2019 : Top Secret Of Pastor David Oyedepo Finally Revealed

An online user, Frank has revealed why Bishop Oyedepo is against President Muhammadu Buhari. Below is what he shared,

Did you know that David Oyedepo never ever paid a dime as landing charge or airport tax on his Private Jets throughout Jonathan presidency? He got presidential waiver.

But something changed in 2015 because PMB made him to do the needful. Did you know that he put two of his jets on sale immediately he started paying necessary charge?

Bishop Oyedepo

Can you now see why he has started dancing round AtIku ?
God is watching !

On August 2011, the Government of GEJ gave a comprehensive concession to Living Faith Church AKA Winners chapel to pack 4 private jets belonging to the church free of charge in any of the airports in the country. An import waiver was also issued by the former government to Living Faith Church. This guaranteed that the ministry paid next to nothing on whatever they import into the country.

This concession was revoked by the FG on Feb. 2016 and import waiver canceled. The church unable to meet up with the huge charges being accumulated on packing fees for 4 private jets, sold off two of the jets by July 2016.

We may now understand why Bishop David Oyedepo never sees anything good in this present government just because this government insisted on things being done properly.

For me, why should multi-billion naira mega cooperate churches be given concessions and import waivers when small legitimate business are made to pay through their nose whenever they import? In the same way, why should companies like Dangote, Bua group, Milan ground, Golden Penny enjoy concessions and import waivers when these companies make billions in profit after tax?

I always have the opinion that 90% of the accidental billionaires we have in this country are living on government concessions and waivers. Take that away from them and they will be like every one of us.


Concession and waiver agreements were abused by the former government as was revealed by 2016 Senate Ad hoc committee on import duty waivers which revealed that the FG from lost between 2011 to 2015 N447.42bn through fraudulent concessions and waivers. Consequently to this report, the present government canceled all forms of import waivers in 2016 and some organizations made to pay the FG what they owe the government.

We may now understand how Nigeria’s custom was able to remit N1trn in 2017. All these policies and checkings created enemies for BUHARI’s government. People who have been ripping off the country for years being asked to pay the right fees for their imports, automatically made them enemies of Buhari and his government.

Truly, this government is fightingj for the masses and that’s why we have less and less accidental billionaires under this government. The free monies have dried up.

“May this gang up against Nigeria,not even PMB never work. The Hyenas,Foxes and hawks are gathering to feast on our Commonwealth. It will never be well with the enemies of Nigeria. Enough is enough”

Just trying to make sense of our situation �

Obasanjo Farm, Otta is now a ghost farm, over taking by weeds and rodents. Only the security guards at the gate retain the old glory of the once thriving enterprise. Two massive transformer, possibly hijacked from Papalanto power plant are rusting away near the security post.

Only the Obasanjo Farms extensions at Obada, Abeokuta, Eruwa etc are functioning and they are mostly under Chinese management. Those farms depend on imported inputs like fertilizer, maize, soy beans etc to survive. Their outputs are not designed for Nigerian markets either. Another 4 years of Buhari in power will bring down those fraudulent enterprises because of high import bills.

Nigerian elites are predatory opportunists. They lay siege on the nation and grab it at its weakest part and moment. All the new gladiators, Atiku, Obasanjo, Oyedepo, Gumi, Kuka are struggling for the control of the nations resources. They are bonded together in wickedness. It is not an accident that the owners of the 3 most expensive universities in Nigeria (Atiku, Obasanjo and Oyedepo) are in union of anger against Buhari.

They are not united for the progress of this nation. They are united in anger because Buhari deprived them access to the Commonwealth.