over the death of a 40-year-old married woman after they allegedly had sex.

According to Ogun Police spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the suspect was taken into custody on Wednesday following a complaint by an hospital.

“Men of Ogun State Police Command have on Wednesday the 15th of August arrested one Kelvin Micheal ‘m’ 28yrs old over the death of a 40yrs old woman Monsurat Idowu ‘f’ after a marathon sex’,” Mr Oyeyemi said.

He said the suspect who took the deceased to State Hospital, Ota, could not explain the circumstance of her death.

“The arrest of the suspect was as a result of complaint by one Benjamin Okereke of the State hospital Ota who reported that the suspect brought the deceased to the hospital dead, and since he cannot explain the circumstance that surrounded the death of the deceased, he decided to notify the Police,” he said.

Mr Oyeyemi said upon the report, the Divisional Police Officer of Onipanu Division, Sangobiyi Johnson, led his officers to the hospital where the man was promptly arrested.

“On interrogation, the suspect claimed to have met the deceased last month in a bus at Ketu, Lagos where they exchanged phone numbers, consequent upon which he invited her to the house of his friend in Ota where the deceased suddenly slumped and died shortly after they finished having sexual intercourse.”

He said the husband of the deceased, Idowu Lamidi, a commercial driver who was quickly contacted, told the police that he left his wife in the house hale and hearty while going out for work, wondering what led to her untimely death.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, has ordered the transfer of the case to the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for investigation; while the corpse has been deposited at the mortuary for post mortem examination.

Lady Who Has A Husband And Boyfriend Reveals How She Copes With Them. Photos

A woman has revealed how after a decade of being happily married, she met the second love of her life and decided she was polyandrous – with a husband and a boyfriend.

Café owner, Sarra-Maria Karlström-Rantala, 32, and labourer, Ville, 34, from Rovaniemi, Finland, have been together for 11 years, after meeting at a rock bar.

A year ago, Sarra met I.T worker, Jani, 28, while filming a concert his rock band was performing at on the beach and they swiftly became friends.

Over time, Sarra felt a romantic connection to Jani and she soon told both men that she wanted to be polyandrous – which refers to a woman having two male partners – with them both.

Although the men were both taken aback by the announcement and the concept of being polyamorous, they have learned to live with their newfound lifestyle since and have found it works for them.

‘I was the one who came out as polyamorous, which was a shock for the guys at first,’ Sarra said.

‘I’m dating both of the guys, but the guys don’t date each other. They have become very good friends though.

‘Being married to two guys isn’t legal in Finland, so I’m legally married to Ville, and in 2020 I will have a Pagan/Viking ceremony with Jani called handfasting. It’s kind of like a wedding but the priest is our friend.

‘We don’t all live together yet, but we hope to soon. We do own a café together though.

‘At the moment Ville and Jani have their own homes close to each other so I live with Ville for one week and then Jani the next week, and it carries on like so. We spend a lot of time together as a three though.

‘Now, Ville is very into the lifestyle, but Jani does remain more monogamous than us two – but he’s fine with the situation now.’

Polyamory is the concept of loving more than one person, and polyandrous defines a woman who chooses to take two or more husbands.

Parents Give Their Blessings As Their 16-Year-Old Children Are Set To Wed. Photo

The parents of 16-year-old boy and girl who are getting married – have given their blessings and also revealed their pleasure at the young couple’s union.

The Grade 9 pupil identified as Siyacela Dlamuka from Ulundi town in South Africa and grade 8 pupil, Thando Mathebula, got engaged at Corinthians Christian Church in SA on Sunday.

Siyacela’s dad, Mthandeni Dlamuka (58), said he saw no need to deny the children his blessing.

“Children get into relationships and end up having unplanned kids. “I am happy that we as parents allowed them to come out into the open with their intentions,” said Mthandeni.

He said Siyacela told him he first saw Thando during a church service two years ago.

“At the beginning of this year, he told me would like to marry Thando. “At first I dismissed it but after giving the idea some thought, I called the two of them. “They admitted they were seeing each other, so I decided they must make things official.”

Siyacela said: “I am excited our parents gave us their blessing.”

Thando’s mum, Sthembile Msomi said: “We are going to support them since their relationship is now official.”

