You Have Been Doing Press Ups Wrongly The Whole Time (Photos)



Hello my name is Paul Samuel – FitnesDoctor your favorite health blogger..

I came upon a thread which was asking nairalanders to state how many press ups (push ups) they could do before resting. many stated 50, 40 and 30 while others say they wouldn’t go beyond 20 the rest claim laziness grin grin..

Now, I want to share my experience, but first I want to educate you guys about push ups..

Push ups are anaerobic exercises (that is they are not cardio) that work your upper body, mostly the shoulders, chest and arms… Push ups work your upper body, but most people don’t allow it to do its work by the way they go through the push ups..

I remember claiming that I could do 50 push ups and showed up with it, especially when the ladies were around.. Unfortunately my goal to achieve rock hard abs was futile no matter how many push ups, crunches and sit ups I did.. I was just doing the right thing the wrong way.. (you know that push ups make your abs look great).


I started doing push ups the right way and I noticed I wouldn’t even do up to 10 at the first try. My body weakened quickly.. But I noticed my chest pushed up and posture was better when I tried doing it the right way (posture is great for building abs, check the way men with pot belly stand and you will understand why)… It was a lot different…

Up till now, your favorite health blogger – FitnesDoctor cannot do push ups till 30 while doing it the right way…

In my experience, it is not all about moving very fast.. up and down, up and down so fast (it is not an aerobic exercise)… There are hand placements, body alignments, breathing tips, body movements required to get the best out of the exercise….

If you do push ups the right way, you wouldn’t need to go over 40 reps to look good.. Remember push ups are not aerobic exercises so you don’t need to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping before you know that you are doing the exercise real good..


Never, do an exercise because you heard that so many people are dying and exercise can save you.. Do exercises because you want to look good and you will do them the right way and get the best out of them.. This is the reason why some people no matter how they exercise and eat healthy, they don’t live very long or come down with diseases very early… If you are doing it wrong it is the same as someone not doing it at all or worse..

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise