Nu=de $tr!ppers Rounded up as Police Raid Illegal $3=x Club (Photos)

Nu=de $tr!ppers Rounded up as Police Raid Illegal $3=x Club (Photos)

Police raid at an illegal $3=x club in Russia has seen most of the $tr!ppers pictured $emi-unc=l@d while being forced to lie face down, Daily Mail reports.

In a footage posted online, the club’s patrons can also be seen lying face down as one commanding officer is captured telling his colleagues: “It’s a BDSM club, you can make it hurt.”

Police Raid

The remarkable scene is believed to be from the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, although police have refused to name the exact location.

Other claims are that it is in Vladivostok or Khabarovsk in the Russian far east.

One state-run Russian TV channel commented:

“Footage shows barely Unc=lad women – and fully clothed men – lying on the floor, while operatives search through the area.”


An officer is heard quizzing a suspected staffer – called “chef” – over the identity and whereabouts of the club’s boss.

The club

The man replies:

“He just leaves the money for us. He is not here.”

Police wore black balaclavas for the raid which took place earlier this month. There was no report from Rostov on Don police revealing why they had stormed this $3=x club – or why.

But a source said:

“The BDSM club was stormed as long ago as November 4. “Normally police raid clubs which offer escort services because this is prohibited in Russia. “Also, when it happens police normally report it straight away.

“This time, unusually, there was no denial about the video, but the region where it happened was kept secret.

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