Culture expert Professor Jabulani Maphalala said: “No matter how much they sugar-coat it, they have done things the wrong way. “In Zulu culture, the first step is the payment of lobola. Their ancestors must be turning in their graves.”

O.M.G! Super S*x Hungry Police Officer Fired For Recording Himself While Doing It With A Slay Queen (PHOTOS)

A cop was fired after allegedly filming himself on his police bodycam having sex in his office. Officer Anthony Doran saved the clip of him romping with a mystery woman on a flash drive, according to court papers.

The sordid offence only came to light after he was accused of beating and falsely arresting a man in 2016.

When investigators searched his office they found his sex tape and 36 gigabytes worth of sex pics.

He stored them on his work computer in a folder called “fun times” it is claimed.

Doran told local media that his creepy stash has “nothing to do with work” and said he was not on duty when he filmed himself.

His four-minute sex tape, dated April 2017, featured him wearing his police shirt uniform, but naked from the waist down.

“Anthony is sitting in an office chair and straddling him is a naked adult female (who is not a police employee),” says the report.

The officer worked in Superior, Arizona in the United States.

He claims he lived in the police station, in a room opposite his office.

The allegations came to light after civilian Richard Manriquez filed a complaint, claiming several officers beat him up at his home in 2016.

He submitted a picture of his battered face…

His civil complaint accuses Superior police bosses of hiring officers with checkered histories in order to cut costs.

According to the Arizona Republic, most of Superior’s nine police officers were at one point fired or disciplined by other police departments. Doran was previously terminated in 2013 from the Pima County Sheriff’s Office for sexual misconduct, records showed

Chai: Secondary School Slay Queens & Le$b!an Caught “Hibernating” And This Happens

Two schoolgirls have been expelled from classes at a Seminary school for kissing each other.

The Grade 9 and 8 pupils have missed school for three weeks.

Inanda Seminary is a private girls’ boarding school in Durban, South Africa.

The mother of one of the teenagers said she was called by the matron on July 25 and told to fetch her child, who had been expelled.

“I went the next day to find her isolated from other [pupils]… When I asked what had happened, I was told she was caught by the matron kissing the other girl for 20 minutes.”

“I took her home and we came back to the school for the hearing. As a parent, I was not given a chance to speak. They asked [my daughter] if she pleaded guilty or not. She pleaded not guilty. She said she had witnesses. I had also asked her and she said they did not kiss,” said the mother.

No further appeal

The school said one of the mothers had appealed against the sanction but “the verdict and sanction were upheld in the appeal” and “the mother was informed that no further appeal will be permitted”.

The grandmother of one of the girls said the school had refused to speak to her after the appeal on Friday.

Angry Boyfriend Punches Man For Staring At His Girlfriend’s Bum. Photos

A furious boyfriend was caught on camera lashing out at a man staring at his girlfriend’s backside – before being ordered to apologise by his embarrassed partner.

CCTV footage from a phone shop in North Carolina shows the man punch his rival so hard that his cap came off.

The customer with a wandering eye is seen leaning against a counter at the store, and appears to smirk when the woman’s protective partner spots what he’s doing.

The man, who is wearing a red cap and shirt, said “Yeah” as the row flared up.

Incensed, the boyfriend charges at the customer and swings at him.

But his girlfriend was unimpressed with his antics, asking him: “What is wrong with you?”

The boyfriend is seen marching outside to apologise to the man he had thumped moments earlier.

It happened inside the SEA Wireless shop in Lincolnton.

Officials Storm Wedding Ceremony To Stop Marriage Of 15-Year-Old Girl. Photos

A community was shocked when officials swung into action to stop a marriage ceremony of a 15-year-old girl.

The wedding which was about to hold yesterday in Mumbwa district, Zambia, was stopped when World Vision officials and various stakeholders stormed the venue.

According to world vision they say the named girl was too young for marriage adding that they are going to sponsor the girl to school.

World Vision Zambia is on crusade to protect young girls from early marriages in the country.

However the man who was scheduled to marry a the teenage girl complained that the organisation has put him in depression after stopping their marriage ceremony.

