Mascot Uzor-Kalu: Creating a New Platform for Youths to Excel

By: Emeka Nonyelu
Prominent Investment Banker and former Chief of State to Abia State Governor, Mascot Uzor-Kalu is an established entrepreneur who has been making huge strides in developing his community and various regions for over a decade. With a career that has impacted on various industries; he has worked with top organizations that create real time solutions for a wide range of people. His quest to create a great and exciting platform for new entrepreneurs to grow is unparalleled. His numerous businesses and projects have received many positive accolades from those in the private and public sectors.
The philosophy that drives Mascot is built on the understanding that everyone has the capacity to define how they want their lives to be. He ensures that each of his business service channels creates rich experiences for individuals. On a professional scale, he has carved a niche for himself that has earned him respect and accolades in his field. Interestingly, it had not always been this way as he is always quick to share the story about his rise in business. He has learned the ropes and is a master in his game; so he is eager to pass the torch to the next generation of entrepreneurs.
In a bid to foster the growth of entrepreneurship across the board, Mascot is currently pushing a mentorship/coaching program. He has ensured that a well laid out plan to help anyone succeed has been put together. He believes that people can get to a place where they are fully involved in solving the various economic problems that bedevil our world. He is open to share with anyone about systems that can help them build a formidable workforce, raise capital for their business, explore the opportunities in today’s economy, etc. The spread of his interest which cuts across building corporate leaders to helping business owners’ access credit for their organization has made him a leading voice in today’s world. He believes, supports and trains individuals about ways in which they can bring transformation to our society.
With the growing number of individuals who need a platform to excel, this mentorship plan from Mascot is quite timely. He has been there, seen it all and is a model for everyone who has a dream that they want to pursue. He works with those who have good ideas and products and are willing to follow his plan which will ultimately help them succeed. Beyond giving the nuts and bolts of building a viable business, he also shares tips/quotes that can spur people to new levels of accomplishment.
Mascot knows the pain of failure, the triumph in success and the path to lead others there. With the new playing field, information and opportunities that abound; it is possible for anyone to position themselves to keep experiencing ever-growing success. Mascot Kalu remains an icon that makes successful businesses happen.
His values are laced with a well acclaimed appeal that builds bridges across various people and cultures. The positive effects that are generated from his brand of leadership and business building framework has created an enriching atmosphere in various spheres of life. With the understanding that many organizations, individuals and social groups are looking to expand the possibilities of what they experience business-wise; Mascot offers top line empowerment that cuts across the board. His rich base appeals to people of different faiths, economic status and social strata. This dynamic community builder is consistently raising his game to ensure that he puts a smile on the faces of many individuals.
Nonyelu writes from Lagos