OMG!!! Man Le@ks ₦u*de Photos of ex-Girlfriend on Twitter For Infecting Him With HIV

A Twitter user  posted his beautiful ex girlfriend’s ₦u*de and s*x photos on Twitter.

A Twitter user  posted his beautiful ex girlfriend’s n*des and s*x photos and video on Twitter.

He tweeted :

You cheated on me several times , I forgave you but you wouldn’t stop cheating on me with several men I am clearly better than . We broke up few months only for me to find out you’ve infected me with HIV. That’s fair because it’s pay back time.

I will post your ₦u*de on here on Twitter and on facebook with your face on it .

Cruzzk vowed to use social media to tarnish the image of his girlfriend who he claims infected him with HIV. The couple dated for almost a year then had a nasty break up.

The post is currently trending the cyber with some online users mocking the lady for the ‘disgrace’ while others are blasting the guy for doing such thing.

Due to the graphic content, we cant post the  video here, If you want to see it, FOLLOW THE LINK