MARK OF THE BEAST: Biafra Man Who Burnt Bible Says He Has Physical Contact With The “DEVIL” After THIS (PHOTOS)

Biafran Boy Who Rend And Burnt Bible Goofed Again, Says He Belongs To Anti-Christ “666”

Udumiri Nwakalu is a staunch critics of Christianity.

He is best known at taking swipe on Christians.

The young man between his 26-27yrs claims to be a traditionalist began trending online for the bad reasons on November 2016 when he rends Bible and burnt it, causing outrage and divided opinion on the internet.

Udumiri Tore Bible

Recently Udumiri claims to have a physical contact with devil himself.


In one of his numerous post on Facebook he wrote:


“At about 2Am 4 days ago I traveled out in the Night to our coven where we were initiating some of the Christians we captured.
I met Satan face to face, after congratulating me over my efforts in restoring his glory, he told me something that made me very proud as I speak to you.
Our next plan is to catch God, chain him and take over this world entirely, then catch all the Christians inside and convert them to anti-christ by force because the end time is near”.


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