IMSU Saga : Nigerian Students And Campus Marriage, The Way Out(Must Read)

By Wisdom Nwedene

I woke up this morning with pictures of Imo State University undergraduate student, Jennifer Agomuo circulating online.


According to report, she stabbed her boyfriend before taking a poisonous substance that led to her death.

It is no longer something new that Nigerian university undergraduates now engage in what they call ‘Campus Marriage ‘. Those who don’t engage in such acts or have girlfriends /boyfriends are always described as Johnny just come (JJC).


Some don’t actually have boyfriends  but come out at night, you will be shocked when you see the activities they run at night . They always position themselves for sugar daddies, top politicians to be used as they like. To them, ‘they are small girls with big god.

These set of people don’t care about lectures because they have money to settle lecturers  or they will pay in kind.

Their parents are at home, struggling to survive, sometimes they will send them their last penny, hoping that their daughters will come out with best results without knowing that campus marriage is  more important to them than their studies.

Parents, how many times have you paid your daughter surprise visits?

How often do you call her to know where she is?

Do you check her results?

Do you map out time to discuss with your daughter?

Parents,  you have a lot to do in order to protect your daughters and sons who are in high institutions.

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