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Finally, Davido Reveals Why He Loves Chioma So Much & How She Won His Heart, Vows To Do This(Photos)


Then Vs Now: Throwback Photos of Davido’s Girlfriend, Chioma (See Transformation)

Then Vs Now: Throwback Photos of Davido’s Girlfriend, Chioma (See Transformation)


“Davido’s Gift Bursted: Assurance Plate Number Allegedly Fake!!” (Photos)

As posted by a concerned  Nigerian: The internet has been fire over the pop singer and FIA crooner gifts to the love of his life as he claims. With different celebrities giving him some ACOLADES over such an indisputable act of romance,

Lady Whose Pant Was Removed By ”Pastor” Reacts Over Trending Pictures

For some days now, some pictures have been making the rounds online showing how a ”pastor” removed a lady’s panties and shaved her armpit. The pictures were heavily criticized by online users who blasted the pastor for such embarrassing acts.

The lady involved in the matter has been identified as a Ghanaian actress, Piesie Asamoah Gifty who has been forced to speak over the trending pictures.

According to her, this pictures are from a movie ‘Pastor Blinks’ and never happened in a church.

She took to Facebook to share the update. Read below;

It a movie not a church as some people are saying, pls stop spreading false news Am an actress and it my work to give a practical education to the world Actress maame fante once told me acting is also in a form of spreading the word of God Basically,acting is just the practical aspect of evangelism..

Who knows?some church secretly might be going through if not same a similar situation And I strongly believe that every Christian who is having a similar experience, after watching the movie will come back to her/his senses. Instead of spreading false news to the world let help share the truth to save.

The movie is already on the market go grab a copy thank you Movie title “Pastor Blinks” Production name”Phens Multimedia” Role in the movie: church secretary Picture below is some of the behind the scenes of vs 3&4 of “pastor blinks”.

Davido’s N45m Car Gift To Girlfriend Sets Social Media On Fire(Photos)

Wizkid, Tiwa Savage Having An Affair?

Singer Cynthia Morgan In Trouble, Sued Over Unpaid Rent, Tax Evasion; Landlord To Throw Her Out

Nollywood actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima has finally opened up on the death of a medical doctor, Suraj Giwa after 12 years.

Ibinabo had killed the medical doctor in a fatal accident that sent her into coma for days

She was charged for manslaughter and sent to Kirikiri female prison.

Ibinabo in a lengthy post on Instagram, told her story to US-based journalist, Azuka Jebose.

She wrote on Instagram:

“I need to tell my story. I stayed silent for so long and watched as my life, character and person were being ruined in published reports, including social media. This is my story, told for the first time on social media platform

My heart has never stopped aching. It will not. An accident took the life of someone. I am forever in mourning because of this. Two families’ lives have been changed forever with this unfortunate fatal accident. It was an accident. Dr. Suraj Giwa didn’t have to die. I wished I could bring him back. I am sorry for the pains caused.

“I have also been maligned and disparaged in the media: I am a monster. I am a killer and a murderer, I am a drunk… No. Azuka. I am none of these.
I am just another human being that was in a deadly accident and the accident caused the death of Dr. Suraj Giwa.

It’s been 12 years of heartache, pain and depression for me. My eyes are rivers of tears.
Some days I feel like killing myself. Life has no meaning to me.

“I think about Dr. Giwa every day. I pray for his soul and I pray and seek forgiveness from his family for the pain and agony. I am very sorry.

“It didn’t have to happen. I wished I knew it would happen that unfortunate day, I would not have travelled that road. I was not drunk that day.
Azuka, I was driving along Lekki road, returning home after picking up a friend’s daughter from a church Fellowship. Suddenly, a red car overtook the SUV in front of me.

“The SUV was travelling slowly, so I shifted to its front, too. The red vehicle was being driven by a young man and had his friends with him…I drove past the red car. I think that might have angered the young chap because he swiftly sped from behind, drove past me and made a sudden stop in my front.“I tried to avoid hitting those boys in the red car. I swerved and lost control in that moment, the impact dived my vehicle into inbound lane.. Dr. Giwa was inbound, thus he drove into my car and both cars collided. I collapsed and passed out.. Three days later, I WOKE UP IN A HOSPITAL bed to learn what had happened.

I was weak, sore and in pains. I could not move my legs. I had been sedated for three days. Doctors said they had to sedate me to numb my pain. Meanwhile, the police had been informed that I was in that hospital. The Lagos State Police came to the hospital to take my statement of what happened. After I gave them my statement, I was arrested at the hospital and charged to court.

