How Mugabe’s Wife Caused His Downfall

By Blims

Mugabe and Grace, the women influence
Look at Mugabe, the once adored revolutionary have now been held captive in his own country, by his own people. The same people who once adored and fear him like god.

Madam Grace, the first lady is supposed to bring grace into the life of a hero, but something unexpected happened. I hope it won’t be from grace to grass.

Those familiar with Zimbabwe political scene have long predicted that, if Mugabe ever falls, which they expect to happen and which now seems to be happening, his wife Grace makes it happen. Her frivolousness with power and its excessive usage has made her husband’s ardent supporters turned his enemies. We have read about the many scandals and fracas.

According to analyst, Madam Grace makes Mugabe do the unthinkable, Its like her wish is his command. She can even ask him to put his hand in burning fire and it is less likely that he would resist, like the recent sacking of the Vice President to pave way for her to take over after him as President.
This is just one, out of the several crazy things she has made him do without thinking of its consequences.


Fortunately, he did many without much consequence, but unfortunately, this seems to be bringing undesired and unexpected consequences that may have no remedy.

Many will argue that the wife of late President Musa Yardua of Nigeria, Hajia Turai Yaadua is largely responsible for the cabal drama that occurred when the late president was ill and incapacitated. She reportedly held unto power for herself and wielded it for as long as it lasted.

Then the Patient Jonathan drama. We all read how she doesn’t want her husband, Goodluck Jonathan to hand over power after losing the 2015 election. She wanted it at all cost and was even alleged to have fought him for conceded defeat. If anything contributed to GEJ’s losing that election in the first place, Patience Jonathan high handedness have a hand in it.

It appeared the story of Samson in the bible is not just a story, it is a real life event that we also can put in a book for future generations to learn from.