Kalu: The Voice of Justice Idris, The Hands of ‘Esau’ – Falana


By Oluwaseun Falana

Nigeria as a theatre of the absurd no longer surprises. The latest twist in the Orji Uzor Kalu case has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that, without a root and branch reformation of the Nigerian judiciary to root out perverse and corrupt judges, Nigeria will remain a lawless jungle, where power is only used to serve personal and selfish ends.


It is an understatement to say that Justice Mohammed Idris of the Lagos High Court is corrupt. He has unwittingly influenced judgement for the wrong motive, while pretending that he is dispensing justice. He is audacious and inventive in his subversion and perversion of justice. He is one of the increasing number of Nigerian judges that are hiding behind the law to do the bidding of their paymasters. What is happening in Nigeria is that the judiciary having lost its soul and moral compass, have become a pun in the hands of some wicked few.

The current aim of Justice Mohammed Idris, would seem to include, frustration of the very process he was appointed to expedite, validating criminality and giving in to the powers that be due to the money that has entered into his pocket. This has been demonstrated in his veiled attempt to ‘’prosecute’’ Chief Orji Uzor Kalu and the many words Justice Idris has misused to justify his frustration of due process.

What many Nigerians do not seem to appreciate is the incestrous nature of the relationship between Justice Idris and some self centred individuals, which leaves the Judge too compromised to ensure accountability and uphold the rule of law.
For those who have clearly followed this case, the recent twist came as a huge surprise. Many people thought that it was a joke as they believed Justice Mohammed Idris at this time will purge himself of his rogue elements and help to sanitise the system as we follow the course of justice. So far, nothing of such has happened. Who could think of the revocation of bail for a man who has shown enough evidence that he had to attend to his medical condition in earnest? Except for this evil genius Nigerian Judge. I find the idea of this revocation based on the realities on ground too difficult to conceptualise.


What really is Justice Idris’ mission in this case? Is this trial, which is clearly politically motivated, more important than Kalu’s life? Even the Devil himself will shiver to hear Justice Idris order Kalu to appear before his court, DEAD or ALIVE. In a sane clime, even an armed robber caught in the act and guilty of murder, will be first given medical attention of bullet wounds he sustained during crossfire with security forces, before prosecution, not to talk of a public office holder who has merely been accused of corruption without any substantial proof, a case which has been running fruitlessly for several years.

It is on record that in the course of this trial, Kalu has always made himself available in court whenever needed. It is a great injustice to attempt to deny him of his fundamental human right to pursue good health and medical treatment anywhere available in world, due to this trial that is obviously not time bound.

A learned and honest Judge would struggle with the idea of obstructing the wheel of justice. In his mind, it would mean the murder of justice, something he would never contemplate. Not so with this evil Nigerian genius Judge who seems to believe that, if he can think it, he can do it as long as the right amount of money greases his palm.

Why would an honest judge frustrate the trial of an accused in a criminal case based on presumptions?, if he does not have other interests. The current judgement from Justice Mohammed Idris is not from a great legal mind, but emanates from a corrupt and perverse mind that has lost his moral compass. He has no moral authority to seat at the bench. He is a disgrace to the judiciary and should be expelled to clear the good name of the judiciary.

Oluwaseun Falana is a Human Rights activist and member ‘Nigeria Movement Against Injustice'(NMI)