This Beautiful Texas Based Divorcee Needs African Sugar Boy (Phone Number Included)

A beautiful American lady, Naomi is looking for young caring and committed Sugar boy from Africa and Europe.

Naomi, 34 years old, is from Texas and a divorcée.

In a short message she sent to our inbox, Naomi said She is willing to pay $5,000 monthly to her baby boy as long as he can satisfy him in Bed and remain committed to the relationship.


“If you ever had a dream to live in United States, you are just a step away from actualizing that dream!


“I am willing to pay $5,000 monthly any handsome dude who can satisfy me and will not cheat on me.”

“Am divorced and don’t intend to re-marry. Ijust wants to enjoy my life with a caring and loving young man.”

“He can be from any part of the world except Asia! (Africa preferable)”

“Am kind, and generous. Apart from paying him monthly, I will also help him to get a good job in US or Canada if he wishes to work”

If you will like to have Naomi as your sugar momma, you’ve gotta tell her who you are and how you intend to treat her and also drop your email address and WhatsApp number. She will contact you if you are chosen!

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