“At my court appearance for hearing, the judge noticed how sick, weak, incoherent an disoriented I was: he also saw my injuries. He ordered that I should be sent back to the hospital for further treatment until I was well enough to stand trial. I could not walk then

Later at the hospital, I woke up from coma and to reality. I was afraid and shocked. I could not believe I was involved in an accident that had taken a life. I was like: Wow!..Someone died in that accident. Oh my God!

“I didn’t know the family. While I was in the hospital my family contacted the family of Late dr. Giwa who died in the accident. My family was there for the funeral and did everything during the mourning season. I was afraid. But I met them in court and tried to approach them.I understood the anger and pain I had caused them, so I accepted their anger toward me….his sister was really angry at me… I wanted to talk to her… it was hard for me to get close to her… I understood all these: the pain and distress they felt as a result of the accident. I felt their pain. I wanted to tell them how sorry and remorseful I was… It was an accident. I did not intend to wake up that morning, went out and had a fatal collision.

Weeks later, I was arraigned. I attended all my court appearances. During the process I visited the family and attempted several times to make peace. I never ignored them. I am always sorry. I know the pain is tough, so I understood their anger but I kept begging. I am sorry. I did not intend to wake up that morning, went out and had a fatal collision.

I had gone to so many good people and friends to assist me in pleading for forgiveness from the family. One of such friends is late Iyalode of Lagos.

She assisted me in begging the Giwa family: when I became well and able to walk, she took me to The former Imam of Lagos and the Present Oba of Lagos: these traditional and religious leaders begged on my behalf, pleading with the family for forgiveness and showed how sorry and remorseful I was that the accident happened. I never ran away from the scene of the accident. I was unconscious.

“How could an unconscious accident victim remove plate license and registration papers from the vehicle as reported in the media? Why would I do a thing like that? How could I have done a thing like that?

I became a monster in the eyes of everyone. So I thought suicide was the best option to end all these and find peace for my family and Dr. Giwa’s family. I lost myself. I was no longer Ibinabo. I didn’t know who I was. I became a stranger to myself and my family, afraid of life and living, scarred by and scared of human beings.

“I withdrew and became clinically depressed.
I could not take care of my children. I was dying. I was dying. Life had no meaning to me. I became a lonely zombie: a mother that could not care for her children, distressed, disturbed and severely depressed.
I was sent to Kirikiri female Prison. I wanted to die there. I accepted to end it

“But one preacher came to the prison and preached to us. It was like he was talking to me. During his sermon, I fainted… I was revived by prisoners that attended the service. When I woke up, I was soaked in water and the prisoners gathered around me… I asked what happened and they told me I had Passed out during the service.

“That opened my eyes. I asked myself then: Ibinabo, do you really want to die?. I said no. I must turn my life to purpose driven, to rescue the weak and helped those that society had turned against.. I held onto God. I told Him it was up to Him. I didn’t want to see any lawyer again, I had no money. My family bailed me out after three months and three days…. I came out to pursue the appeal.

I was living my simple life…I engaged in works with youths in my village. I enjoy spending time in my town. They know me there. They love me there… I was on my way to a funeral when my lawyer called me.. Earlier the previous day, I called to inform him I would be out of town and hoped the appeal date would not be scheduled while I was out of town.

“He said no. I told him I didn’t want the court to think I jumped bail… He called me on my way to the funeral, the next day and said the court date was actually that morning. I had to hurry back to court.
I lost the appeal. I was shocked.
My lawyer did not understand what was going on. That day, I was taken back to Kirikiri maximum security prison… that was 2016.


“While at Kirikiri, I discovered I had a lump in my breast. I had to do surgery… when I was released, I went to the village so that I would not breakdown and collapse into depression again…
Yes I want to serve my people.. I want to be positive and impact people’s lives. And yes, Azuka, I remember that this sad situation is still here…
I do not know who else to talk to.

“I do not know what else to do. I need help…
The family sued me for N200Million in a civil case…
Where will I get that money from?. So we have been negotiating to see where we can get to, so I can begin making payment by installment


We have agreed to settle out of court… we are not there yet. It’s a process… Though I have appealed this case to the Supreme Court, what is important to me now is making peace with the family: that is more important because it will heal me… his family and I would have peace.

