Pictures Play Boy Can Relate To When A Pretty Lady Moves In To The Neighborhood

1. Guys look the moment they sighted a pretty gal/lady in their neighborhood.

2. The way at which guys analyse the babe
Butt and boobs


The way you describe her huge ass to your doubting friends



3. When the baddiest among the niggaz took the boldly step to approach the lady the follow day.

4. The moment you saw her walking towards your direction you be like

whaooooo! God done answer my prayer

5. That moment you make an introduction and you scope her you work with FIRS, and that your father is the former Accountant-General of the state. The babe be like ” oh my God “


6. Mission accomplished
The way you gist you friends about the way you laid her back on your bed within 2days you both met. Telling them how sweet she was during banging/fvcking.