My Message To Igbos Over The New Language Law In Lagos (MUST READ)

By: Godwin Uche

The social media is bubbling over a new law passed by the Lagos State house of assembly that made it compulsory for anyone seeking admission into Lagos State University to have a credit or pass in Yoruba language and also for the teaching of Yoruba language in all primary and secondary schools.
Ndi Igbo ibem, what is wrong with the law?
Why the noise?

The yorubas have shown the country again that they are proud of their identity and Lagos belongs to them which I agree, Lagos is a Yoruba state, argue with your shadow.
This is a time for us to think, Igbos,
We should be promoting our own identity like language, music, arts, movies ,attire etc
We should be more Igbotic everytime,
It pains me to see some Igbo youths busy trying to be more Jewish than Igbo,
To them, being Jewish is better to them than being Igbo,
Odinani is fading away and some are sweating to promote Judaism whereas the Israeli government are maltreating African immigrants in their country.
We are promoting Judaism while allowing Igbo identity to be fading away.
What a shock!


It pains me to see some Igbo youths busy online arguing and fascinating about how the minorities (ijaws, itsekiris, ogonis etc) will join Biafra.
How will they respect Igbo nation when you have painted yourself as beggars before them,
You hate the word homogeneous Igbo nation, you are only interested in teaching your children how how Phillip effiong was ojukwu vice therefore the whole of South south is Biafra yet if I ask your kids who Flora nwamkpa or mbonu ojike is, they will not know because you didn’t bother to teach them.
Instead of talking about Igbo land issue, you are busy arguing on why south south is not in map or geography.

Who did this to us .

I love my Igbo ethnic nation and I am proudly Igbotic by nature, we need to be more ethnocentric as Igbos, enough of being politically correct as Igbo.
Love yourself.
Be proud of your Igbo identity
Showcase it.
Drop the defeatist mentality.
I have sworn that my little baby boy will learn from me how to speak fluent Igbo from small age, not just Igbo but his fathers Anambra dialect.
Kudos to Lagos government.
Let the Igbo governors follow suit.
And finally, Lagos is Yoruba land no matter the amount of investment owned by non indigenes just like Enugu is Igbo land.
There is an Igbo adage that says “O biara ije nwe ula ”
Keep your branch anywhere but move your headquarters to Igbo land.
Return your investment home,
Use your brain.
Igbo land is bigger than Rwanda ,Singapore and Israel in size yet these are countries,
Return your investment home.
The people you are buying their lands, paying taxes to and investing in their land don’t appreciate nor like you.

Aku ruo uno, Biko o.
Igbo ga adi. Amii
Self preservation is the first law of Nature .

Uche writes from lagos