DG DSS: Why South-east Leaders Should Stay Away From Southern Unity(Must Read)

A social media user, Afam4eva has bared his mind after President Muhammadu Buhari sacked the Bayelsa born DSS Boss and appointed Yusuf Bichi to replace him. The appointment  has caused an uproar and Southern Leaders have criticised the appointment.

This young man said the southern leaders wouldn’t have condemned the act if the sacked DSS Boss came from the South East. 

Southern Leaders

According to him, 


“There’s no point belaboring on the fact that there’s noo such thing as Southern Unity as it seems each component unit that makes up the south are fighting for their interest and don’t care about anyone else. it seems to me that it’s only the South-East/Igbo leaders are are always hell bent on attaching themselves to an inexistent southern unity. The only time the southern leaders actually speak with one voice is only if a situation affects either the SS or SW.”

“It’s no news that Buhari is an irredeemable irredentist as succintly put by Donald Duke. So, what he did by passing over Seiyefa for the position it’s not news to people who don’t have their heads buried inside Buhari’s exterior. My only problem is, would the southern leaders have spoken had it been an Igbo person that was passed over? I don’t think so.”

“I think it’s high time for Igbo leaders to wisen up and unbuckle themselves from a phantom Southern solidarity which is just a ploy to unite forces against a northern leader only when it affects anybody but the Igbos. Even more dubious is the romance between the SS and SE. The south-south has never supported the South-east in any capacity but always wanting support from the east when their man (Jonathan) is being oppressed or when they’re been cheated out of a position.”

“Ndigbo, wise up and be counted.”

Do you think this is true?