HEARTLESS!!! 8 Nigerians Rape Lady In Front Of Her Boyfriend (SEE)

HEARTLESS!!! 8 Nigerians Rape Lady In Front Of Her Boyfriend

When we thought we have heard it all, this bizarre news just came in from the Province of Arezzo in Italy.

According to reports by the Italian media, 8 Nigerians have allegedly rape a young lady in front of her boyfriend after holding them hostage for hours.

Igbere Tv learnt that the couple, believed to be Nigerians, were offered to be hosted at the house where the six rapists Nigerian immigrants live as the man’s girlfriend was asked to prepare food for them – not knowing what they had planned.


The boyfriend was reportedly beaten by the Nigerian rapists migrants, while the leader of the group allegedly grabbed the girl and threatened her with the knife before sexually assaulting her along with others..

According to reports, after the couple were allowed to go the next morning, they reported the issue to the Arezzo police department as report has it that the suspects are currently on the run.

IGBERE TV further learnt that the police identified four of the Nigerians and have charged them for various crimes including sexual violence in the region.

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