Published On: Sun, Mar 12th, 2017

The Quest To Get Rich Quick Mentality Of The Youths (Must Read)


Many youths of nowadays in a quest to get rich quick have indulged in many atrocities, ranging from fraudulent acts, rituals, drugs, lies, prostitution, etc.

Nobody wants to start from the bottom and get to the top, everybody wants to get rich overnight without working for it. Many youths want to become famous overnight without working for it. You see them traveling outside the country in search of a better place, hoping for magic to happen,

but the reverse will always be the case because when they get to outside the country, they will discover that the sound of the bitter Kola to the ear is not actually how its taste to the mouth. Many of them will turn fraudsters, the ladies will go into prostitution, just to put food on their table and send money back home, so that their parents will praise them. Yes!! My son or daughter is doing well outside the country without knowing the source of their income.

What they are interested in is money not how the money is being made. Because poverty has tortured them to the extent that they don’t care again what their son or daughter is doing for a living, all their reasoning is let their son or daughter make money quick and send it to them. The Government has not even help matter, rather they have worsen the situation on ground by not providing jobs for the youths who are ready to work. Corruption has eaten deep in to our government that they don’t care again about the youths. They are there to steal from the masses and not to help we the masses which have led so many youths into indulging in immoralities just to get rich quick.

Youths it’s better you work hard and get to the top than looking for a short cut to success. It’s better you start something doing in Nigeria, no matter how small it is than traveling outside the country to engage in drugs, prostitution, frauds just to survive.

Youths it’s is better you are regarded as a pauper while striving to make a living than going into drugs which will finally become your down fall in future.

God’s blessings at appointed time in your life is the best and adds no pain to it. Parents should train their children, so that when they grow up, they won’t depart from it and making their child engage in illicit acts just to get rich quick.

Finally, believe in yourself, believe in God Almighty and always pray to him

Written by Wisdom Nwedene

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