Arewa: Understanding The Northern Nigeria Oil Reserves Strategy

From a reader:

A recent visit to the city of baga in Borno on the lake Chad called to mind that a century ago, the lake Chad region hold half the world oil reserves. 6 years ago, the battle of Boko Haram begins, one of the bloodiest of Terrorist war, the western bogy war to control large, part over who controlled those vast oil reserves . Today, the region has little to show for it. Still relatively poor and underdeveloped, and environmentally one of the most devastated in the world, it now sees. it will soon start seen it’s salvation once again in the promise of newly discovered oil reserves. And once again, Western oil companies and political strategists are showing greater interest in the region as it embarks on a project to build the region through NGOs.


But there is no escaping that the region that has grabbed the greatest global attention during the past 6 years such as bring back our girls, or matters of resources , the North, remains critical for future energy supplies. In a way, all the scrambling to develop resources around the world today is intended to delay the day of reckoning. Although the north, holds between two-thirds and three-quarters of all known resources reserves. For that reason the United States and the West have continued to define the region as being vitally important just As the Middle East, and destabilize the region for now to keep the Chinese at bay, so yes we want igbos to leave the north, and we will take the war to them inside biafra land, just like South Sudan, let’s the geopolitical chess move begins, we are ready,.. And yes I was in the meeting. Including deputy UN sec.