TV Personality Flashes More Than Expected On Night Out With Boyfriend. Photos

British TV personality and former Celebrity Big Brother star flashed more than expected on a night out with her boyfriend. Chloe Ferry entered into the weekend with a boozy dinner before heading to her and her boyfriend’s new house to celebrate.

22-year-old Chloe clad in a thigh skimping pink camo dress, decided to try and straddle a tree before using the branch as a pole before the tree branch snapped and she ended up rolling around in a bush flashing her pants.

The eyebrow-raising behaviour comes shortly after Chloe was trolled following cosmetic surgery procedures.

She was criticized her ‘wonky boobs’ in a number of scathing posts, which she largely ignored.

However, she recently fired back with a very sage retort: “Some of the nasty comments I get on my social media photos are disgusting from other girls!

“No wonder people are so insecure these days!”.