The Nigeria Game on Biafra: The Ireland Strategy


Nigeria controlled by the Caliphate and their business partners, Britain, have seen that BIAFRA cannot be stopped so they want to adopt the strategy Britain used on the Ireland.

The Ireland are a people found on the British Isles like Scotland, Wales and England (the British nation where London is located).

Biafran Protesters

The people of Ireland fought very hard for their freedom and even used terrorism to fight Britain. They hit so hard on London that Britain just wanted to be free from these rascals.

Even though Britain didn’t want them to be free, Britain just needed them to stop the fight so they can have their own peace. You know the oppressor feel good oppressing his victims.

After the Irish people struggle for many years, Britain decide to set them free. In an attempt to set them free, what did they do?


Britain, because they never wanted Ireland free, they decided to give Ireland a partial freedom. So they split Ireland, let a portion to have sovereignty while they left a weaker portion under their control knowing that that weak portion may never be able to gather enough momentum to demand for freedom and join their brothers. Till today, that portion crave to join their brothers but that dream may never happen.


We are all aware of the things going on in our midst and the request Nigeria is making for only south East to be free as Biafra while south south, the weaker portion, is retained Nigeria just like Britain and Ireland.

The tragedy of this reality is that if the coastal Biafrans let this happen then we are doomed forever and our dream of freedom will never happen even in the life time of our children nor their grandchildren.

We are stronger together now because we are together but the day we allow this break up that Britain and Nigeria is planning then we at the coast are finished. The freedom cause is lost.


Nigeria is unaware we are aware of their gimmicks and strategies.

BIAFRA shall be restored in FULL.

We are seriously working and the referendum will shock the world

Tari Nemi is a revolutionary writer and a refined teacher who writes from the heart of coastal Biafra.

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