Why Atiku Should Not Be Worried By The Threats Of SE Governors

The Atiku/Obi fever has gathered momentum just like the Buhari fever that gathered momentum starting from 2003.

If you are a good student of history, you will remember that the millions of vote gotten in the North by Buhari wasn’t because of the Northern Governors but because the people believed in him and that is why Buhari was always having 12m votes on standby since 2003 despite the refusal of Northern Governors to campaigned for him.

The only thing Governors do, is to release money to bribe the electorates of which SE Governors won’t do and will squander Buhari’s money if Buhari dares try such except Buhari makes their candidate his running mate but such idea will still not work because of Python Dance.

Atiku Abubakar

These Are The Reasons Why The SE Governors Will Not Be Able To Influence The SE Electorates:

1) Hatred for Buhari as a result of his anti Igbo attitudes eg Python Dance, 97% 5%, Fulani Herdsmen Terrorism, etc.

This hatred will make it so difficult for any Igbo man to vote for Buhari even if he is enticed with money and such amount will exceed #100,000 per electorate before such an Igbo can rethink positively towards Buhari.

2) Hatred for non performing Governors, non salary paying Governors and anti IPOB Governors.

3) Betrayal by the SE Governors who will divert Buhari’s money for their own second term governorship campaign.


4) Enlightenment of the Igbo electorates about the plan of the Yorubas to take over power through Osinbajo after Buhari is enough for the Igbos to collect Buhari’s money and still vote for Atiku.

Remember that the Igbos do not like being cheated and will do anything to avoid been out smarted.

These Are The Things Atiku Can Do To Neutralize The SE Governors:

1) Promise them that he will make the SE/SS an international business hub by doing the following below:

a) upgrade & perfect the following SE/SS airports into international airports Enugu, Imo, Asaba, Uyo, Cross River, Yenagoe and Bini in order to help Igbo businesses to thrive in the SE/SS regions.

b) construct the following international seaports; Ibaka, Ibeno and Bakassi deep seaports.

c) upgrade the following river ports into international river ports; Onitsha, Ugwuta and Azumini.

2) Promise to sign into law that 50% of electricity generated by State Government PPP will be kept within the States and the rest, sent to the National Grid and this will be signed into Law.

3) Promise to sign into law the original PIB.

4) Promise to sign into law the upgrade of derivation from 13% to 25% for Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources and Tax Revenues generated within every State.

5) Unban IPOB and Dialogue With IPOB.

6) Promise to revive YouWin and every year, give at least 100,000 Igbo youths, business grants to help curb unemployment.

These promises should be made & signed on a televised meeting in order to pitch them against we the Igbo people who will gladly do whatever it takes to prove to the Governors that Igbos Have No Divine Kings Because We Are All Kings.