“Azuka I am not a bad person. I do not know what else to do. People think I am a murderer. I am not. I am not. Azuka, free me….Free me… It was an unfortunate accident. I didn’t do it intentionally. That’s all I have been begging.
I have begged…I do not know what to do…I am truly sorry it happened.


I am not running for any political office. My people wanted me. A group of youths from my place asked me to run for office, I said no. They went and printed poster and placed it on social media. So I endorsed it.

“Eventually, I must live. I have to do things to my fulfillment, to what God wants me to do; to be able to help youths help people generally… Life in Okrika is not easy… I need to help the youths believe in themselves… they are aching.. In my region, simple things of life are a struggle to get.


“I need to change their mindset that there is alternative way to Life… I have become a seeker of peace for my people… Life hasn’t been a bed of roses… But I must deal with this issue. I seek forgiveness from the family and peace of mind. I need to find closure and peace.… I am not a killer… I care too much… I am a caring person. I put myself in the shoes of Giwa’s family and I can understand their pains. I am very sorry for the loss of life of Dr. Giwa. I am. I am not arrogant.


“I never, ever said to his family that I would not offer public apology.

“I was offered to do a public service announcement across country with regards to Driving While Impaired. I said if I did that, it then meant I accepted I was drunk when I drove my car. I wasn’t drunk. I would do anything but that. I wasn’t drunk… they assumed because I owned a night club in the past, so I must be an alcoholic.
This is exactly the truth. It’s not fair to admit that I was drunk.


The police did not arrest me for drunk driving.. The court never charged me with drunk driving.. There were reckless and dangerous driving charges.
Those were what I was charged by the court…. I was not charged with manslaughter.
Not murder.

“My pains through the years include: Bouts of depression Attempted suicide I Had surgeries in my breast to remove lumps. I cannot do a lot. This unfortunate experience has affected my job prospects. I am unemployable I have stopped acting for a while. I just do charity works.. I am not flamboyant.. Dear Nigeria, I am sorry. I will forever regret what happened.


Giwa was a father, husband and son. He was the sole and soul provider of his family. I feel terrible he died during an accident which I was involved. I feel really bad. I am sorry. I need prayers. Please pray for me and the soul of Giwa and his family.
I know I have found God through this experience. But I still need help.


I am receiving therapy for my depression and suicidal thoughts… I am able to share these with you.. I am healing… one moment at a time..I am not a killer. I am not a murderer. I am not an alcoholic. I did not drive while intoxicated. I was involved in an accident that resulted in death and for that I am very sorry. I have had periods of feeling miserable in the last 12years as a result of this accident. I need to find peace. I seek forgiveness. I am sorry. Thank you.

BBNaija: Leave My Life Alone – Angry Nina Blasts Nigerians

Bobrisky Replies IG User Who Asked Him To Date Bbnaija Housemate, Nina

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky has once again described himself as a female while responding to an Instagram user who asked him to

date former Big brother niaja housemate, Nina.

According to Bobrisky, he can’t date Nina because he is a girl and does not want to practice lesbianism.

Meanwhile, Bobrisky has always made it known that his favourite housemate was Nina and had supported her by promising her a new weave.

Loving her look he has decided to upgrade his promise and is giving her 6 months treatment.

Outrage Over Miss Bumbum Plastic Toy With ‘Authentic Brazilian Curves’. Photos


A barbie-style doll with a big butt  lift is being launched. The £7 toy, in a yellow swimsuit and high heels, has been created by Brazil’s Miss Bumbum beauty pageant. The plastic doll’s bottom would be a huge 40in round in real life – just three inches smaller than Kim Kardiashian’s.


Brazil’s biggest beauty pageant claim it has “authentic Brazilian curves”.

The booty-full doll comes complete with the skimpy yellow and green swimsuit which will be worn by contestants in this year’s “best bottom” competition.

Makers say they have already been inundated with pre-orders.

But critics have slammed it, saying it could cause body image disorders.

Sara Winter, a candidate for federal deputy in this year’s elections, said: “This is really serious.

“A bottom that big is almost impossible to achieve without surgery.”

They are also planning to write an open letter to the competition signed by prominent Brazilians demanding that production of the dolls be stopped “for the wellbeing of our children”.

Lenise Borges, a professor of social psychology and feminist said: “I’m completely scandalised. It is perverse.”

