Cattle Colonies: Meet Igbo Man Who Is A Cattle Rearer & See How He Does It (Photos)


Following the trending Fulani herdsmen issue which has been rocking the country for some time now, sixteen Nigerian states have agreed to establish cattle colonies proposed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh as a solution to the incessant herdsmen crisis.

It was gathered that some 16 states, all in the North, have volunteered land for the establishment of cattle colonies in their domain.

Now a Facebook user, Uche Ezeigbo, has introduced an Igbo cattle rearer identified as Mr Tony Alika-Igwebuike, who breeds his cattle in a ranch he built by himself after much investment.

The below story of the Igbo cattle breeder was shared on Facebook as a way to enlighten the herdsmen about destroying people’s crops with their nomadic way of breeding cows.

Uche Ezeigbo wrote;

Mr Tony Alika-Igwebuike is a cattle rearer/breeder, he isn’t Fulani, he’s Igbo from SE Nigeria. His cattle do not destroy crops and other economic trees because he has a ranch.

He didn’t wait for government to create cattle colonies for him, he invested millions of naira to build a ranch for his cattle, he even imports fodder grasses without any kind of help from the government.

Cattle rearing is a huge business with immense opportunities, we can’t keep tolerating the excesses of primitive herdsmen because we do not want beef to go missing in our diet.

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