Mascot Uzor-Kalu​ Charges Youths to Engage in skill Acquisition and Training

A prominent Investment Banker and Former Chief of Staff to the Abia State Governor, Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu has advised youths across the country to develop their potentials through engaging appropriate training channels. He made this remark during one of his mentorship sessions where he said that Nigeria is a land of immense opportunities. He told those at the gathering that everyone has an equal right to aspire for the top but that it requires training and preparation to get there. He called on them to consider areas such as Agriculture, Information Technology, Commerce and other viable industries.

In his remarks, he advocated that the institutions of higher learning have their place but people must take personal responsibility for their lives. He reminded the youths that some of the leading minds in the world such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were products of personal development. He charged the youths to take advantage of unique platforms to build their latent skills while tapping into the emerging windows in today’s world to create profitable businesses.

‘’The current perennial malaise in the education sector does not mean that youths should fold their hands till Universities are re-opened. You can count this as a blessing in disguise by seeking for alternatives that can help to advance your dreams. With the immense opportunities in the area of information technology, there is no limit to what anyone can do in today’s world.’’


Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu said that the economic relations that Nigeria has with many countries of the world mean that we can create goods and even ideas that can be profitably exported. He stated that the time of giving excuses for failure and redundancy is gone. He mentioned that it is only those who are able to see the future that can take the appropriate steps to get there.

Also, he reminded the youths that – ‘’Many of the great nations were built by the tireless engagement of youths who were determined to make their country better than the way they met it. We have the golden opportunity to begin to dream great dreams and work at actualising them. I know that Nigeria has one of the highest numbers of human capital in the world. We can keep trading this advantage in order to properly re-position the country politically, socially, economically and in other areas.’’

He harped on his love for the youths and his commitment to see that they fulfill their potential. Chief Mascot reiterated the need for everyone in leadership to keep modelling noble ideals that the youths can emulate. He said that most young people can thrive once they get the deserved support from people they admire and look up to.

In a similar vein, he reiterated his desire for the industrial action taken by University authorities to be amicably resolved. He tasked the Federal Government to work at building lasting solutions that can restore dignity back to the education sector. He mentioned that Nigeria can imbibe the systems developed by countries that have some of the best institutions in the world.

He ended his charge with the famous words spoken by the Former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Sir Winston Churchill. The words were spoken during one of the most challenging seasons in their nation’s history; Great Britain at the time was in the middle of the World War. He said – ‘’Young Men, Never give up. Never never never. Never….Never!’’