Face Of Africa Beauty Pageant Sets To Hold On July 2018. See How To Apply(Photos)

“Go And Get Your PVCs” – Wizkid Cries Out

Obj, Wike, Rochas To Storm 2018 Nat. Children Fest/Award in P’Harcourt

Charly Boy Calls For Ban Of BBNaija Show, Gives Reasons

Charlyboy has called for an outright ban of the Big Brother Naija reality show. Charlyboy said the reality show should be banned due to its negative impact on Nigerian youths.

Speaking with DAILY POST, the activist wondered what moral value the show had impacted the Nigerian youths.

CB said, “If I had my way, I would ban young people from watching that scrap. With their present predicament, I don’t see how it adds value to their lives or their future.”

Despite enjoying large viewership among Nigerians, the reality show has been perceived in certain quarters as having negative impact on youths.

The show has been enmeshed with scenes of flash nudity, sexual acts.

Finally, Meet The Winner Of BBNaija

Senator Shehu Sani Shares Lovely Picture Of His Family

As shared On Twitter .. Shehu Sani is a “controversial senator” of Federal Republic of Nigeria and Civil Rights Activist. Representing Kaduna Central District

Reality Star Has Her Boobs Exposed In Front Of Viewers On Live TV. Photos

It was an embarrassing moment after a reality star’s boobs were exposed live on TV after a guest ripped her top off during an episode of Survivor Spain. A video clip posted online starts innocently enough, showing 26-year-old Oriana Marzoli sitting at the far end of the sofa with three fellow guests.

The episode – the final of the series – shows presenter and fellow guest Carmen Gahona discussing Marzoli’s beauty before she’s asked her to stand up.

Marzoli springs to her feet to show off her enviable figure – but as she does so, Gahona lifts her skimpy black top and reveals the celebrity’s bare breasts.

Marzoli quickly ducks behind Carmen as the studio audience dissolves into laughter.

She then crouches on the carpet and straightens her clothes, adding too late: “I hope I was not seen.”

Oriana Marzoli managed to recover her composure quickly after her fellow contestant decided to flash her..

The footage has gone viral in Spain, where the interview was being aired for a reality show based on the US series Survivor – of which Marzoli was a previous contestant.

Producers claimed the boob-flash was unplanned and instigated by Gahona.

“I Just Had Sex With Wizkid” – Flow, London Based Nigerian Lady Says On Twitter

A London based Nigerian lady identified as flow has taken to twitter to make a shocking revelation about Nigerian pop star, Wizkid. And according to the lady, she claimed she just had sex with the singer.

In a very blunt post she made on twitter, flow wrote

‘I judt f-ked @wizkidayo’

It is not really certain if she did that just to gather attention and trend on the social media platform, but the lady seemed to stand by her statement as she has not made any attempt to delete the post despite so much bashing from her followers on twitter.

While some people demanded for proof, others welcomed her into the league of Wizkid’s baby mamas.

See screenshot below;

Reactions trailed her post with some people asking if she’s joining the growing list of Wizkid’s babymamas.

@King_Ickie said; Happy for you sis, I’m sure all your life aspirations and dreams have come true with this one action, oh should we be expecting you to join the list of baby mama’s?

Some claimed she masturbated

@YourDayOneGuy said

“You can now go take a bath and change your bedspread.ladies Its 2018 embrace your sexuality if you masturbate with a guy in mind let us know like she has done.”

Others wondered why she decided to announce it publicly…

@Brice_tambe said “Wow….u just disrespected that pussy of urs in public! I guess u think that’s an achievement yeah?smh!”

@Zinniex said:

“Won da ba .. Congratulations girl, you can now proceed to update your resume to baby mama no 4. Hope you didn’t forget to record the sound of the fuckery for your ringtone, onuku madu .”

Wizkid is an artiste, who has openly confessed his love for women and so this is not going to be a surprise if it actually happened. In an interview he had recently, he mentioned that it will be quite hard for him to marry a single woman if at all he is going to get married.

“Get Your PVC Today” – Banky W Reacts To Buhari’s “Nigerian Youths Are Lazy” Comment

“This Is Why My Wife Will Never Go For Yoga Classes” (See Shocking Photo)

Yoga includes physical exercise, but it’s also about life balance. Training your mind, body, and breath — as well as connecting with your spirituality — are the main goals of the yoga lifestyle.

Davido BabyMama: Sophia Momodu Slays In White Tube Top And Bum Shorts That Exposes Her N*ipple

Davido’s baby mama Sophia Momodu Show off her nipple in this all white errands clothe.

Naija NickiMinaj, Venny Jay Wows Audience on Stage with Her New Single (Video)

Popular Nigerian fast raising rapper, Venny Jay has dropped another hot banging single which you can’t afford to miss.

