Urhobo Youth & Elders Pledge Full Support To Kanu On Freedom Struggle

The URHOBO youth on Tuesday hold a crucial meeting in support of Nnamdi Kanu.

A meeting which was attended by all the youth and elders of URHOBO in all the URHOBO communities.according to the various community leaders from the various communities who spoke to the Press,that they are tired of political promises which have long overdue. one of the community leader a political elite pointed out how the God given natural products in URHOBO land has only accumulate wealth to a few individuals who are not even from the region. noting that poverty has ravaged the URHOBO land for decades.all the government do is to bring new reforms which has no impact on the commoner .


Adding that even the voice of the people make no meaning to the government of the day .those who speak out are being place on chains. meanwhile there are expensive criminals who has made themselves above the law .that lawlessness is now the order of the day as rich people use the security agent against the poor. making them hopeless as justice is been denied them.

Some of the youth who are already aware of dreaded situation of Nigeria said they are no longer ready for fake promises as they will fight for their freedom for a better tomorrow.

They however call for referendum conference by the UN to enable the enjoy their full fundamentals right .as there nothing that will satisfy them than the referendum conference.