Igbo Man Kills Strange Bat Flying Inside His Family Bedroom (PHOTOS)

Igbo Man Kills Strange Bat Flying Inside His Bedroom (PHOTOS)

A Journalist/Blogger and Academic researcher identify as Comr.Chukwu Ogbu has recounted how he killed strange evil bat hovering above his family while they was sleeping last night.

According to the Journalist who shared the story on his Facebook says he finally succeeded in killing the bat after a spiritual battle.


He said

“Last night, while my family was sleeping in the bedroom, I was in the parlor doing some Editorial work as a Journalist Blogger and academic researcher”.

“It was exactly 11:44 pm when my spirit began to disturb me to go and answer the call of the nature, i had to sleep so that I can be fit ahead of the day task”.

It is a norm that I must check on my wife and kids before retiring to bed.

“As I enter their chamber, the bedroom light was dim I had to press and high the Lumos bulb to see the faces of my family and also pray for God’s gift and protection”.


“It was exactly 12:00am as I look up at the ceiling I saw a sizable bat Flying around the bedroom. This is very strange, no way an ordinary bat can penetrate my house. Then without seeking for interpretation i know it is a spiritual warfare I had to fight…’

“It took me not less than 3minutes I killed the strange bat, looking closely, its face appeared like human”.

“I took its carcass to the toilet and flush it down to the bottomless pit where it belongs”.

“I’m not weak , I’m spiritually build-up and battle ready against all the principalities and dark forces!! “Witches and Wizards has no absolute power and authority over me and my family”.