The 14 year old rapper who has been rumored to be dating a son of an APC governor is actually making waves in Nigerian music industry with a lot of good punch lines when it comes to rap.

Naija Nicki-Minaj, Venny Jay Remixes ‘If’ & It’s Dope!; Davido’s Management Kicks (Video)

Popular Nigerian fast raising rapper, Venny Jay has dropped another hot banging freestyle which you can’t afford to miss.

The 14 year old rapper who has been rumored to be dating a son of an APC governor is actually making waves in Nigerian music industry with a lot of good punch lines when it comes to rap.


Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments The Reason Why I Got Married – 23Yrs Old Controversial Blogger, Kisha Blast Linda

Imo born blogger Kisha who is known for her controversial way of life seems to be picking on millionaire blogger Linda Ikeji. Both Linda and Kisha are Imo State Born but residing in Lagos and one would wonder why she (Kisha) could make such a reference to  her (Linda).

The Amibo Island CEO who is set to mark her company’s 5 years Anniversary took to her Facebook page to write these and indirectly calling out Linda. See what she wrote

“Love is a very beautiful thing. Some say it can only be felt but I doubt it.

When you are caught up, You are caught up. You See it happening to you yet you can’t help it!

You climb the highest mountains and still ask if it would hurt when you fall from there? Lol…Yes That is a Perfect Example of what it does to people!!!

Saw My Name in the Stars! Thence, I could Read The Future & What It Holds Perhaps.

Oh, Sands Of Time! Enough With the parables but I could at least reflect whil I reminisce!!!

I was the issue of the Moment, i was Likened Like One fellow, thence some said I followed her footsteps but I knew I could change the story line, “SINCERELY, I DIDN’T WANT TO SUFFE THE SAME FATE AS MY ROLE MODEL HENCE THE HASTE”.




Am grateful to everyone that has supported this journey of a young dreamer. AMIBO ISLAND WILL BE 5YEARS OLD BY 20. It doesn’t stop here….We will keep pushing.”

Kcee And A Lady In Sexy Underwear Photoshoot For “Bullion squad”

Nigerian singer, Kcee has got ladies drooling as he shares photos of his sizzling body, showing off his huge eggplant and six pacs.

The photo which was taken on set video of his new single “Bullion squad” was shared via his Instagram page as he gears up to celebrate his 39th birthday tomorrow.

Sharing the photos, he wrote: ” FOCUS~ Sometimes in order to get to the next level, you need to separate yourself from others and face the man in the mirror. #bullionsquad #bullionvan”

So ladies, we are guessing he wants y’all to remain focused on *clears throat*

My Relationship With Timaya Was The Worst Moment Of My Life – Ummi Ibrahim

Nigerian kannywood actress Ummi Ibrahim Zee-Zee considered by many to be so unpredictably and a soft spoken Shuwa lady has talked about her past experience.

The actress who was in a controversial with the Bayelsa state musician Timaya has revealed that she regrets ever going into the relationship as it was the worst moment of her life.

Zee-Zee revealed that Timaya is by now a long closed chapter in her life because she has moved on and even found true love so all about Timaya is all but history to her.

She disclosed this in an interview, when asked by the interviewer what her friends say about it she said;

“I don’t even keep friends, male or female. I had boyfriend when I was in Kannywood before my controversial relationship with Timaya. But all is now history. I have found a love of my life now.”


Wow!! See Fabulous Photos from Nwanne Sam Eke’s 40th Birthday Celebration

PDP Chieftain Drives His Driver To His Wedding, Donates New Car To Him. Photos

This is really nice… The Akwa Ibom State Peoples Democratic Party PDP Publicity Secretary, Comrade Barrister Ini Ememobong donated a new car to his personal driver, Mr. Otobong Umoh during his Solemnization of Holy Matrimony and Traditional Marriage held at Ikot Akpan Obong in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The State PDP spokesman had also volunteered to be his official driver during the marriage celebrations.

Nigerian Man Downs Plate Of Rice Garnished With ‘Exotic’ Lizard Meat. Photos

While most Nigerians are selective of the type of meat they eat, a Nigerian man has proudly showed off his meal of Abakiliki rice and lizard meat. The Abuja based man identified as Che Oyinatumba claimed that the ”highly nutritious” meat improves libido and enhances his sex performance as he downed the meal with palm wine.

He shared pictures of him eating the meal this morning on Facebook.