The 26 Year old said it was unfair for the organisation to treat him in such a way of humiliating him in public and bringing the police along as if he was a criminal.

The marriage ceremony has since been cancelled.

Wife Sues Her Husband For Wearing Makeup And Dressing Like A Woman

A woman has filed for divorce after her husband began to wear ‘sexy thongs and pantyhose’ around the house. The unnamed woman is demanding financial compensation after her cross-dressing husband of nine years made her depressed, she claims.

Reports say the man turned violent when his wife tried to discuss the issue with him.

Turkey’s Hürriyet said the woman is seeking 200,000 Turkish Lira (around £24,400) after launching divorce proceedings at an Istanbul Family Court.

Her lawyer said the husband allegedly began to wear make-up and dress in women’s clothes two years ago.

But the husband has filed a counter-suit, alleging that the woman questioned both his gender and fertility.

‘His wife implies that my client has a different sexual orientation, attempting to blackmail him with this claim,’ said the husband’s lawyer, who is seeking a divorce without compensation

Chima Anyaso & Arthur Nzeribe’s Daughter Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary With Fabulous Photos

Randy Couple Captured On Camera Having Cex While Ordering Food at a Busy Restaurant [Video]

The raunchy clip, which is believed that have been filmed at a branch in Italy, was shared to Instagram and immediately went viral.

The video, shot by a fellow customer shows the man standing close behind his girlfriend with her dress pulled up around her waist, exposing her bare bottom. As the burgers and fries are delivered, the pair begin rubbing up against each other. Once the food arrives, the man stops grinding against the woman and she quickly pulls down her dress


Watch video here



Two Friends Missing After Telling Their Parents They Were Staying At Each Other’s Houses.

Two schoolgirls have vanished after telling their parents they were having a sleepover at each other’s homes. Friends Jayden Hassan and J’Nea Beecher, both aged 14, were last seen leaving J’Nea’s house in Nunhead, South London on Monday afternoon.

Police believe they may have travelled to Essex and are appealing for information.

Yesterday their parents launched a desperate public appeal for help to track the girls down.

Jayden’s mum Terrie Mulholland, 36, told local paper Southwark News: “She was happy and excited when she left.”

The teens left Nunhead at around 4pm on their way to Teen Fest — an underage dance club event — in nearby South Norwood and were given a 9pm curfew.

Ms Mulholland added: “Someone said they saw her at Teen Fest, but then several other people said they heard the girls were going to Essex to meet with some boys they were speaking to.

“Jayden’s a teenager – she’s not perfect, but she’s not a runaway.”

J’Nea’s mum Samantha Brown, 46, added: “We just want her to come home safely — she’s not in any trouble.”


Nigerian pop star, Dbanj who lost his one year old son ‘DanielThe Third’ in June 2018 has just released a song dedicated to his wife, Lineo Didi Kilgrow.


The song titled ‘Letter To My Wife’ talks about their recent ordeal, how much he loves her and will always stand by her no matter what happens.


Listen to the snippet below…

‘I Am Considering Making Her Full-Time Girlfriend’ – Owner Of Advanced Sex Robot

The first owner of one of the world’s most advanced sex robots says he is considering making one his full-time girlfriend.

The 60-year-old Californian man, who goes by the alias Brick Dollbanger and claims to have spent £150k on sex dolls over the years, described owning £11.7k ‘Harmony’ as fantastic – but says a forthcoming setting allowing her to physically respond to foreplay will make the experience even better.

The father-of-two described the Harmony doll from California-based company Realbotix as a “work of art” during an interview with the Daily Star..

The firm claims the new setting, called X Mode, will allow Harmony to “fulfil your wildest sexual desires”.

The doll is already able to remember its owner’s favourite food, film and music, and Brick said X Mode would also allow it to responds verbally to different actions.

“It’s a sensor that can tell when she’s being jostled around,” he said.

“When she’s switched in the X mode the sensor will go live, she’s going to know what you’re doing.”

Brick said companionship was the driving factor behind his decision to buy a sex doll and claimed other lonely punters were also seeking the same thing.

Brick, who has spent around £150,000 on sex dolls in the past decade, once said he has more fun with them than his 1980s Corvette.

