Biafra : Why Nnamdi Kanu Should Consider Asari Dokunbo Election Calls

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Anything in excess, a lot of times becomes bad.

Election boycott was to prove that IPOB and not the politicians is in charge of SE/SS.

Election participation is also another means to also prove to the whole world that, IPOB is the mouthpiece of the Biafran people.

Nnamdi Kanu

Knowing fully well that the Caliphate has a death wish for the Biafrans, I think now is the time for IPOB to make a point in the Nigerian political space that, IF ANYONE CHALLENGES IPOB, THAT PERSON WILL DEFINITELY LOSE IN ANY ELECTION HE IS PARTICIPATING IN.

It is true that Atiku is a Fulani man but, a wise organization should understand that, sometimes you have to work with the enemy of your enemy in other to achieve success.


Atiku winning will definitely give us room to organize bigger protests unhindered which will put the UN under more pressure to consider the request of IPOB for a UN supervised referendum and also, it will lead to calls for a new Nigeria that is favorable to the Biafrans.


We need to ask ourselves the following questions:

1) How does election boycott gets us a UN supervised referendum and which example can we make reference to.?

2) If the presidency of any other person outside Buhari will make it possible for us to storm the streets for bigger unhindered protests, why not make it possible for that person to rise.?


Biafra being a Yahweh people, I will advice every Biafran to pray unto Yahweh for guidance on the best decision to take and until then, I plea that Nnamdi Kanu should not respond to Asari Dokunbo in public but pray first before discussing with Asari Dokunbo in secret and allow Asari Dokunbo idea to bear fruits in the interest of Biafran Democracy.

A wise leader will allow the ideas of his supporters to see the light of day in order to reinforce Democracy.

May Yahweh The God Of The Jews and Biafrans Guide Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and Biafrans In Jesus Name Amen.


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