Biafran Graduate, Okeke Invents Drone With ‘Vertical Take-Off’ That Fly At A Distance of 300M (Pics, Video)



The ingenuity in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria has no extinction as years goes by, more and more inventions are being showcased in the region, but the problem is sponsorship.

A graduate of Mechanical Engineer at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Mr. Okeke Bernard has invented a drone that fly at a distance of 300 meters high in the sky – With a vertical take off and landing action, also, at a 2.4GHz frequency remote control.

The inventor, Mr Bernard, a BSc holder at Unizik, told AbaCityBlog that the component of the Drone was locally sourced, adding that it gave him a lot of time to assemble the drone and get it to fly.

According to him; It’s a drone, I locally sourced the component and it gives me time to assemble it, but I came out successfully, as the drone can fly at a distance of 300m, with a vertical take off and landing action, also, at a 2.4GHz frequency remote control.

Mr Okeke, a native of Anambra State, further stated that despite the hard times it gave him, he is grateful that he came out successfully on the project, while thanking his parents and his supervisors who made the invention a successful one.

Below is the video where he test the newly invented drone.

Note: Mr Okeke Bernard can be reached via phone contact or email address, if anyone interested to explore his invention.

Video can be found here:

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