60Yrs Menopause Nigerian Woman Reportedly Gives Birth To Baby After 30 Years Of Marriage. Photos

This is highly uncommon. According to multiple online reports, a 60-year-old woman identified as Mrs. Grace Arowojolu, gave birth to a bouncing baby girl after 30 years of marriage. The woman was pictured carry the new baby after the ‘miraculous’ delivery. Congratulations to her.

This is happening months after a 67-year-old Francis D and his 63-year-old wife, Margaret, 63, a native of Zawan in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State, welcomed their first child in February..

The baby girl came through Caesarean Section at the Gynaeville Specialist Hospital, now ALPS Hospital, 38 years after they had been married.

“This is not my first attempt to have a child. I have undergone many surgeries and have done the treatment in different hospitals outside Plateau State. This is the fourth time; three times in other hospitals”, the 63-year-old mother said.

“I Feel Bad For Men Who Have Never Dated Non-Nigerian Ladies” – Man

In response to a tweet made by a Nigerian lady on Twitter which says;
“The average Nigerian man is an unexposed, belligerent, unteachable, desperately unrepentant dimwit”A Nigerian man has taken to his Instagram page to blast Nigerian ladies who are entitled narcissist, feels money and gifts are her rights even when she does absolutely nothing.

Read what he wrote below;
“I honestly feel bad for Nigerian men who have never experienced relationships with non-Nigerian ladies and I’m not talking about overseas.

Even Ghanaian or Kenyan women. The AVERAGE Nigerian woman is a self entitled narcissist, who feels money and gifts are her rights even when she does absolutely nothing for you, not even hold a good conversation either in person or via text, typing like someone with epileptic seizures with the annoying abbreviations.

The average Nigerian woman will go on a date with every Tom, dick, Harry and all his uncles just for a chance to get a free meal and movie tickets. The average Nigerian woman sees spending her money on dates as a Taboo, but is quick to talk trash about having “vex money”, lol nobody cares about your vex money, come with actual spending money�.

In conclusion the average Nigerian woman is a pest with nothing to offer but headache and hassles. Thank you for reading. God bless

See That Unfortunately Moment A Corps Member Proposes To His Fellow Member In Abakaliki, Ebonyi State

Congratulations are in order following two corps members that recently got engaged over the weekend at Abakaliki camp.
The lady was teased and later her lover bring out ring to make a shocking proposal.
Immediately the whole corps members gathers watching the scene as some were busy taking pictures and video coverage.

It was fun ….watch the video below by following this link

Chai ! Woman Cuts Off Her Husband’s Manhood After Suspecting Him Of Cheating. Photos

A wife snipped off her husband’s manhood with a pair of scissors while he was brushing his teeth.  The man from the Jiangxi Province city of Fengcheng, told shocked medics that his wife suspected he was cheating after starting a new job.

The man, named only as Li, reckoned she maimed his manhood in a desperate attempt for him not to stray.

Li said rows about his suspected infidelity climaxed when his unnamed possessive wife attacked him while he was naked in the bathroom about 7.30 in the morning.

He managed to cover his blood-drenched groin to stop the bleeding before packing himself off to hospital.

Doctors said they had successfully reattached Li’s penis but warned him to be extra careful while recovering.

But reports from Knews and Sohu claim that even if he heals properly, he might never be able to have sex properly again as a sudden erection could damage new blood vessels.

Police are said to be investigating the case.


Nigerian G€y Man And His Husband Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary

Warri-born Nigerian gay man, David Ukre and his husband, Eric Shoen, are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary today.

David and Eric got married on July 30th 2016 and both took to their respective IG pages to celebrate the love they share.

Bride Live Streams Her Wedding On Facebook Only To Be Left At The Altar.

A young bride decided to live-stream her extravagant wedding day on social media, only to find herself abandoned at the altar after the groom got cold feet. Manow Jutathip Nimnual was set to marry her husband-to-be Phakin Junjerm, 20, in a lavish ceremony in Thailand on July 22.

But the 24-year-old was left stranded alone at the altar in front of their family and friends after he failed to show up on their special day.

And to make things more awkward, the heartbroken bride had to break the news herself to the guests that the groom had ‘run away’, The Bangkok Post reported.

