Never Depend On Anybody That Is Outside The Country(See Why)

By  Handsomeyitayo


There was this brother of mine who is my landlord then during my school days. He told me he needed to travel out of the country, though his junior sister stays in London, he wanted to use that influence to travel out.

The day came when he is about going, he got his visa, he showed me and he said to me if he gets there that he will not disappoint me that I should not worry …

AZMAN plane

Though he is managing too, his sister sent him money for travelling and processing of the visa. He told me to dash him my suit and winter coat also one of my shoe of which I did. He is very local and not sociable.. It was the suit I gave him and my shoe he wore to UK.

When he got to UK, two Months later I heard that he sent money to his girlfriend and that one is just fuckinng around.

Fastfoward to this time i sent him messages on Facebook just to say hi and to know hope he is doing well. He did not reply but he saw my messages. Llater again I resend him message he told me that he will block me. He pretended as if he doesn’t know me. This is the brother that do borrow Maggie and salt whenever he wants to cook or even beg me for soup…..

My intention is to greet him not demanding money from him. But now is it a crime to say hello because you stay in UK or Yankee? I don’t know why people staying abroad always change their attitude whenever they travel out of the country…..

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