Buhari Now Look Leaner And Tired After London Trip,See Before And Now ( PHOTOS)

See Before and After London vacation pictures of President Buhari

This story was culled from Encomium.ng who say the pictures of President Muhammadu Buhari as he left Abuja on Friday, January 19, for medical vacation in London, and returned on Friday, March 10, tell the story of his illness more appropriately.

When the 74 year old retired General was leaving, he was looking frail but a bit stronger. Adorning a dark brown kaftan, he had a vest which might be interpreted to mean that he was cold.

But on his return, he looked leaner and tired. Decked in dark kaftan, the index finger of
his left hand was carefully extended, suggesting a sample of his blood was recently checked.

He wore a thicker turtle neck vest which could mean he was feeling colder than when he left Nigeria (older people usually feel colder).

The President admitted he had never been this sick, and the before and after pictures tell the story better…




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