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APC: Apologize To Anambra And Entire Igbos


APC should apologize to ndi Anambra and entire Igbo’s, instead of asking for our votes in Anambra:

By:Tochi Henry

Let me say this with every sense of conviction, that Anamberians are not all that gullible as our traducers(APC) would want to believe, and yes, we have not forgotten so soon the infamous five percent(5%) analogy used by the APC government of President Buhari, wherein he described the entire Anambra state, the south-east region, and the whole Igbo nation as nothing but five percent.

Though it was an unfortunate development as Anamberians watched with total bewilderment, it was rather an ample opportunity provided for ndi Anambra, and the entire Igbos to truly understand that they are very much insignificant as far as this APC government is concerned, haven been reduced to nothing by no less a person, but President Muhammed Buhari of APC.

Off course this became a prelude to what hitherto became a grand design to intimidate, harass, reduce and subject ndi Anambra and entire Igbos to total neglect and reckless abandonment. It was indeed a grand conspiracy by the APC government of Buhari, laying credence to the rumored believe that the APC government is out for ethnic and religious cleansing against ndi Igbo, the first thing the APC government did was to stop the Second Niger bridge project, and called for it’s review.


For obvious reasons, the APC ought to have tendered an unreserved apology to ndi Anambra and entire Igbo’s, instead of asking for our votes in Anambra.
They should apologize for the Federal Governments economic policy of deprivation, targeted and designed to weaken and checkmate ndi Anambra and the entire Igbo nation.

They should apologize for the indiscriminate killings of Anambra people by the APC’s led Federal Army and Police, as a result of the ‘shoot-at-sight’ oder given by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Recall that on MAY 30th 2016 as reported by various national dailies, the APC government led Army/Police shoot and killed about 30 people in the city of Onitsha. This were innocent men and women who were on a peaceful procession and unarmed, following the Federal governments refusal to obey court oder and free Nnamdi KANU.

APC should apologize for stopping the second Niger bridge project initiated by the administration of Goodluck Jonathan, a project Anamberians and entire eastern Nigeria has yearned for so long.

They should apologize for the constant harassment, intimidation and subjugation of Anambra state to a Military Zone, even when there is no war in Anambrab state, While places like Bornu and Yobe enjoys freedom of movement in the face of bokoharam attacks.

It is on records that the APC led Government and controlled Army, has continually mounted ‘road blocks’ in virtually all the roads in Anambra state, especially the ever busy Onitsha Bridge head. Hereby obstructing traffic, harassing motorists, and subjecting ndi Anambra to unbecoming hardship and lost of time!


In my previous article, I had stated emphatically clear, that PDP remains perpetually unelectable in Anambra state as a result of the crisis that has bedeviled it. While APC is a ‘conglomerate’ of failed political contractors who seeks value for every one naira they spend!

It is however not in doubt, that both PDP and APC are “same of same” or rather “more of same”. Both Party are the the greatest misfortune any sane mind would ever wish any state like Anambra and Anamberians. Like in the Bible where Apostle Paul said…  “If you see the abomination that caused desolation, stand out and stand in the Holy place, because the Summer is Near”(Galatians 5).

Both the PDP and the APC are perfect description of this abomination that caused not only desolation but demolition! And this is evident in the current state of our economy. For instance, it took PDP 16yrs to make a dollar N197, but it took APC just 1yr to make a dollar N350….

*It took PDP 16yrs to destroy our economy, but it took APC just 1yr to massacre, dismantle, kill and bury the economy…

*It took PDP 16yrs to make fuel price N87 per litre, but it took APC 1yr to make fuel N145 per litre…

*It took PDP 16yrs to make a Bag of rice N8,500, but it took APC just 1yr to make it N18,500…

And finnaly, it took PDP 16yrs to make Nigeria corrupt, but it took APC just 1yr to make Nigeria systematically corrupt. So one can see that this two Parties are the evils that has beffalen Man.


At this very juncture we want to reassure the Governor, Chief Wilie Mmaduabuchi Obiano(Akpokuedike Global) the Executive Governor of Anambra state of our total commitment, and that his second tenure ambition is a settled matter. Indeed, it is going to be a referendum for ndi Anambra and not an election, because the works you did in Anambra state are visible even to the blind.

So come November 18th 2017, we shall say thank you with our votes for making Anambra a safe place. Today, I can walk through the streets of Onitsha and ‘upper-Iweka’ with my smart phone still intact. No intimidation, and no harassment from armed robbers and hoodlums.
Today, Anambra is a better place and the safest state in Nigeria, courtesy of your ‘midas’ touch.

Come November 18th, we shall say thank you for building three world class flyover bridges in Awka the state capital(the type only seen in places like Dubai and other developed Western world), and this has further given Awka a face-lift, and opened it for industrial and commercial activities.

Your Excellency Sir, we as Anamberians take note of all this projects you have done, but we still wonder how you were able to accomplish all this, given the present state of our economy, combined with the economic recession caused by the APC clueless government at the center?

Your Excellency Sir, how were you able to manage the meagre resources at your deposal, and still deliver on your campaign promises and also pay state workers as at when due?
Perhaps, your ingenuity and administrative prowess is a subject for academic research! So I strongly recommend you give a ‘crash course’ on economic management and administration to the APC, PDP and other political Parties!

Finally your Excellency, come November 18th, we shall say a very big ‘thank you’ with our votes for the flag-off of the Anambra ‘Airport City Project’ in Invite Umueri. A world class International Cargo Airport(first of it’s kind in the entire eastern Nigeria).
It was with joy and fanfare on the 11th of April, that Anamberians and Umueri people welcomed his Excellency as he led Orient Petroleum PLC, in partnership with Elites International Investment LTD, China Aviation Planning and Development Company, to officially lay the foundation for “Anambra International Cargo Airport Umueri”.

For all this things your Excellency, we shall say a very big THANK YOU.

*-Tochi Henry writes from Anambra State Nigeria

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