See How APC Is Ironically Campaigning For Atiku

An APC member sent me this report. I would like house to deliberate on it. for me, I think APC ended up campaign for Atiku.
what do you think?



Atiku’s “performance” in the Northeast as Vice President for 8 years is as follows:

Atiku Abubakar

1. American University of Nigeria (private ownership)

2. AUN Hotels (private ownership)

3. ABTI Printing Press (private ownership)

4. ABTI Schools (private ownership)

5.Gotel Radio/FM/TV (private ownership)

6.Rigo Gado Animal Feeds (private ownership)

7. Atiku Farms (private ownership)

8. ADAMA Beverages Ltd – makers of FARO bottled water and fruit juices (private ownership)

9. Procurement of private jets (private ownership)

Atiku has done very well for himself during his “public service” with these personal investments (in the Northeast alone). When they tell you that Atiku Abubakar is a man of “ideas” and “solutions”, that’s exactly what they mean. He has ideas and solutions on how to make himself wealthy!

President Buhari’s performance in the Northeast in just 3 years (2015 – 2018) is as follows:

1. Reconstruction of Gombe – Yola road (public ownership)


2. Rehabilitation of Bauchi – Gombe road (public ownership)

3.Reconstruction of Gombe – Biu road (public ownership)

4. Completion of Kano – Maiduguri expressway project (public ownership)

5. Reconstruction of Numan – Jalingo road (public ownership)

6. Rehabilitation of Mayo Belwa – Toungo road (public ownership)

6. Revival of the gigantic Mambilla hydroelectric dam in Taraba State that was abandoned for 45 years (public ownership)

7. Approval for the establishment of the Northeast Development Commission (public ownership)

8. Seizure of territory from Boko Haram insurgents and the ongoing return of IDPs to their rescued communities

9. The return of the search for oil in Bauchi State through Gombe State and the Lake Chad region (public ownership)

10. Recent approval of the sum of 612 million naira for the rehabilitation/completion of Cham dam in Gombe State (public ownership)

11. Ongoing reconstruction of the Yola to Jada road (Atiku’s hometown) at the sum of 22.6 billion naira (public ownership)

12. Setting up of a new Nigerian Air Force Base in Bauchi (public ownership)

13. Proposal to revive the old Bauchi – Gombe – Yola railways (public ownership)

The difference is absolutely clear: Vice President Atiku Abubakar used PUBLIC SERVICE to set up and enhance his PERSONAL SERVICE for PERSONAL GAINS while President Buhari is using PUBLIC SERVICE to set up PUBLIC UTILITIES for PUBLIC GAINS! So, whenever you hear them saying Buhari has no “ideas” and “solutions”, they actually mean to tell you that Buhari only has the ideas and solutions of public service for everybody’s benefit!

Therefore, will any sane, morally upright and patriotic Northeasterner choose Vice President Atiku Abubakar over President Muhammadu Buhari? No way! Northeasterners know those who truly love them and those who are simply using them for personal business profits!


All Northeasterners should share this as much and as wide as possible. Thank you.

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