2019: Kowa Guber Candidate, Kachi Unveils Roadmap to Abia Recovery

Kachi’s aim is “To launch Abia State to global prominence through massive investment in human capital development, infrastructure and technology” Only then will investors flock in

Our Mandate : Data Capacity Building (1)

We will begin building data capacity within the first 15 working days in office.

Given that data is paramount in the 21st century, it’s usefulness as a tool in governance cannot be overemphasised.

Firstly, we will collate data on Abia’s total population then categorise according to gender, age, location and other factors.

This will enable communities to get their fair share of allocations(federal and Internally generated revenue)

Furthermore, these data will help investors in their decision making concerning where to build factories, offices and stores. This will create more accessible employment opportunities


Developers will also use the data in determining where to build new homes and which neighbourhoods to revamp.

Every local government in Abia State and security agencies will also use the data for public safety and emergency preparedness such as disaster-evacuation procedures, policing etc.

Abia residents will benefit from data collation and accessible database in supporting community initiatives.

During our term , we will ensure that every birth, death , cause of death , missing persons data are reported and recorded.

All medical/healthcare centres must have accessible medical records. It will be good practice and subsequently a legal requirement to have digital records. This will help enhance our health system and promote life expectancy rate of Abians.

We can assure you that we will strictly protect personal information as part of this development.

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