We Watch People Having S*x Here’ – Homeless Men Who Sleep In Graveyard. Photos

A group of homeless people have taken shelter in a cemetery and they do not mind at all.

According to reports, the Brixton cemetery in Joburg, South Africa – is known for being a den of drug users and homeless people.

“We did not choose this life, but this is now our home,” said Kgosi Tshila (38), a homeless man who lives at the Brixton Cemetery in Joburg. “We are just trying to survive. If anybody has a problem with us then they must find us shelter.”

Kgosi told Daily Sun that sleeping on the tombstones was warmer than sleeping on the streets, but it was sometimes scary.

“Sometimes we see things like ghosts but we do not have homes and there is nothing we can do about it. We just get used to the scene in front of us,” he said.


Kgosi said the cemetery was also used by magoshas. “People have sex right here while we are watching. There is nothing anyone can do about it,” he said.

Passers-by have also seen the homeless sitting on the graves while smoking nyaope or drinking booze.

Brixton residents said the problem had been happening for years but it was getting worse. They said they had reported the matter to the cops many times, but nothing had been done about it.

Resident Emanuel Radebe (33) said: “These people do not respect the dead.

“Even though I sympathise with them, this is completely wrong because they are disturbing the peace of our ancestors.”