Standing on stage in a white wedding gown, Ms Nimnual thanked her family and friends for attending the ceremony before announcing she was ditched at the altar.

She then reportedly apologised sincerely to her guests because she felt she had not taken ‘good enough care of them’.

Footage of the excruciating moment she realised she was stood up was live-streamed and then posted onto her Facebook page

57-Year-Old Diego Maradona Finally Engaged To His 28-Year-Old Girlfriend.

According to reports, football legend Diego Maradona has finally given an engagement ring to girlfriend Rocio Oliva on her 28th birthday. And the couple are set to get married four years after the eccentric legend initially proposed to her.


The Argentinian icon reportedly presented the ring at a party that was held in the Bella Vista area of the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, to mark her birthday.

Maradona, 57, apparently presented Oliva with a diamond ring and asked her to marry him in front of the 45 guests.

The birthday girl said yes and the pair reportedly celebrated with bottles of Dom Perignon champagne.

Oliva’s mother Monica and Maradona’s daughter Jana burst into tears of joy after the ring was presented, according to reports.

Oliva told guests: “I am happy because this is my last birthday as a single woman and I can share it with all of you.

“My wishes for today and forever are to be happy with Diego, for my mother and grandmother Chiche to live forever and everyone I love to stay healthy.”

The birthday party reportedly featured a performance from Argentinian singer El Polaco.

Maradona met Oliva in 2012 after divorcing he first wife Claudia Villafane after 17 years of marriage  in 2003.

Oliva is an ex-professional footballer who played for several clubs in the couple’s native Argentina. They were spotted together at the recent World Cup, as they shared a kiss while sitting alongside Brazil legend Ronaldo.

Teenage Couple Under Fire After Sharing Loved Up Footage Of Themselves

This is quite shameful! A teenage boy and girl are trending online for the wrong reason after deciding to take their love public. The young couple shared a footage of themselves in a romantic mood with the young boy doing a lot of grabbings and touchings on his lady.

Rather than keep the video to themselves, they decided to post it online sparking outrage among internet users who felt the footage outrageous.

See What Neighbors Did To A Drunk Man After Beating His Wife To Pulp. Photos

A ‘drunk’ husband was strapped to a pole by furious neighbours after he allegedly battered his wife and pushed her on the stairs. The 45-year-old man allegedly left his wife covered in cuts and bruises after beating her near their home in Bahia, Brazil.

When neighbours were alerted to the incident, they detained him by tying him to a pole with green rope.

Military police were called to the scene on Sunday night, where the traumatised victim, named as Maria Viana Santana Pereir, was treated for her wounds.

The man, who was not named, allegedly showed signs of intoxication, reports

Police say the woman had cuts and bruises and was bleeding when they arrived at the marital home in the town of Jacobina.

She was taken to a nearby hospital, before being released on Monday morning.

The husband was unbound and taken to the Jacobina police station, where he was charged and held in custody.

Wife Caught Husband Sleeping With Her Mother (see Photo)

A 53-year-old woman, Samantha Chiumbo, who came to nurse her daughter’s newborn baby with her was recently caught in bed with her son-in-law in the Kamba community in Tsavo Area of Kenya.

Man kills lover after ‘finding’ C©ndoms in her bag

A 46-year old man identified as Osaremwinda Omobude Idumwonyi has reportedly stabbed his lover to death for allegedly finding condoms in her bag.

The deceased, who is a single mother of three children, was stabbed with a kitchen knife three times in her mother’s room at No. 13, Ehiyoboy Street, Off Aifuwa Street, Ikpoba-Okha local government area of Edo State.

The woman was killed few hours after she left her lover’s residence where she spent the night.
It has not been ascertained if the condoms were found inside thewoman’s bag while she was with him the previous night or during the day when he entered her aged-mother’s rented apartment.

The Nation gathered that the suspect told police investigators that he killed his lover in self defence.

According to him, the deceased picked a kitchen knife to stab him when an argument ensued between them but he overpowered and stabbed her.

The woman was rushed to hospital where she later died.

Police recovered the knife in the suspect’s kitchen.

The Edo State Police Public Relations Officer, Chidi Nwabuzor, said police is still investigating the incident.

Real Madrid Star, Gareth Bale Calls Off Wedding With Childhood Sweetheart.

Footballer Gareth Bale has postponed his wedding to his childhood sweetheart blaming ‘family turmoil’. The Real Madrid star and fiancée Emma Rhys-Jones reportedly planned a star-studded ceremony in a historic castle in Tuscany, Italy, and wanted Beyonce as their wedding singer.

But the pair have put off their big day until next summer after a ‘roller coaster’ year of joy and heartbreak.

Former hairdresser Emma, 26, apparently hopes the extra time will give her chance to heal a rift with her ex-jailbird father Martin Rhys-Jones, 54.

Father-of-five Rhys-Jones served six years for a £2million international fraud ripping off investors worldwide.  Rhys-Jones pleaded guilty to one count of money laundering over the scam in which he and his associates sold worthless stocks at grossly inflated prices for three years.

Emma fell out further with her father after he moved in with a Russian florist half his age within weeks of being freed from jail in the US.

The couple uninvited him from their wedding along with other family members who were involved in a missing suitcase containing £750,000 of drug money.  Cars belonging to the grandparents and aunt of Emma were torched in 2016 while petrol was poured through another aunt’s home in north Wales.

It was understood to be part of a feud with a drugs gang after Emma’s cousin Epiphany Dring – a former glamour model – disappeared allegedly carrying a suitcase full of cash, plus drugs and watches believed to make the full contents worth around £1million.

Gareth Bale with wife, Emma and Emma’s cousin, Epiphany Dring (right)

During wedding planning Emma also received the horrible news that her sister’s partner Alexander Williams had been found dead.

Bale’s brother-in-law killed himself while being investigated by social services over his children, an inquest was told earlier this year.

Emma flew home from Spain to comfort former model Katie, 24, who had just given birth to her second child with Mr Williams.

Gareth and Emma, who met in school, planned home and away fixtures – a secret celebrity-ladened ceremony in Italy followed by a more homely affair for friends and relatives in the couple’s native Cardiff.

The couple’s first son Axel Charles was born in May, a baby brother for sisters Alba Violet and Nava Valentina.

Emma and the three children flew to the US to be with Gareth for his 29th birthday last week. He is in America on a pre-season tour with Real Madrid.

Prisoner To Divorce His Wife After She Was Seen Having Fun With Other Men. Photos

The  heartbroken wife of Britain’s most violent prisoner has hit back at his divorce demands by claiming that their bizarre marriage has driven her “to the brink.” Charles Bronson is divorcing his wife after she let a lad bury his head in her boobs.

Bronson, 65, went berserk when he saw our pictures of Paula Williamson, 37, on a wild night out in Tenerife.

The prisoner told a contact to let his wife know that their brief marriage was over. Paula was on a trip to Tenerife last week when she bumped into six lads on holiday.

She said she dared them to find out if her boobs were fake.

After the pictures were published, Paula said: “I have to own up to my mistake. “I have dented his pride and humiliated him. But I’ve lost everything now.”

However, she has since hit back, telling The Mirror:  “If anyone should be filing for divorce it’s me but I love him too much.

“Love and marriage are supposed to make you happy. We haven’t even been married a year and I have reached points where I have been so low I didn’t want to carry on.”

She added: “But I did carry on because I loved Charlie and I wanted to help him get his freedom back. But now I don’t even know whether that was what he wanted.

“I can never say I regretted marrying him because I still feel that love. I defended that man to the hilt. I told people he had changed – that he wasn’t the evil person everyone thinks he is. He has repaid me by breaking my heart.”

The former Corrie actress was reportedly told not to get fat by Bronson, who demanded she do 400 sit ups a day.

She said: “I have been used and controlled from behind bars as he has poked fun at my weight and told me I am an embarrassment.”

The wife of the notorious prisoner, who suffers from depression, said: “This relationship has driven me to the brink and I have been so low that I have even thought about taking my own life.

“No relationship should make you feel that way.”

The couple wed last November at high security HMP Wakefield, West Yorks.

The ceremony was only attended by four of their friends.

Her parents boycotted the marriage – but she insisted that she’d help her new husband secure freedom.

Source; The SunUK